A Big Dick Makes You More Attractive To Women – Says Study!

I have always known that women like big dicks even before 2008 when I decided to get a big dick by using penile exercises.

However, there is now a concrete research study that actually proves that the size of a man’s penis actually influences his level of attractiveness to women.

Even Science Confirms It - Women Like Big Dicks!

Even Science Confirms It – Women Like Big Dicks!

No matter what size of penis you have, whether it is small, average, big or massive, the reality is that in terms of body size comparism, humans actually have the largest penis of all the other primates (humans are primates, the other primates are Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Gorillas… etc).

The human male penis is more noticeable, it sticks out of the body visibly, clear to see in the front and centre part of the lower body. The human penis does not stay hidden like other primates – it makes it look like a good-looking decoration of the human male body…

Yes… a decoration that actually makes men more attractive to women!

According to a study published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), women are clearly sexually attracted to penises. As a matter of fact, the study says that the bigger a man’s dick, the more women find him sexually attractive!

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In an interview that was posted on NBCNews.com, the head researcher of the study (Brian Mautz) from the University of Ottawa stated it obviously that Penis size affects a man sexual attractiveness!

This study is not the first to try and determine if women are more attracted to a man if he has a big dick, but the results of those studies have been criticized and attacked as being either flawed in the methods used to get the results or as being an agenda to make men with small dicks feel bad about themselves.

To avoid the mistakes made by past studies on penis size and women’s preferences, the researchers made an experiment that is unbiased and clears up the whole debates that surrounds women’s liking for big dicks.

The researchers produced 49 realistic male bodies that were computer-generated (3D) and naked. These were the qualities that were different in each of the unique male bodies: shoulder-hip ratio, height and flaccid penis size.

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The venue of the research was at the Australian National University and 105 young Australian women participated in the research study. All the women were shown the images of the naked computer-generated men.

These Are The Computer-Generated Male Images That The Women Were Asked To Rate In The Study.

These Are The Computer-Generated Male Images That The Women Were Asked To Rate In The Study.

The women did not know which of the qualities that they varied in the different images of the computer-generated naked male images, the only thing the researchers asked the women to do was rate the level of sexual attraction (on a scale of 1 – 7) that they had for each image that was shown to them.

To ensure that the study produced unbiased results, each of the women were alone when rating the images and they were told that their responses would be kept anonymous.

Former studies have shown that women are clearly more attracted to tall men with wide shoulders and narrow hips.

But, when the researchers controlled those features in some of the 3-dimensional images that the women rated, the study discovered that the size (both thickness and length) of a man’s penis is almost as significant as his height when it comes to physical attractiveness!

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The research study discovered that as the size of a man’s penis increases, the more attractive he looks to women this is because the women were all giving higher scores to the male images with bigger penises (when other features were equal).

The study presented the images in a very random fashion so that the women do not easily catch on what the researchers were trying to find out from them.

As the size of the flaccid (soft) penis increased, the women rated the male images higher in big increments till it peaked at 3 inches (7.6 centimetres). Past 3 inches (7.6 centimetres) the male images still had higher scores but it increased in smaller increments with flaccid penis size.

One thing that researchers also noted was that asides from giving higher scores to the male images with bigger penises, the women spent more time on average looking at the male figures with larger penises.

This is obviously a clear sign that the women loved looking at bigger penis than smaller ones because they rated the male images with smaller penis quickly.

The research study also found out that the fatter women participants generally had stronger preferences for men with large penises!

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Based on my little experience, I would say fatter women tend to prefer big penises a lot more than other women. I can still remember messing around with a fat lady a few years ago and she asked me directly – “what is the length and thickness of your penis?”

The truth is for you to be able to enjoy doggy style with a fat lady, you need a fairly longer penis (I would say more than 7 inches in erect length and 5.5 inches in erect circumference/girth), because a shorter penis would not really be able to go through the mounds of fat on her buttocks.

Now, going back to our research study…

The researchers also discovered that penis size was actually more important for the taller male figures. The lead researcher (Brian Mautz) is of the view that a taller man has to have an excessively larger penis for it to be obvious to ladies that he has a big dick.

There are some people that argue that the whole concern about penis size is as a result of too much pornography that is readily available on the internet today.

But, according to a researcher from the University of the West of Scotland Stuart Brody, (who has conducted various research studies on orgasms, satisfaction in sexual relationships and human penis size) even though porn videos may show some sexual trends, there are clear evolutionary reasons for women desiring men that have bigger penises.

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These “evolutionary reasons” are what fascinates researchers like Brian Mautz who also researches on mate-selection, basically why do men and women choose one partner over another when it relates to child bearing and sex.

A lot of scientists (such as Stuart Brody) are of the belief that women choose their mates based partly on evolutionary preferences and they could be making use of penile size as one of the indicators.

Now, the question is what do women use men’s penile size as an indicator to?


Women use penis size as a pointer to orgasms… women love orgasms and they want to be sure that they are going to get it when they decide to have sexual intercourse with any man!

Brian Mautz suggests that orgasms provides a pair-bonding purpose which is essential in mating – and I totally agree with Brian Mautz.

Another scientist Larry Young (who is a neuroscientist at Emory University) believes strongly that the big size of the human penis (when compared to other primates) evolved for years as an organ that was designed to stimulate a woman’s vagina and cervix so that it can cause the release of oxytocin in her brain and enable her bond with her lover – this kind of scenario makes it easier for her offspring to survive.

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Brian Mautz states it obviously in his research study conclusion that: “Our results support the hypothesis that female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans.”

There you have it – science has finally proven that yes, women like men with big dicks. If you have a big penis you are a lot more attractive to women than if you have a small or average sized penis.

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