Can Penis Pumps Increase Your Penis Size Permanently?

So many Nigerian men are so desperate to increase their penile size that they are willing to do anything… and this includes using penis pumps.

The Vacuum Penis Pumps Sold In Nigeria Were NOT Designed For Penile Enlargement!

Vacuum Penis Pumps Were NOT Designed For Penile Enlargement!

SUMMARY: Penis pumps do NOT work when it comes to permanent penile enlargement. And using these devices comes with a lot of negative side effects that it is just not worth it.

If you are interested in getting a stronger and bigger penis, you are better off engaging in penis exercises.

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The penis pump I am referring to is the one known as the vacuum pump.

The device is basically composed of a hollow cylindrical tube that is closed at one end and open at the other end (this is where you insert your penis). It comes attached with an actual pump (this could be a mechanical pump or a manual one) that is used to remove the air in the tube and so it creates a vacuum around your penis.

When you use a vacuum pump, you would get an instant erection.

This is because when air is removed around the penis inside the tube, blood immediately rushes into the penis to balance the pressure – this would give you an erection that is a little bigger than your normal erections.

If you remove your penis from the cylinder, your penis would slowly go back to its flaccid (soft) state.

One way to stop your erect penis from becoming soft when you use this device is to wear a cock ring. This is a ring that is made of rubber. You wear it on your penis and push it down to the base.

Men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction (the inability to get or maintain an erection) use penis pumps and cock rings to get and maintain an erection so that they can have sexual intercourse with their lovers.

The thing is that the device itself was designed only to be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from this condition have other existing health problems that make it difficult for them to achieve an erection normally.

Using a vacuum pump usually forces the penis tissues and skin to stretch a little more than what they are used to.

When you use a vacuum pump and then your wear a cock ring at the base of your penis to trap the blood inside it, you are going to have a slightly larger erection that can last long enough to have sex.

Rubber Cock Rings Are Used To Trap Blood In The Penis In Order To Maintain An Erection.

Rubber Cock Rings Are Used To Trap Blood In The Penis In Order To Maintain An Erection.

As long as the cock ring is tight enough (it should not be too tight) at the penis base, it would be easy to have satisfactory intercourse without any fear that you would lose your erection (this is only necessary if you actually have troubles getting or maintaining an erections).

Once you remove the cock ring, you lose your erection because blood immediately starts leaving the penis. It is different from the regular type of erection.

The best scenario to use a penis pump is when you have a partial erection (an erection that is not fully erect and has difficulties penetrating a woman’s vagina).

A lot of Nigerian men think that using a vacuum pump regularly would help in giving them permanent penis growth.

However, the reality is that no matter how long you use a vacuum pump, you are only going to get a stronger and slightly larger erection for a short period of time – you just have to ensure that you wear a cock ring immediately after using it.

You are NOT going to experience any permanent penis growth when using a vacuum pump!

This is because they don’t stretch and expand the penile tissues properly enough.

And it doesn’t matter how long you use this device – it just wasn’t designed for penile enlargement!

The main benefit of using vacuum pumps is that you can get hard erections on demand. This is very helpful if you have troubles achieving full erections when aroused.

Still, there are still some complains about vacuum pumps. The erections that you get from using this device look abnormal. There are also cases where using them can cause the penis to become numb to touch, discoloured or even bent.

There is also the complaint about the cock ring that you would have to wear at the base of your penis; sometimes it causes pain during ejaculation.

If you have erectile dysfunction, you are not going to really worry about these issues because after all, the device would help you have penetrative sex.

The problem is when you are using a penis pump because you want to enlarge your penis permanently.

When Used Improperly, Vacuum Penis Pumps Could Be Harmful!

Vacuum Pumps Are Completely Useless When It Comes To

Vacuum Pumps Are Completely Useless When It Comes To “Actual” And Permanent Penis Enlargement!

The only reason to use a vacuum pump is because of you need an instant erection (since it cannot give you a bigger penis)… and you still need to follow the instructions of whatever device that you get.

If you are going to get a vacuum pump, make sure that it has an actual pressure gauge that is reliable.

Stay away from the cheap and low-quality types that don’t have any pressure gauge. These types usually cause: pain, soreness, peeling of the skin of the penis and they can damage the blood vessels in the penile chambers.

One common side effect of using these devices regularly is that they actually make your erections weaker. After a while you would have troubles achieving a normal erection.

It usually starts with your having troubles maintaining your “normal” erections before you start struggling with even achieving an erection in the first place. This would make you dependent on them for your erections.

Another major complain about using a pump is that after a prolonged period or regular use, they can actually deform your penis.

There are other problems that you are likely to end up with if you decide to use these devices in the hope of permanently enlarging your penis, some of them include:

  • Lymph Blisters – they usually form around the tip of your penis
  • Burst Blood Vessels
  • Temporary Impotence – this is a scenario where you no longer have the ability to achieve an erection from “normal” sexual arousal
  • Bruising
  • Scars
  • Pains
  • Gangrene of the penis (this only occurs in rare cases)

Even if you choose to ignore these negative effects caused by regular use of vacuum pumps, you need to know that no matter how long you use these devices you are NOT going to get permanent penis enlargement.

Any increase you see in your penile size when using a penis pump is only temporary!

Vacuum penis pumps just don’t expand and stretch the penile tissues in the proper manner.

There is no point risking health problems or long-term injury just so that you can have a slightly bigger erection… it doesn’t make sense.

And there is no need for you to do that!

There are safer methods that actually work when it comes to permanent enlargement…

Engaging in penis exercises is one method that actually works in giving you a stronger and bigger penis… and it is free of negative side effects… so there is no need to worry.

Getting a penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) is affordable to any Nigerian man that is interested in increasing his penile size and sexual performance.

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