Can A Bigger Penis Really Increase Your Self Confidence?

Bigger Penis = More Self Confidence

Bigger Penis = More Self Confidence

It is 2016 and penis enlargement is still a controversial issue in Nigeria. The amount of skepticism concerning penile enhancement supports this fact.

So many Nigerian men who are interested in enlarging their penis want to do it because of their low self-confidence when it comes to their sexual performance.

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Most men have what I would call a “statistically average penis” but they still believe that their penis is small.

This can be a big problem for some men because this kind of mentality can cause a lot of sexual insecurities and bad sexual performance.

In the past, there have been a lot of research studies to find out if penis size really matters to ladies and if lack of confidence about penile size really does affect a man’s sexual performance.

According to most surveys, for most women, size really matters but only up to a certain point as the majority of women prefer penises that are in the range of 7 – 8 inches in length and are in the range of 6 – 7 inches in thickness (girth).

These findings are actually normal, because a woman’s vagina has a lot of nerve endings and a small penis doesn’t really have the ability to properly stimulate a lot of the areas in the vagina that is necessary to help a woman reach orgasms.

The average Nigerian woman would hide the fact that she prefers a big penis to a small one; it is usually because a lot of women think that penis enlargement is impossible and to prevent hurting their boyfriends/husbands feelings they would lie and say that size does not really matter.

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But, the truth is that women prefer men with bigger penises because they “usually” make better lovers and give them more sexual satisfaction.

In fact there is a study called the “Neimark report” that found out that ladies that regard themselves as being pretty and earn above the average income tend to pay more importance to a man’s penis size and his sexual abilities.

Translation: when a woman is beautiful and rich, she is not going to stay with a man that has a small penis or a man that has a premature ejaculation problem.

A Bigger Penis Would Give You More Sexual Confidence.

A Bigger Penis Would Give You More Sexual Confidence.

Well, if you have a penis that is smaller than average… there is no need to worry about how to improve your sexual performance because there is a solution to this problem.

There are two ways of enlarging your penis – either you make use of penile devices (like water-based penis pumps or penile extenders) or you engage in natural penis exercises.

Penis enlargement devices are quite expensive; I recommend Penomet and Proextender if you are interested in using devices to enlarge your penis and you can afford the price.

As for penis exercises, they stretch and expand the penile tissues and later on these tissues re-grow to stronger and larger sizes.

There are conflicting accounts of the origins of penis exercises, some say it originated from ancient Arabian tribes (the Middle East), while some say it originated from Eastern African tribes (in present day Sudan).

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Whatever the origin of these penile exercises, engaging in them gives you the following benefits:

  • Bigger penis – you get an increase in both penis head and shaft.
  • Stronger “rock-hard” erections
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Improvement in urinary function
  • Improved blood flow to the genital area
  • Increase in orgasm intensity leading to more enjoyable orgasms
  • And an overall improvement in your sexual health and self confidence

Although penis exercises are more than enough to help you in enlarging your penis, however, if you would prefer using devices that don’t require much effort on your part then you can use a combination of penile extenders and water-based penis pumps.

I personally used penis exercises in 2008, at that time I could not afford to use penile extenders or water-based pumps… however these exercises still gave me the results that I was looking for.

If you are interested in getting a bigger penis safely and afford-ably and also in improving your sexual confidence, then visit my home page here to know how you can get my natural penis exercise manual.

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