5 Benefits Of Using A Hydro Penis Pump!

Penis pumps have been around for over 25 years now. They are not really something new per se; however it is the improvement in the technology that has made it an effective and comfortable device.

Two Popular Hydro Penis Pumps In The Market - Penomet and Bathmate.

Two Popular Hydro Penis Pumps In The Market – Penomet and Bathmate.

A recent addition to the market of penis pumps is what is called a hydro penis pump or water-assisted penis pump. This type of penis pump are used with water so you would have to use it when you are having your bath in the morning or at night – this is good since it fits into your normal daily schedule.

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Here are 5 benefits of using a hydro penis pump:

1.) You Get A Bigger Penis

This is the number 1 reason why most men buy a hydro penis pump. Because of the suction that it creates around your penis, the penile tissues are forced to expand in every direction. This creates micro tears inside the penile tissues… these tears later heal and re-grow to larger, thicker and stronger sizes. Continuous tearing, healing and re-growing of the penile tissues overtime result in a bigger penis.

2.) It Treats Erectile Dysfunction

If you are battling with erectile dysfunction (or weak erections) using a hydro penis pump can help in giving you instant erections.

The first type of penis pumps were vacuum “air” pumps which works by removing air around the penis and creating a “vacuum”. This causes blood to instantly rush into the penis giving you an instant erection. Hydro penis pumps also do the same as vacuum penis pumps but you would need water.

Improved blood flow is important for erections, so if you have problems getting or maintain an erection using hydro penis pumps in combination with a cock ring (a rubber ring that you wear at the base of your penis) you would be able to have sexual intercourse because the cock ring would keep you erect long enough for your woman.

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3.) It Treats Peyronie’s Disease And Straightens A Curved Penis

Peyronie’s disease is a sharp bend in the erect penis caused by a build up of a hard and fibrous layer that is called plaque, which is located under the skin of the penis. A hydro penis pump helps treat Peyronie’s disease because it breaks down the plaque build over a period of time.

Using a hydro penis pump can also help in straightening a normal penis curvature if you use it regularly.

4.) It Gives You Stronger Erections

Even if you are okay with the size of your penis and you don’t have erectile dysfunction, using a hydro penis pump would help give you rock-hard erections… and your woman would love you more because of it!

5.) It Increases The Size Of Your Flaccid (Soft) Penis

After a few weeks of using hydro penis pumps you would notice that your flaccid penis would have become a lot bigger. In fact you would notice the increase in flaccid penis after a few days of using hydro penis pump. This is what convinces and encourages a lot of men to continue using hydro penis pumps on the long term.

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The only downside about hydro penis pump is the price. A quality hydro penis pump like Penomet costs $320 which is quite expensive for the average Nigerian guy. On the other hand engaging in penis exercises can give you almost the same benefits as hydro penis pumps, the only downside is that it takes more effort on your part than using hydro penis pump.

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