Does Forever Royal Jelly And Aloe Vera Gel Work For Penis Enlargement?

Forever Royal Jelly and Forever Aloe Vera Gel are two products that are produced and marketed by the popular multi-level marketing company called Forever Living products. For some months now, there have been adverts on Nigerian blogs and hyping … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Take Herbal Concoctions For Erection Problems!

If you have erection problems, you need to be extra careful about what you take. Just because something is herbal or contains herbs in it does NOT automatically make it safe for consumption! A lot of these herbal concoctions or … Continue reading

Study Says You Need Vitamin-D For Your Penis To Perform!

It sounds strange but new evidence suggests that having low levels of vitamin D nutrient in your body could affect your erections. In case you don’t know – vitamin D is also regarded as the early morning sunshine vitamin because … Continue reading

The Basic Anatomy Of The Human Penis!

Since you are on a penile enlargement website, then it is only normal for you to be interested in knowing how the penis works. The penis is an organ that is meant for expelling liquid waste (urine) and semen (sperm). … Continue reading

Not Getting Enough Sleep Affects Your Sperm Negatively!

If you are the kind of man that doesn’t get enough sleep, this is another reason why you should change your ways. Sleep deprivation is not good! Most men know that not getting enough sleep can affect a person’s mood … Continue reading

7 Lifestyle Habits To Make And Keep Your Erections Stronger!

A big penis is something every man wants to have (and every woman drools at when she sees it), however a combination of having a big penis and stronger erections transforms you into a real stud – the kind of … Continue reading

5 Penis Questions That You May Be Shy To Ask About!

I am sure you have some questions about your penis that might be too awkward for you to ask. After all the penis is a sexual organ and in Nigeria, sexuality is not openly discussed in public. Here are five … Continue reading

10 Strange Penis Facts That You Don’t Know About!

The penis…ahh… the symbol of a man’s masculinity! Almost every man wants a bigger one, while women drool at big ones. And there are so many sculptures and art works that have been made to look like penis. Here are … Continue reading

Kegel Exercises Can Stop Involuntary Leakage Of Urine For Men

If you usually experience leakage of urine either before or after urinating, you have what is known as urinary incontinence which means you have weak control over your urinary sphincter. Urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine) becomes a bigger problem … Continue reading

What Can Make A Penis Become Shorter?

As us men grow older some signs of aging start to appear – for example you may start losing your hair and become bald, hair begins to grow in strange areas like inside your ears and your penis can gradually … Continue reading

How To Treat Watery Semen And Boost The Quality Of Your Sperm!

If you and your woman are trying to have babies in the near future – this is for you. Recent studies have revealed that the foods you consume affect the quality of your semen and the strength of your sperm … Continue reading

Studies Show That Penis Extenders Are Better Than Penis Surgery!

I already have an article that gives enough reason why penis enlargement surgery is a bad idea especially in Nigeria where our healthcare system has some serious flaws. However, this time I am backing up my opinion with facts – … Continue reading

6 Things You Need To Know About Your Penis!

Since you are on this website that is about improving your sexual health, then you already know that your penis is an essential part of your life. Your penis is a symbol of your masculinity and having a healthy penis … Continue reading

Does Developpe Sex Cream Work For Penis Enlargement? Find Out!

Developpe sex cream is a product that is quite popular on Konga online store right now. The sellers of this product claim that it is a cream that can give you a bigger penis if you use it as recommended. … Continue reading

Red Wine Could Reduce Your Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Some things might sounds strange but when you look at the evidence backing it up you just have to accept it as being fact. Yes, drinking alcoholic red wine can actually help in reducing your risk of erectile dysfunction (impotence). … Continue reading

9 Factors That Can Cause Low Sperm Count!

Male fertility is the ability of a man to get his woman pregnant easily. Your fertility rate depends on the quality and quantity of your sperm. If the number of sperm that a man ejaculates is not up to a … Continue reading

Strange: Doctor Arrested While Carrying Out Penis Surgery On Himself!

As funny and strange as it may sound… this really happened! Not in Nigeria… it happened in far away Argentina. If you think I am joking, here is a news link about this story here -> Plastic Surgeon Arrested During … Continue reading

You Can’t Get A Big Penis Overnight – It Requires Patience!

