6 Scientific Signs Your Semen Is Strong And Healthy!

Is your semen as strong and healthy as you want it to be?

Asides from going to have a proper laboratory test to check the health of your semen/sperm there are other tell tale signs that imply that you have strong and healthy sperm… so, let us see how many that you can tick off.

Do You Know If Your Sperm Cells Are Healthy And Strong?

Do You Know If Your Sperm Cells Are Healthy And Strong?

You Have A Flat Belly

I don’t mean you have six-pack abs like a bodybuilder – you just need to NOT have a pot-belly for your sperm to be strong and fit.

This is based on a research carried out in the Netherlands that discovered that the men that have a waist measurement of 40 inches or more had lesser sperm concentrations and lower sperm counts of healthy-moving sperm than the men that had waist measurements below 35 inches.

Although the researchers don’t have a direct answer why having excess belly fat affects a man’s sperm quality, they assumed that excess belly fat tends to affect the release of sex hormones negatively which in turn reduces the quality of sperm produces by the testicles (testes).

You Do NOT Have An Overly Masculine Face

This one sounds very strange BUT it is backed up by actual scientific research.

A study conducted by Finnish and Spanish researchers found out that men who had very masculine-looking faces (that is broader and wider faces) had lower semen quality than men that had normal or even feminine faces.

It sounds counter-intuitive that this should be so.

But, the researchers speculated that maybe the evolutionary “tradeoff hypothesis” was in this particular scenario.

The explanation is that since men have a limited quantity of energy that is available to the goal of reproducing, the energy is distributed to different aspects that affect reproductive success.

This means that if a man’s body allocates more resources for the production of semen, his body has lesser resources to use in developing other sexual traits (such as facial masculinity) that improve his sexual attractiveness… this is the opinion of the author of the research study (Jukka Kekäläinen, Ph.D).

You Eat A Lot Of Fish

If most of your protein source is from fish then you are likely to have strong and healthy sperm but if you eat mostly red processed meat, then your sperm would be negatively affected.

A research study conducted in Harvard University found out that the men who consumed the highest amounts of processed red meats had noticeably lower amounts of healthy sperms when compared to the guys that ate the lowest amounts of processed red meats.

The study also found out that eating fish has a positive effect on sperm quality as it found out that the men that ate the highest amount of fish (especially tuna and salmon) had a sperm concentration that was 65 percent more than the men that hardly eat fish.

The researchers linked this sperm-boosting benefit to the omega-3 fatty acids that are in fish. It is this compound that helps the body produce more healthy sperm.

So, if you are looking to impregnate your woman now is the time to strengthen your sperm by including more fish in your diet.

You Do NOT Wear Tight Underwear

This is something that scientists have been saying since the 1970s – “men should NOT wear tight underwear!”

Wearing tight underwear kills your sperm!

A research study conducted in the United Kingdom discovered that men who wear loose fitting boxers instead of tight fitting pants had 24 percent more healthy and motile sperm cells. Motile means that the sperms swim fast enough. This is important because your ability to impregnate a woman depends on how fast your sperm can get to her eggs to fertilize it.

According to the lead researcher of the study (Andrew Povey, Ph.D), wearing loose-fitting boxers allows your scrotum to hang freely and it experiences a lower temperature which keeps your semen quality as high as possible. The reverse is the case when wearing tight-fitting underwear.

There are other research studies that point to the fact that higher temperatures on the scrotum area hinder sperm production.

In your best interest, always wear loose-fitting boxers except when you are going to swim.

You Exercise Regularly

A Harvard research study found that men who engaged in moderate or vigorous exercising for at least 15 hours per week had a sperm count that was up to 73 percent higher than men who did not exercise regularly or with that intensity.

Asides from help you stay fit, maintain an attractive physique and improve your reproductive health, exercising also allows the antioxidants that you consume in your food to function properly.

By exercising regularly, you would be preventing harmful free radicals from destroying your sperm cells.

And after exercising, do not start eating anyhow just because you have just exercised. Also avoid the temptation to just sit down and watch TV for long hours… this is because the same research also found that men who watched television for more than 20 hours per week had a sperm count that was as much as 44 percent lower than the men that hardly watch television.

You Do NOT Have A Very Low-Pitched Voice!

This is another strange sign that is actually backed up by a scientific research!

According to a study conducted by researchers in the University of Western Australia, the men in the study that have a very low-pitched voice (i.e. a low, throaty growl) were found to have lower quality sperm.

The study researchers found out what we already know – that women rated the low-pitched voices as being more attractive and masculine.

According to the researchers, testosterone levels in the body may be linked to this. Although having a higher testosterone levels are linked to lower pitched voices, having too much of testosterone could negatively affect sperm production.

There you have it 6 tell tale signs to know if you have strong and healthy semen… if you are lacking in any of them, now is the time to adjust and improve your fertility.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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