Are There Any Penis Enlargement Drugs That Work?

Even though there are different supplements that that you can use to increase your erection strength, sex drive and sexual pleasure… those ones are not the focus of this blog post.

Nigerian Man Taking Penis Enlargement Drugs

Do Penis Enlargement Drugs Actually Work?

This post is about penis enlargement drugs (pills) that are advertised as being able to cause penis growth when used alone.

SUMMARY: Using penis enlargement drugs alone would NOT enlarge your penis. In fact, they are more or less useless when it comes to “actual” penis enlargement. There are just like over-priced multi-vitamin supplements.

Do you want to increase your penis size by a few inches?

Well, it seems that just doing a search online about “penis enlargement” and you would see different choices of products: oils, drugs, patches, creams and so many other strange product that are “supposed” to help in growing your manhood.

These products are usually advertised as being “natural”, “guaranteed”, “proven”, “safe” or the sellers would claim that they are backed by happy testimonials from real men and their even happier partners/wives.

However there is a big problem when it comes to penis enlargement drugs… it doesn’t work as advertised!

Yes… presently, there are no drugs that can make your penis grow when used alone.

For some Nigerian men that are so invested in the idea that they can just swallow a drug (pills) to make their penis bigger it sounds like a huge shock to them.

Let me explain in details some things you need to know about these penis enlargement drugs before you waste you hard earned ₦aira on them.

There Is NO Compound/Ingredient That Can Cause “Actual” Penis Growth!

Just like you, there are so many men that are looking for a product to help them grow their penis. A lot of men worldwide have used herbs, vitamins, minerals, testosterone, amino acids, growth hormone, drugs and even diabolical things like spells (Juju) to help the manhood grow.

There Are No Compounds/Ingredients That Can Enlarge Your Penis Permanently.

There Are No Compounds/Ingredients That Can Enlarge Your Penis Permanently.

None of these products I just listed works!

This is because the make-up of the penis just doesn’t allow that sort of thing to affect it. The moment a man passed the age of 19 years, the penis naturally stops growing on its own. There are no hormones or drugs that you can take that would help in growing your penis.

All the claims that you see on websites about how pills can cause penile cell replication and penile tissue growth are fake. This is not based on any real science. It is just a way to confuse the average man that is “desperate” about getting a bigger penis.

What Of The Penis Enlargement Drugs That Are Sold With Penis Exercises?

There are some brands of penile enlargement pills that are packaged with a penis exercises program (just like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) and the sellers require that you MUST engage in these penis exercises while using their pills.

The whole mantra according to them is that when you use their pills while engaging in penis exercises, your penile tissues would get the right stimulation both from outside and inside your body.

According to them, this is a more effective way to make sure that you achieve the maximum penis growth possible in a shorter time while your gains remain permanent.

Some of these pills “may” contain ingredients that could assist in healing the penile tissues after each penis exercise session but the truth is they are NOT necessary at all.

In case you were wondering what penis exercises are – they are techniques that you do using your hands to stretch and expand your penile tissues manually.

Anytime you finish a penile exercise session, your penile tissues get worn-out a bit because it causes micro-tears inside of them.

The fact is that whether you use a penis enlargement drug or not while resting, these tissues would heal and re-grow naturally – whatever boost that penis enlargement drugs “may” give you is minimal and is NOT worth the price that you would have to pay for it.

Are Penis Enlargement Drugs Safe To Use?

There are too many brands of penile enlargement pills in the market that the safety of each brand depends on their manufacturers.

Penis enlargement drugs are all hype and no substance, so it is very probable that you can get one that comes with adverse effects when used regularly.

An example of the kind you should stay away from is the ones containing Yohimbe.

Yohimbe Is A Popular Male Enhancement Supplement Ingredient That Comes With A Lot Of Negative Side Effects.

Yohimbe Is A Popular Male Enhancement Supplement Ingredient That Comes With A Lot Of Negative Side Effects.

So many male enhancement supplements that are meant for improving sex drive, erection strength and penis growth contain Yohimbe.

The big problem with Yohimbe is that it should NOT be consumed regularly for an extended period of time because it comes with some serious adverse effects like:

  • Stomach upset & excitation
  • Tremor, sleep problems, anxiety or agitation
  • high blood pressure & a racing heartbeat
  • Dizziness, stomach problems, drooling & sinus pain
  • Irritability & headache
  • Frequent urination, bloating, rash & nausea

Since all brands of penis supplements require that you take them every day for 2 – 12 months, it s obvious that you especially should NOT use anyone that contains Yohimbe.

Engaging in penis exercises regularly for 2 – 5 months is a guaranteed method of getting a bigger penis.

Penis exercise programs (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) are affordable to most Nigerian men that are interested.

Other options that are equally as good but not as affordable as penis exercises are:

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