A lot of times I get calls from my fellow Nigerian men that believe they can transform their small or average penis into a big one in as little as 2 weeks! A lot of times these men know nothing … Continue reading

Does Handsome Up Penis Pump Work? Find Out Now!

When it comes to this issue of getting a bigger penis there are so many things I strongly advise against and using vacuum pumps is one of them. In case you don’t already know this, Handsome Up is a vacuum … Continue reading

How To Get A Bigger Penis With Less Effort As A Busy Man!

Most of the time I recommend penis exercises to any man that is interested in enlarging his penis because it is safe, affordable and that is what I used in 2008 to get a bigger penis when I was doing … Continue reading

Can Penomet Pump Give You A Bigger Penis? Does It Work?

Back in 2008, I was very suspicious about the idea of using a penis pump to get a bigger penis. At that time the only type of pump available was the vacuum pump which was not designed as a penis … Continue reading

Does The ProExtender Device Work For Penis Enlargement?

I always recommend penis exercises because they are safe and affordable to any man that wants a longer and thicker penis. However, over the years I have come to realize that it is not every Nigerian man that can put … Continue reading

Penis Enlargement Creams – Do They Really Work?

It amazes me that there are still millions of Nigerian men that actually believe that using a cream can actually help them in enlarging their manhood. To be fair, I also used to believe it was possible to get a … Continue reading


Are You Looking For The Best Penis Enlargement Method?

Just like you, there are so many men that would like to get a thicker and longer penis. Or it could be that you are average and just want to be bigger downstairs or your erect penis is less than … Continue reading

Sex Positions To Try If You Have A Small Penis!

If you have a small penis, it can be difficult for you to satisfy women with “normal” sex positions. And the truth is that a lot of Nigerian men are insecure about their penis size even if they actually have … Continue reading


Getting Results From Penis Exercises – The Basic Principles!

When it comes to building muscle tissue, scientists, fitness trainers and body builders have understood decades ago that you cannot simply go to the gym to lift weights whenever you feel like and expect to look as muscular as Jay … Continue reading


Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Ahh… the age old question that every man asks at least once in a lifetime… Does penis size matter? I have read (and heard) many opinions on this issue of how important penis size is when it comes to sex. … Continue reading

How To Stop Quick Ejaculation Permanently!

A lot of times, I get phone calls from men that want me to tell them what drugs to use for their quick ejaculation problem… my answer is always the same… You do NOT need any drugs to deal with … Continue reading

Tips To Make Your Woman Climax Hard And Fast!

In my previous article (click here to read it), I showed you how a modified form of the missionary sex position which I call “slide” missionary can make your woman orgasm fast and hard. So, are there any other sex … Continue reading

How To Make Your Woman Orgasm, Fast And Hard During Penetration!

When it comes to giving women orgasms, I don’t like the whole licking and fingering that so many so-called experts recommend. I am of the mindset that “real men make women orgasm with their penis!” I don’t like the idea … Continue reading

How Important Is Great Sex In A Relationship?

On the website I am obsessed about making sure that Nigerian guys like you have the ability to satisfy their women completely during sex. But, just how important is good sex in maintaining your relationship? Great sex is the master … Continue reading

6 False Beliefs About The Penis – Know The Truth!

False Belief #1: Enlarging The Penis Is Impossible! The Truth: By engaging in penis exercises, you can enlarge your penis safely. So many Nigerian men still believe that they are stuck with whatever penis size that they were born with, … Continue reading

Women Prefer Men With Bigger Penises – Science Proves It!

According to a scientific study, a man’s penis size really influences how attractive he looks to women! This is something I have already known since 2007 and science is just coming up with a study that proves it. Even if … Continue reading

The Man With The Biggest Penis – Roberto Esquivel Cabrera!

It seems there is a new record holder for the world’s biggest penis – the title goes to a 52-year old Mexican man named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera. Some years back the unofficial record holder of the world’s biggest penis was … Continue reading

Is Fast Natural Penis Enlargement Possible?

One question that I keep hearing (or reading) from a lot of Nigerian men is “can I get a big penis in 2 or 3 weeks?” In most cases I usually take time to explain how natural penis enlargement works … Continue reading

How Penis Enlargement Exercises Improves Your Sex Life!

