Can Male Enlargement Pills Increase Your Penis Size?

Although there are different kinds of supplements that can be used to increase erections strength, increase sex drive and sexual enjoyment, this article is not about those kinds.

The Male Enlargement Pills Sold In Nigeria Are USELESS When It Comes To Growing Your Penis.

Male Enlargement Pills Are USELESS When It Comes To Growing Your Penis.

This post is about the type of pills that are marketed as being able to increase your penis size… the kind that is called male enlargement pills.

SUMMARY: Male enlargement pills are a useless method of penile enlargement. No matter which brand of these pills you use, you would NOT get any penis growth. The ease of swallowing a pill is what makes this method so enticing to men interested in getting a bigger penis.

If you are interested in enlarging your penis, you should start by following a penis exercise program.  Penis exercises are special and dedicated exercises that can increase your penis by as much as 4 inches in length and 3 inches in thickness.

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If you do a simple search on for “penis enlargement”, you would see all sorts of products that are “supposed” to help you in increasing your penile size. Some of these products include: oils, creams, patches, supplements etc.

The people selling them all claim that their own product can help you in getting a bigger penis.

Sellers of penis enhancement supplements always use these words in their advertisements: “all-natural”, “safe”, “guaranteed”, “proven”, “effective” and they say they have “numerous” testimonials from men who have used them and are satisfied with the results they got.

The only thing is… they are all lies!

The fact is that male enlargement pills do NOT work in the manner that they are marketed.

Presently, there is no pill that actually works for penile enlargement!

The reason why these sellers are still in business selling ineffective pills is because there are so many Nigerian men that are hooked to the false idea that swallowing pills is the only way that they are going to get a bigger penis size.

There are even some men in Nigeria that have used different brands of penile enlargement pill… yet their penis has NOT increased by even 1 centimetre.

You only need to understand a little bit about the anatomy of the human penis for you to realise that taking pills for penile enlargement is a complete waste of your hard earned ₦aira.

There Is No Ingredient Inside These Male Enlargement Pills That Can Cause Penile Enlargement!

Just like you want to enlarge your penis, there are so many other men like you in Nigeria that also interested in this.

And some of these men have used all sorts of things to increase their penis size. Some of them include: vitamins/minerals supplements, herbs/herbal concoctions, growth hormone/testosterone injections, amino acids and even diabolical things like spells (Juju)…

There Is No Herb Or Plant Extract That Can Permanently Enlarge Your Penis.

There Is No Herb Or Plant Extract That Can Permanently Enlarge Your Penis.

The bottom line is that all these things do NOT work!

The penis doesn’t respond to all those things, so there would be no penile growth no matter how much of such things you consume. The moment you passed the age of 19 years, your penis stopped growing… that was the end of puberty.

There are also no hormones or prescription drugs injections that are available for penile enlargement – these things do NOT exist!

Maybe you stumbled on some website touting their version of penis pills as being able to trigger penile cell multiplication and penile tissue growth…

Guess what?

Those things are not based on any real science. They just use scientific words to bamboozle the average guy that is desperate about getting a bigger penis.

Situations Where Male Enlargement Pills Are Sold With A Penis Exercise Program As A Bonus

Some brands of penile enlargement pills are packaged with a penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) as an extra bonus. And the sellers always claim that you have to engage in penis exercises as you are using their pills.

According to them – using the pills as you engage in penis exercises stimulates your penile tissues from the outside and inside.

They would tell you that this is the best way to make sure that you get the maximum penis growth that is possible in a short period of time and it makes your penile gains permanent.

The truth is that, although these pills may contain ingredients that could help penis tissues heal whenever you exercise your penis, you don’t them in any way.

In case you don’t understand what penis exercises are – these are special exercises that you do with your hands to stretch and expand your penis manually so that the penile tissues are forced to grow.

Anytime you engage in penis exercise, the penile tissues get worn out a little bit.

Whether you are swallowing a male enlargement pill or not, the penis tissues heal and re-grow themselves naturally on their own during the periods when you are not doing the penile exercises.

The so-called benefit that penis enlargement pills give you is not worth its price… because it is already something that your body already does and it doesn’t need any extra help!

Are Male Enhancement Pills Okay For Consumption?

If your question is would these pills kill you? The answer is NO!

But, the safety of whatever male enlargement pill that you decide to use all depends on the maker of such product. There are a lot of penile pills that are sold online and in shops.

Male enlargement pills are a big waste on money… yet some men just wouldn’t not hear word… they just believe that one pill is going to give them the big penis that they are desperately looking for.

If you decide to get any of these pills, there is a big possibility that you would get a brand that gives a lot of adverse effects when taken regularly.

My advice is that you stay away from any male enhancement supplement that has Yohimbe in its list of ingredients.

Yohimbe Is A Plant Extract That You Should Stay Away From Because Of Its Negative Side Effects.

Yohimbe Is A Plant Extract That You Should Stay Away From Because Of Its Negative Side Effects.

There are so many supplements that are “supposedly” meant for increasing sex drive, erection strength and penile size that contain Yohimbe as one of its active ingredients.

Yohimbe is an ingredient that should not be taken regularly for a long period of time. There are adverse effects that you can get when swallowing male enlargement pills that contain this ingredient. Some of them include:

  • Bloating, nausea, rash and frequent urination
  • Stomach upset and excitation
  • Irritability and persistent headaches
  • Sinus pain, drooling, dizziness and stomach problems
  • Tremor, sleep problems and agitation
  • High blood pressure and irregular heartbeat

And since penis supplements all insist that you must take 1 – 3 pills every day for 3 – 12 months to be able to see results, it is obvious that you must avoid pills that contain Yohimbe.

If you are interested in increasing your penis size, engaging in penis exercises is a safe method that actually works.

Using a penis exercise program (e.g. the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) is affordable to any man that wants a bigger penis.

There are other methods of penile enlargement that also work, however they are very expensive. They are:

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