What Can Make A Penis Become Shorter?

As us men grow older some signs of aging start to appear – for example you may start losing your hair and become bald, hair begins to grow in strange areas like inside your ears and your penis can gradually become shorter!

Yes... The Penis Can Actually Reduce In Length!

Yes… The Penis Can Actually Reduce In Length!

Yes… shortening of the penis happens with age. This reduction in penis length happens because of something called atrophy which as a result of the following factors:

Testosterone Level Reduces – As you grow older, your main male hormone (testosterone) declines gradually.

Number Of Erections Reduces – When your testosterone level reduces, your sex drive also reduces and this means you would be having lesser erections.

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If You Don’t Have Sex Regularly It Reduces – The smooth muscle in the penis is just like other muscles in your body in that if you don’t use them regularly it results in a smaller size. So if you are not having sex regularly your penis can gradually shrink.

There are also some other things that can make your penis become shorter and some of them are easy to deal with, while some of them take more effort to deal with. Here are the things that can cause shortening of the penis:

Peyronie’s Disease – This is a disease that causes the penis to bend sharply when it is erect. It is caused by the formation of plaque (flat scar tissue) in the penis. If you have peyronie’s disease you are likely to notice that your penis would become shorter because of the bend that it causes.

Weight Gain – The fatter you become the shorter your penis. Gaining weight makes your penis to hide more inside your body. This is because the fat around your pelvic area creates a padding that covers the penis.

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In reality your penis is still the same length, however the length that you can use during sex would reduce. For every 13 kilograms of weight you gain, your penis length reduces by 1/4-inch. And remember that obesity is linked to heart disease and reduced blood circulation – this could also cause the penis to become shorter.

And also, when you remain overweight, you are at risks of having erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Prostate Surgery – One of the negative effects of undergoing prostate surgery is nerve damage and this can make the penis become shorter. Sadly, there are some situations where you have to undergo prostate surgery or risk dying of prostate cancer.

Birth Defects – There is a condition called Congenital Cordae (more commonly called tethering of the penis) which can shorten the penis. It is an abnormality of the chromosome that can result in shortening of the penis.

One way to prevent your penis from becoming smaller is to engage in penis exercises which keep your penis in top condition, helps you last longer during sex and also enlarges your penis by 1 – 3 inches in thickness and length.

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Penis exercises are easy to do and you only need your two hands and a few minutes each day to make your penis bigger and stronger. And as long as you follow instructions properly, you do NOT have to worry about any negative side effects because it has none.

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