If you are like the typical Nigerian man, then it means that you are concerned about making sure that your sex life is good enough to the extent that your woman becomes addicted to you for sex and does not … Continue reading

What Is The Average Penis Size And The Best Penis Size?

I am sure you already know that penis size matter a lot to Nigerian women when it comes to their satisfaction and pleasure during sexual intercourse. Yea… penis size matters a lot! One question that a lot of Nigerian men … Continue reading

Are Penis Exercises A Safe Method To Enlarge The Penis?

For most Nigerian men that are not knowledgeable about the various methods of penile enlargement, this issue of safety always comes up… So, how safe are penis exercises to enlarge the penis? The short and straight-forward answer is this: penis … Continue reading

How Penis Exercises Work In Giving You A Big Penis!

One popular question that so many Nigerian men interested in getting a big penis ask me is – how exactly do penis exercises work in giving a man a longer, thicker and stronger penis? The common misconception is that the … Continue reading

What Exactly Are Natural Penis Exercises?

If you are interested in getting a bigger penis that I am sure you must be wondering what exactly natural penis exercises are… Natural penis exercises are simply a method of enlarging your penis, strengthening your erections and improving your … Continue reading

Why Women Prefer A Thicker Penis To A Longer One!

So, which of them gives women more pleasure when having sexual intercourse? I am sure you instinctively know why a thicker penis gives women more pleasure during sexual intercourse but let me explain why thickness is better than length when … Continue reading

Can Using “Vacuum” Penis Pumps Get You A Bigger Penis?

A lot of Nigerian men are prepared to do just about anything to get a bigger penis and this includes using a vacuum penis pump. This device has a cylindrical and hollow tube that your place your penis inside. It … Continue reading

Penis Enlargement In Nigeria: Which Should You Choose?

There are so many products supposedly meant to help you enlarge your penis that are currently being sold today in Nigeria… some of these products include: vacuum (air) pumps, herbal pills, hanging weights or surgery. A few years ago, natural … Continue reading

How Safe Are Penile Enlargement Exercises?

A lot of Nigerian men are very skeptical about the safety of natural penile enlargement methods like penis exercises. Well it is normal to have doubts, because they are so many fake, ineffective and dangerous products that are being sold … Continue reading


Did You Know Your Penis Can Actually Break?

Yes… even though there is no bone in your penis, it can break! Well, if this horrific accident ever happens, read on to know how you can heal it quicker and get back to having sex again. Although it sounds … Continue reading

Strange Fact: Ejaculating Reduces Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer!

Did you know you can lower your risks of contracting prostate cancer by ejaculating more often? Sounds strange… right? Going by the research paper that was presented at the annual meeting (2015) of the American Urological Association, ejaculating more often … Continue reading

How To Protect Your Erections & Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Even if you have healthy and strong erections currently, the fact is that as you grow older your risks of experiencing erectile dysfunction increases. However, there are still things you can do to avoid erectile dysfunction as you grow older. … Continue reading

I Ejaculate Too Quickly! What Can I Do To Fix This?

A popular problem that I usually get emails about is the issue of ejaculating too quickly during sexual intercourse. If you frequently ejaculate after a few minutes of sexual intercourse, then it means you have weak sexual stamina in other … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Get An Erection After Ejaculating?

A common question that so many Nigerian men ask is why they cannot get an erection immediately after ejaculating or how they can get an erection immediately after ejaculating. Well, let me first of all say that it is normal … Continue reading

How To Deal With The Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction

In my previous article (Do You Find It Hard To Get Or Maintain An Erection?) I talked about the causes of erectile dysfunction which are divided into two: Psychological (Mental) Factors Physiological (Physically-Induced) Factors And just as expected, the treatment … Continue reading

Do You Find It Hard To Get Or Maintain An Erection?

If you normally struggle to get an erection or you cannot maintain your erection during sexual intercourse, then you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction (ED) is different from premature ejaculation. With premature ejaculation, you get an erection … Continue reading

Do Women Enjoy Sex With Men That Have A Small Penis?

You have read a popular saying that “size does not really matter, but it is what you do with it”. When it comes to penis size, that saying does not come into play at all! >>>Click Here NOW To Get … Continue reading

Can A Bigger Penis Really Increase Your Self Confidence?

