3 Mistakes That Nigerian Men Make That Stops Their Women From Being Excited About Sex!

NOTE: Since 2008, when I setup my website, I have received so many emails and phone calls from Nigerian men that want to improve their sexual performance.

And I can safely assume that at least 95% of Nigerian Guys are guilty of making these mistakes that make their women uninterested in sex. Here are a few mistakes that you should start correcting if you are guilty as charged.

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Mistake #1: Giving Your Woman Poor Sex!

There are just too many Nigerian guys out there that give their women POOR SEX!

In other words – they just have sex with their women regularly and the women are always NOT sexually satisfied!

This is Bad and it also punishment to these women!

And yet these same guys are annoyed about their women’s nonchalance attitude towards sex! Even when their women agree to sex, they just go in… and bang, bang, bang they are done. This is why so many women just lie flat and wait for their partners to be done with the whole thing!

When you think of the whole thing logically… this is only normal!

If a woman is not really enjoying sex with you, why on earth should she be excited about it whenever you are in the mood?… She knows she is going to get disappointed at the end of it all.

Now here is an important tip:

Every time you have sex with your woman, make sure you do everything possible to give her at least three orgasms… you could do this by oral sex, fingering or during the main event when your penis is inside her vagina. This would make her excited about the idea of sex with you because she knows that she is going to really enjoy herself.

Mistake #2: Talking About Sex As If It Rational Experience!

For women, when it comes to sex, it is an emotional and passionate event NOT logical! This is the mistake so many Nigerian guys make about sex. They try to discuss sex in a way that looks like they are asking for a plate of food.

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When you want to have sex with your woman or you want her to do something new during sex, do not as her as if it was a logical discussion. This kind of approach does not work. If you just started dating a girl and you ask her if you can kiss her, she would say no. Ask her if you can have sex with her, she would say no again. That is how it is with women that you have been sexual intercourse with for a while.

Sex is an Emotional experience for women!

So what this means is that when you want her to do whatever you want in bed, then you need to appeal to her emotional side. Do not try to point out logical reasons why she should try a new sex position, instead use the emotional route.

For example:

If you want your woman to give your oral sex during you love making sessions, you do not say this:

“Baby, next time we are having sex please suck my penis!”

She would just get pissed off!

Instead what you should do is to make sure that you have given your woman about 2 orgasms, then you say this:

“Honey, suck my dick!”

There is a big difference between the two!

After please her sexually, she would be more in the mood to return the favor, than if you just suggested it out of the blue.

Now you understand that let.s move on to the next one.

Mistake #3: Failing To Say Some Sexy Talk While Having Sex!

So many guys do not even assume that this is a mistake! Since so many men assume that during sex a man is just supposed to be a silent as possible in the bedroom.

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It how exactly does talking sexy (TALKING DIRTY) help make your woman become more excited about sex?

Good question.

The answer is quite obvious when you think about it for a moment…

For you woman to be willing to do what you want during sex, then you need to let her know your desires in a manner that would make her excited about doing them with you.

While having sex, the only way for you to communicate with your woman about what you want is to talk in a sexy manner.

So many men are not down with the whole sexy talk thing. Maybe they have had a few bad experiences with other women that have made them close their minds of issues like that.

What you don’t realize is that when you do not talk sexy with a woman, it is extremely difficult to get her to do what you want. You can’t just order her into the doggy style position when you are in the missionary position. You would have to talk a little dirty to get her to put her ass up for you.


If you really want your woman to do anything that you want during sex, then you need to communicate what you want using a sexy tone of voice which is also known as talking dirty or dirty talk.

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Taking sexy is about let her know what you enjoy and asking her to comply. Your body language and tone of voice are very important. If you give her orders like a Nigerian army Colonel, then you can be rest assured that she would not be excited about doing anything you want in the bedroom.

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Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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