5 Interesting Things About Masturbation That You Don’t Know!

Masturbation… ahh the favourite hobby of some porn addicted men…  It doesn’t matter if you belong to that category there are some things about masturbation that you may not know.

If you have a bad case of premature ejaculation, controlled masturbation is one method of increasing your sexual stamina by allowing you to figure out how to last longer by separating orgasms from ejaculation and it also helps you in desensitizing your penis to sexual stimulation increasing the amount of time it takes for you to ejaculate during sexual intercourse.

Here are 5 interesting things that you may not know about some men’s favourite hobby.

1.) There Are Some Minor Risks

For sure masturbation is a safer and less enjoyable version of actual sexual intercourse with a woman you are attracted to but there are still some minor risks associated with it. For example, skin irritation is common in men that masturbate “too much” or do it roughly.

You can also get skin irritation on your penis if you masturbate with soap or any scented lubricant. Another issue that sound strange but could occur if you masturbate roughly is a broken penis. This can be caused by bending your penis when masturbating – it could rupture tissues inside the penis so be careful.

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2.) There Is Nothing Like Normal With Masturbation

There is no normal when it comes to masturbation. As long as your masturbation habit is not affecting other aspects of your life then you are not going overboard. But if masturbating begins to interfere with your sex life and is preventing you from enjoying sex with your woman then you might have to gradually reduce the habit before it takes over you. Balance and moderation is key when it comes to masturbation.

3.) It Helps In Stress Relief

Yes… masturbation just like having sex helps in reducing stress. Once you achieve an orgasm (ejaculate) either by masturbation or sexual intercourse, your body release endorphins which are hormones that relaxes the body and relieves tension and stress.

4.) It Has Nothing To Do With The State Of Your Relationship

Some people believe that a man masturbating regularly indicates that his relationship with his lover is unhealthy… this is not true. A lot of men masturbate whether they are in a good relationship or a bad one… and they also masturbate whether they are married or single.

Masturbation doesn’t really have anything to do with relationship.

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5.) You Are Better Off Having Actual Sexual Intercourse With Your Woman Than Masturbating

Yes…  masturbation gives your the same set of benefits with actual intercourse like stress relief however, actual sexual intercourse with a woman is a lot more enjoyable than masturbation!

Having an orgasm when having penetrative sex with your woman or masturbating helps in reducing blood pressure and improves the health of your heart and prostate. An orgasm from masturbation gives you the same health benefits BUT sexual intercourse is more enjoyable, exciting and a lot better… so if you are single, go look for a woman that you can enjoy yourself with instead of doing it alone.

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