It is 2016 and penis enlargement is still a controversial issue in Nigeria. The amount of skepticism concerning penile enhancement supports this fact. So many Nigerian men who are interested in enlarging their penis want to do it because of … Continue reading

Water Based Penis Pump Or Penile Extender – Which One Is Better?

Although I always recommend natural penis exercises because that is what I personally used way back in 2008 to increase my penis size, so many Nigerian men prefer using devices that don’t require effort on their part. There are so … Continue reading

Is it Possible To Straighten A Curved Or Bent Penis?

Most Nigerian men usually complain about sexual health problems like: a small penis, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and downright impotence. However, there is also the problem of a having a curved or bent penis. It is normal for your erect … Continue reading


How You Can Prevent Injury When Doing Penis Exercises!

First of all, penis exercises are safe… However, just like other regular types of exercise, there is the little risk that you can get an injury when doing penile exercises. This is why I decided to put up this blog … Continue reading

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Thinking Of How To Enlarge Your Penis? Try Penis Exercises!

If you are thinking of how to enlarge your penis, then penis exercises might be the way to go if you are like so many Nigerian men that just cannot afford an expensive penis extender like ProExtender or a water-based … Continue reading


Do Bigger Penises Give Women More Physical Pleasure & Orgasms?

In my previous article here I talked about how much penis size affects a woman’s mental/psychological pleasure. However when it comes to giving women more physical pleasure and orgasms, so many Nigerian men don’t really know if a bigger penis … Continue reading

How Much Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Penis size is more important to women even more than hips, buttocks or breast size matters to us men. Does this sound like a big shocker to you? If you are still of the false belief that “size does not … Continue reading

Penis Girth Matters When It Comes To Casual Sex – Study Says!

According to a study conducted by University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), when it comes to one night stands (casual sex), women are interested more in the thickness of a man’s penis than the length – this is something I … Continue reading

How You Can Protect Yourself From STDs!

If you are sexually active, then you need to read this article on protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), I also linked to some websites if you want more information… I am sure you … Continue reading

How To Stop Smoking In Order To Improve Your Sex Life!

I had to write this article as a follow up to my previous article on how smoking damages your sex life. What is the point in telling you how bad tobacco smoking is without balancing it by telling you how … Continue reading

How You Can Deal With The Issue Of A Small Penis!

I don’t think there is any Nigerian guy that actually likes the idea of being born with a small penis. When it comes to manhood size, almost every guy likes their own to be big. Of all the flaws that … Continue reading

How Smoking Damages Your Sex Life Completely!

I am totally against tobacco smoking, so I am already biased in this article – this is why I put some of my references at the end of this article so it doesn’t look like I invented these facts you … Continue reading

Natural Ways To Increase Your Semen And Sperm Volume!

For me, I don’t really see the idea of increasing semen and sperm volume as a problem, but so many Nigerian men are really fascinated or sometimes even bothered about how they can increase the quantity of their ejaculate. There … Continue reading


How To Cure Your Premature Ejaculation Forever!

On the internet, this issue of premature ejaculation is over flogged. There are so many creams, pills, lotions, manuals, books, devices and what have you that are all meant to help you deal with this problem. There are even whole … Continue reading


How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally!

Testosterone is an important hormone that is responsible for your youthfulness, masculinity and vitality. This substance is usually seen as the personification of “manhood”. This is because of the big role that it plays when it comes to male reproduction … Continue reading


How To Last Longer In Bed By Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Man!

Any Nigerian man that is sexually healthy can train himself to last longer in bed by becoming what we call “multi-orgasmic”. All you need to do to achieve this is to understand a little bit of male sexuality and some … Continue reading


How Do I Deal With Weak Erections Properly?

Impotence or weak erection was once regarded as a man’s worst nightmare. However, given the advances in medicine and nutrition research, however it is no longer a scary thing. Impotence can be treated – sometimes even without drugs. So before … Continue reading


How To Convince Your Woman To Shave Her Pussy For You

A lot of Nigerian men are excited by a clean shaved pussy. You are probably one of such men that is longing for a “gorimapa” pussy. Unfortunately, some women hardly shave their vaginas. They leave it bushy all the time … Continue reading

How To Thrust Your Penis To Drive Your Woman Wild In Bed!

Lots of Nigerian men just do the normal stick your penis inside the vagina and thrust in and out endless… while there are even some that just pound and pound. On some occasions women like to be pounded especially when … Continue reading

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How You Can Give Your Woman Amazing G-Spot Orgasms!

