Can Penomet Pump Give You A Bigger Penis? Does It Work?

Back in 2008, I was very suspicious about the idea of using a penis pump to get a bigger penis.

At that time the only type of pump available was the vacuum pump which was not designed as a penis enlargement device BUT as a device meant to give men with erectile dysfunction instant erections.

Penomet Is A Water-Based Penis Pump That Can Help You Get A Thicker Penis.

Penomet Is A Water-Based Penis Pump That Can Help You Get A Thicker Penis.

Personally, I used penis exercises to enlarge my penis however, I have come to realize that there are some men that are either too busy or not motivated enough to follow a penis exercise routine because it takes effort.

This is where water-based penis pumps (also known as hydro penis pumps) can help you. Water-based pumps operate with a slightly different principle than vacuum pumps and can give you a stronger and bigger penis.

I recommend the Penomet brand because it one of the best in the market while also being affordable.

What Exactly Is Penomet?

Penomet is a penis water-pump that is designed for penis enlargement. It is a lot safer than the other type of penis pump (vacuum pump) and it is also a lot more efficient.

Penomet Is A Good Option For Men That Are Too Busy To Do Penis Exercises.

Penomet Is A Good Option For Men That Are Too Busy To Do Penis Exercises.

And because Penomet uses water pressure, it is not as risky as pumps that use air-pressure (vacuum pumps) which put a lot of pressure on the penile tissues.

The manufacturer of Penomet markets their penis water-pump as a very effective system that would help you increase the thickness and length of your penis by 2 – 3 inches.

What Is The Penomet Pump Composed Of?

1.) Cylinder – this is the major part of the device where you insert your penis into and it holds the water.

2.) Pressure Gaiters – If you are getting the premium edition then you would have 5 different pressure gaiters (force 60, 65, 70, 75 gaiters, extreme force 80 gaiters). You attach these gaiters to the bottom of the cylinder.

As You Use The Penomet Pump, You Change Gaiters So That Your Penis Growth Continues.

As You Use The Penomet Pump, You Change Gaiters So That Your Penis Growth Continues.

The gaiters give different amount of force, so when you start using Penomet, you begin with the lowest gaiter (which is the force 60 gaiter) then you gradually move on to higher gaiters.

The gaiters come in different colours so that it can be easy for you to identify them. These are the colours of the gaiters from highest to lowest: red, grey, black, blue and purple.

3.) Shower Strap – This is a comfortable strap that you wear if you want to use the Penomet device while have your bath in the shower. It just helps to hold the pump horizontally so that you hands can be free while bathing.

4.) Cleaning Foam – This is a foam that allows you to clean the Penomet pump after using it.

What Should You Expect When Using Penomet Pump?

The first time you use Penomet, you would notice that you penis would become slightly thicker.

However, it takes 2 – 5 months before you can see a clear increase of 1 – 3 inches in thickness and length.

Water-based Penis Pumps Like Penomet Work Because They Use Water Pressure To Stretch And Expand The Penile Tissues.

Water-based Penis Pumps Like Penomet Work Because They Use Water Pressure To Stretch And Expand The Penile Tissues.

How Does The Penomet Device Work?

Penomet is a hydro penis pump, which means that it makes use of water pressure to manually elongate and expand your penile tissues.

When you put your penis into the cylinder, add warm water and pump – this creates pressure which gently stretches and expands your penile tissues which creates micro-tears in them. These micro-tears later on heal and re-grow to larger sizes thus giving you a bigger penis.

You use the device for 15 – 20 minutes per session, 3 – 5 days a week.

As you use the Penomet, your penis would not just gradually become bigger, the penile tissues also become stronger – this is why you would keep changing to a higher force gaiter to keep your penis growing.

Pros Of Using Penomet

1.) It would give you a noticeably thicker penis if you use it for a few months. In fact you can add as much as 3 inches in girth (thickness) with this device if you use it long enough.

2.) Since it uses water, you can easily use it in the morning when you are having your bath.

3.) The producers of Penomet give a 3-year warranty. So, if the device is faulty or gets damaged in a 3 year period, they would give you a new Penomet device, no questions asked!

4.) It is made from medical grade silicon, which means it is 100% safe for you to use.

Cons Of Using Penomet

1.) It favours thickness (girth) over length. If you want a thicker penis, Penomet would surpass your expectations BUT if you want a longer penis also, you might not be impressed with the results Penomet would give.

However, if you want a thicker and longer penis, you can combine Penomet with penis exercises or penis extenders (like ProExtender).

2.) It is quite expensive for the average Nigerian man.

  • Penomet Standard (1 gaiter) costs $127 (excluding shipping)
  • Penomet Extra (3 gaiters) costs $197 (excluding shipping)
  • Penomet Premium (5 gaiters) costs $297 (excluding shipping)

Are There Any Side Effects From Using Penomet Penis Pump?

This device has no adverse side effects. You also have to make sure that you use it as instructed if you want to see results – this also means don’t overdo it with the pump.

Follow the instructions in the Penomet manual and you would be happy with the results after a few months.

Who Should Buy Penomet?

If you want a thicker penis and you are too busy (or you are not motivated enough) to do penis exercises, then Penomet is the best option for you.

As long as you can afford the price tag ($127 – $297), then I would say go ahead and get the device to improve your sex life.

Where Can You Get The Penomet Pump?

To get this water-based penis pump, you can either buy it on their official website (click here), however they do not ship directly to Nigeria and they do not accept Nigerian Debit/Credit cards.

Another option is to order from me at the company price (I am an Affiliate of the company, so I would get it at a discount which is my profit), the only extra charges you would pay for is the indirect shipping to Nigeria.

NOTE: If you decide to buy Penomet by yourself (directly from their respective websites) you are going to end up paying 25% of the value of the item + the cost of shipping as custom duty and value added tax (VAT).

Penomet is dutiable item so Nigerian Customs is going to charge you for importing it into Nigeria even though it is just one items.

However, if you order through me, you would only pay 5% as customs duty (you would NOT pay VAT). This is because I know what to do to, this is based on a bitter experience I had with Nigerian Customs and FEDEX.

The only profit I get from this helping you buy Penomet is a 7% discount which I get because I registered as an affiliate of the merchant that sell the device.

Click Here To Contact Me if you would like to order Penomet from me.

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