5 Foods That Help Give You Stronger Erections!

According to a recent study, there are 5 foods that can help in giving your stronger erections and also prevent erectile dysfunction.

You Can Increase Your Erection Strength By Eating Certain Foods Regularly!

You Can Increase Your Erection Strength By Eating Certain Foods Regularly!

And as you may have guessed it, red wine and fruit are among the foods that can actually reduce your risks of having erectile dysfunction. This is going by the results of study carried out in the United Kingdom.

The researchers reviewed the eating patterns of about 25,000 men for 10 years and found out that approximately 33% of the men had developed erectile dysfunction during the 10 year period.

However, the men that were consuming more than 3 servings per week of 5 particular foods had a 19 percent reduced risk of having erection problems than the men that did not eat these foods on a regular basis.

The five important foods that can help your erections are:

  • Red wine
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Oranges
  • Berries

These are all foods that you can get here in Nigeria (and in every country in Africa).

The reason why these foods can boost your erection strength is because they contain flavonoids. And these compounds are commonly found in vegetables and fruits.

Most erectile dysfunction cases are as a result of inadequate blood circulation to the penis. And some of the flavanoids found in these foods helps in improving blood circulation so that the arteries supplying blood to the penis open up more so that there can be free flow of blood to the penis.

So, start by having a 25 cl glass of red wine when having your dinner today and try and eat more of these foods regularly – at least one serving of any of them a day would do your sex life and penile health a lot of good!

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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