In this article you would discover how to stimulate your woman’s G-spot and give her orgasms that would make her coming for more every time… Most Nigerian men only know the clitoris as an easy trigger to women’s orgasms. So … Continue reading


Do Women Prefer A Longer Penis Or A Thicker Penis?

In 2005, this was a question that I kept asking myself when I was looking for a way to safely and naturally enlarge my penis. I am sure you are interested in knowing answers to questions like “does a man’s … Continue reading

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How To Get Stronger And Harder Erections Naturally!

Every Nigerian man wants a stronger and harder erection. Even the men that are completely satisfied with their penis size would like to know what to do to have “rock” hard erection on a regular basis. Asides from feeling good … Continue reading


Should I Undergo Penis Enlargement Surgery?

All I can say is – Don’t Do It! Penis enlargement surgery is not even something that you should be thinking of. Really… I am assuming you are just curious and you are not thinking of putting yourself through unnecessary … Continue reading

Kegel Exercises & How They Can Transform Every Man’s Sex Life!

I am sure you already know that press-up, chin-ups, squats and sit-ups are exercises that you do to strengthen your body muscles, however do you know that there are exercises that that can help strengthen your penis and erections? We … Continue reading


Are There Any Problems With Watching Porn?

First of all let me say it clearly that I am not totally against watching porn, just like I am not totally against drinking alcohol. I remember over 10 years ago, porn was not easy to come by, it was … Continue reading

Can Penis Pumps Make My Penis Bigger?

Penis pump is a device that uses pressure (air or water) to make the penis longer and thicker. In almost all cases, it is composed of a plastic cylinder that you wear on your penis – while the compression ring … Continue reading

Do Penis Enlargement Creams Actually Work?

There are so many men in Nigeria that still believe that there are creams that can actually give them a bigger penis. And as usual, on the internet and in cheap pornographic magazines you would see adverts of these so … Continue reading

How Can I Increase My Sex Drive Naturally?

Just like the female folks, we men also gradually begin to experience a drop in our sex drive as we get older. For men this is all because of the decrease in the amount of testosterone that our body produces … Continue reading

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What Exactly Is The Best Penis Enlargement Method To Use?

There are so many Nigerian men that are interested in getting a longer and thicker penis and if you have less than the average size of 6 inches in length and 4.5 inches in girth, then I am sure that … Continue reading


Do You Want A Large Dick? Try Penis Exercises!

Just like you, there are millions of men that want a large dick either to please their lovers in bed or they just like the idea that the organ that represents their masculinity is “large”. I would say that over … Continue reading

Natural Penis Exercises Can Help Give You A Large Penis!

In all the male sexual health surveys (that includes penis size) that I have read about online, more that 80% of the men that participated desire a large penis both for themselves and to impress their women in bed. So, … Continue reading

Can You Get A Bigger Dick Using Penis Exercises?

A lot of Nigerian men are interested in getting a bigger dick… I know this for a fact considering the large number of emails and phone calls I get (this is the reason why I am no longer on whatsapp … Continue reading

A Big Dick Makes You More Attractive To Women – Says Study!

I have always known that women like big dicks even before 2008 when I decided to get a big dick by using penile exercises. However, there is now a concrete research study that actually proves that the size of a … Continue reading

Some Tips To Use In Order To Turn A Woman On!

It is a disaster when a man who does not know how to talk sexy do it. He just ends up looking like an idiot. This is because he would just end up saying all sorts of awkward things because … Continue reading

How To Make Your Woman Climax!

In my last post I talked about 3 mistakes that so many Nigerians make that causes their woman to lose interest in having sex. Now I would be sharing a few tips on how you can make your woman achieve … Continue reading

3 Mistakes That Nigerian Men Make That Stops Their Women From Being Excited About Sex!

NOTE: Since 2008, when I setup my website, I have received so many emails and phone calls from Nigerian men that want to improve their sexual performance. And I can safely assume that at least 95% of Nigerian Guys are … Continue reading

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Roberto Cabrera Has The Biggest Dick In The World!

A strange world record has been set by a 52 years old man from Mexico for the world’s biggest dick – his name is Roberto Esquivel Cabrera. A few years ago the holder of that world record was a man … Continue reading