Dealing With the Problem Of A Small Penis!

It is very hard to find a man that is actually happy that he has a small penis. This is something that we all know is a fact considering how insecure how most guys are about their penile size.

Are You Worried About The Small Size Of Your Penis?

Are You Worried About The Small Size Of Your Penis?

There are lots of imperfections that us men generally accept and stop worrying about as we grow older; I am referring to things like: height (if you are short), baldness, handsomeness etc.

However the problem of a small penis is something that a lot of men never get over – it is a reoccurring worry.

In fact, there are so many guys are so insecure about their penis size that they shy away from having sexual intercourse with women – they don’t even push for it like a normal man would. Their mentality is – “women don’t like tiny dicks so, what is the point in getting embarrassed”.

Even though it is difficult for a woman to guess the size of a man’s penis in the beginning of a relationship, a man that has a small penis is likely to be afraid that later on when it is time to have sex, his woman is either going to laugh at his manhood size or reject him for being too small.

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There are even a few Nigerian men that even avoid dating women because they don’t want a scenario where they have to keep dodging sex.

And apart from staying away from ladies because of they are afraid of sexual intercourse, these men also stay away from any scenario where there is going to be partial exposure of their genitals, scenarios like: wearing swimming trunks at the beach or swimming pools, walking around in boxers around their homes, hospital checkups where nurses could easily see the size of their penis etc.

Now, when it comes to dating even though that are so many factors and features that women tend to despise like being short or having a bald hair, a very small penis is one of the worst physical flaw that a guy can have when it relates to man-woman relationships.

I am sure you are wondering why is that?

The explanation is very simple…

A lot of physical flaws in a man can easily be forgotten as time passes (short stature, bald head etc) but a small penis last forever. This is because as long as man still has sex with his woman, his small size would always be the cause of her sexual frustration!

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Guys that have small penises usually have stories about how their problem has made them to become doubtful of any lady that does not either mock them or complain about their size.

A lot of men with small penis sizes have non-existent sexual lives because these men deliberately avoid sexual intimacy so that no woman decides to ridicule them publicly after a break-up.

If you have a small penis, then you need to be proactive and don’t let you insecurity limit other aspects of your life. Don’t allow your penis size determine your level of personal happiness.

Secondly, stop comparing your penis to the size of porn stars, these porn stars are at the extreme end of the curve that is why they are paid to have sex on camera.

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And lastly, take the bold move to do something to enlarge your penis safely.

I am sure you must have read about different methods of penile enlargement and it can be difficult to know which one is really works.

Well, forget about vacuum pumps, hanging weights and pills (drugs) they don’t give permanent results.

The methods that I know of that work are:

  • Penis Exercises
  • Penile Extenders
  • Water-based Penile Pumps

The last two are penis enlargement devices and quality brands cost nothing less than $320 (103,000 Naira) each.

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However, penis exercises are a lot more affordable and they are safer and more convenient than penis enlargement devices.

With penis exercises, you only need to allocate about 30 minutes per session and you do it 3 or 4 times a week for a 2 – 7 months period. These exercises are very easy to do as they are fully explained in my manual that comes with videos.

Engaging in penis exercises also helps in dealing with a common problem that guys with small penis usually suffer from – quick ejaculation.

If you engage in penis exercises diligently for a 2 – 7 months period, you can add up to 3 inches to your erect penis length and 2 inches to your erect girth.

This extra penis growth is enough to take you out of the classification of having a small penis to having an average or even a big penis (if you are starting out with an average size).

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