Did You Know Your Penis Can Actually Break?

Strange Fact - Your Penis Can Actually Break!

Strange Fact – Your Penis Can Actually Break!

Yes… even though there is no bone in your penis, it can break!

Well, if this horrific accident ever happens, read on to know how you can heal it quicker and get back to having sex again.

Although it sounds like an urban Nigerian myth – you can actually break your penis.

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However, because there is no bone in your penis, it is not the exact kind of injury as breaking your leg.

When the penis breaks it is known medically as a penile fracture. This usually happens when the erect penis snaps during hard and careless thrusting.

Let me explain a little bit the things that constitute your erection.

Your penis is composed of three cylindrical chambers. The two bigger chambers are corporeal bodies called Corpora Cavernosa. They are like “balloons” that get filled up with blood when you are sexually excited and become erect.

The Penis Is Made Up Of 3 Cylindrical Chambers.

The Penis Is Made Up Of 3 Cylindrical Chambers.

Also the “skin” of these balloon-like chambers is called the Tunica Albuginea. This tissue is like a rubber band, it expands both in thickness and in length when you are experiencing an erection.

Then there is a smaller cylindrical chamber that is situated at the bottom your penis – this one enfolds your urethra which is the tube that carries urine of your body.

When you are sexually excited, blood quick flows into the two bigger chambers and the pressure increases. This is what makes your penis hard and stiff.

If your erect penis experiences a big force like if you mistakenly use it to hit your woman’s perineum (the area between her anus and vagina) when you are thrusting during sexual intercourse or she moves too vigorously when she is grinding on top of you – it can cause your erect penis to snap!

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What happens in this scenario is that the tissue that is holding your erection would not be able to withstand the force – this is why it “breaks”.

Your penis can only break during an erection. The moment your penis is flaccid, the pressure inside is low so it can easily bend and endure any sudden force on it.

How Does A Penile Fracture Look Like?

If you break your penis during sexual intercourse, you would feel it instantly. The most obvious sign is a popping or cracking sound that indicates that some tissues inside the penis just tore.

If Your Penis Breaks You Would Notice It Instantly.

If Your Penis Breaks You Would Notice It Instantly.

You are definitely going to lose your erection immediately. This is just like what happens when you use a pin to burst a swollen balloon.

Immediately after your erection subsides, you would begin experiencing swelling, bruising and pain… a whole lot of pain!

If the penile fracture happens to affect your urethra (the tube that transports urine and semen), you may see blood the next time you go to urinate.

What You Should Do If You Break Your Penis?

The moment you experience those symptoms that I just mentioned during sexual intercourse, common sense would tell you that there is something wrong.

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The truth is that it can be a bit embarrassing for you to enter a Nigerian hospital and say that you have a broken penis – BUT that is precisely what you have to do when it happens!

The doctors would have to confirm how bad your penile fracture is through a clinical examination and by having you do a few tests like: an MRI scan, a cavernosogram (it is like taking an X-ray of your penis) or an urethrogram.

Cavernosogram Is Like An X-Ray Used To Check The Extent Of Damage Of A Penile Fracture.

Cavernosogram Is Like Taking An X-Ray Of Your Penis To Check The Extent Of Damage Of A Penile Fracture.

In a few rare cases, you might require a Cystoscopy – this is a procedure where a thin tube with a camera and light on the end is inserted into your urethra to check the extent of damage in your urethra.

If the case is very serious, you might be required to undergo surgery to repair the torn penile tissues.

In some very severe cases, the earlier you undergo the surgery the better for you – unnecessary delays in this type of situation can increase the chances of complications happening in future.

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This is because, the moment it starts becoming a lot more difficult to repair the torn tissues, it means that scarring could start forming.

This scarring can cause you to have an extremely curved penis (bent penis).

In some cases, if left untreated, it might be difficult to even achieve an erection again.

This is because the tissue that is responsible for retaining blood during an erection has been damaged – this is one of the causes of permanent erectile dysfunction (ED).

If you rush to see a doctor as soon as it happens and you get surgery within 3 – 7 days of the injury (if it is a serious one) your chances of healing completely is extremely high.

In fact after 5 or 6 weeks of the surgical operation you should be able to have sexual intercourse normally again.

Avoid Breaking Your Penis In The First Place!

You know this is Nigeria where healthcare (and surgical operations) is very expensive… the best thing you can do is to take extra care to avoid having a broken penis in the first place.

The fact is – penile fracture is NOT a common occurrence, so you don’t need to be too fearful anytime you having sexual intercourse with your woman.

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However, if you are the adventurous type of man in bed or the kind of man that likes forming “Super Man” in bed, then you need to be aware that there are some sex positions that have higher risks of causing penile fracture.

The main sex position that can cause penile fracture is the woman-on-top position – where your woman is riding your erect penis aggressively.

Vigourous Woman On Top Sex Position Could Break Your Penis.

If Your Woman Is Slamming On Your Penis Vigourously During Sex It Could Cause Penile Fracture.

This is because when your woman is on top of you during sexual intercourse, she is the one controlling the motion and her whole body-weight is hitting on your erect penis. The moment there is a slight slip, she might not be able to stop her body from hitting your erect penis in time.

If you are going to do the woman on top position during sex, then ensure that you are fully erect before penetrating your woman’s vagina. If you are not fully erect and you penetrate her, your penis is more likely to twist or torque the moment you reach full erection – this can increase your risk of penile fracture.

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Avoid thrusting vigorously for too long because you might get lost in pleasure and your erect penis might hit her perineum (the area between her anus and vagina) instead of entering her vagina

As long as you use common sense and take things easy, you don’t have to worry about breaking your penis.

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