6 Things You Need To Know About Your Penis!

Since you are on this website that is about improving your sexual health, then you already know that your penis is an essential part of your life.

Your penis is a symbol of your masculinity and having a healthy penis is important for your self esteem and self confidence. Here are 6 things that you need to know about your penis:

1.) Having Regular Erections Keeps It Healthy

For your penis to be in top sexual condition, then you need to have regular erections. Any time you get an erection, blood occupies the smooth muscle tissues inside the penis – this supplies more oxygen to it.

The best way to ensure that you have erections regularly is to engage in penis exercises (which also help in giving you a stronger, longer, thicker and bigger penis) regularly. Penis exercises help in rejuvenating the penile tissues with freshly oxygenated blood thus giving you stronger erections.

If you don’t like the penis exercises, another option is the use of a water-based penis pump which would help draw more blood into the penis.

If you are not having regular erections, your penis would look a lot smaller in its flaccid state.

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2.) Find Out If You Are A Grower Or A Shower

If your flaccid penis does not change much when you are having an erection, then you are a shower. However if you flaccid penis grows substantially when you have an erection then you are grower.

Showers are usually the guys who have a big flaccid (soft) penis and are usually not ashamed to go to swimming pools or beaches with tight boxers to swim because their penis looks big when it is soft but the difference in their flaccid penis and erect penis is not much.

Growers are usually the guys that are ashamed of the flaccid penis because it looks small but when they get an erection; their penis usually looks much bigger.

3.) How Sensitive Is Your Penis Right Now?

Going by the research published in the British Journal of Urology International, the bottom-side of your penis (right under the head) is the most sensitive part of the penis (according to most of the participants of the study).

However, as you grow older the sensitivity of you penis reduces. In fact starting from the age of 25 years upward, you would gradually begin to lose sensitivity in your penis but it would not be noticeable to you and would not disturb your sex sessions… for some men this may even be a good thing since as a man grows older he would be able to last longer during penetrative sex (penis thrusting inside the vagina).

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4.) Bacteria Can Live On The Penis

As funny and strange as it sounds, there are 47 different kinds of bacteria that live on the skin of the penis. But, for men that are circumcised, they usually have lesser bacteria than the men that are uncircumcised.

This is because the anaerobic bacteria are more commonly located on the foreskin that is removed after circumcision.

If you are uncircumcised make sure you wash your penis when bathing to prevent any bacterial infections.

5.) Circumcision Is Not As Popular As We Think It is

Even though statistics differ according to culture, religion and countries, the higher percentage of men worldwide are uncircumcised. On average it is 30 percent of men above the age of 14 years that are circumcised worldwide – this is going by the statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Nigeria, circumcision after the birth of a male baby is usually standard practice in Government Hospitals at present but there are still so many couples that prefer not to circumcise their male babies…

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6.) You Can Make It Bigger!

Before the popularity of the internet in Nigeria, most Nigerian Men that wanted a bigger penis had to accept whatever penis size that they were born with. But now that information is easy to get, things have changed.

If you want a bigger penis, whether you want to increase your penis length and make it longer or your want to increase your penis thickness and make it thicker it is possible if you are using the right methods.

Although there are different methods of penis enlargement, there are only three methods that I recommend because they are safe, reliable and effective. These methods are:

Penis Exercises

Penis Extenders (also called traction devices)

Water-based penis pumps (also called water-assisted penis pumps or hydro penis pumps)

Out of all these three methods of penile enlargement, the one that I used personally was penis exercises and it is because it is affordable and still as effective as the other two methods (Click Here Now to know more about my penis exercise manual).

So, there you have it – 6 important things that you need to know about your penis!

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