Discover How To Make Your Penis Big!

Are you searching for how to make your penis big and strong?

Well, there are so many men in Nigeria that want the same thing, but the truth is that most men would end up not getting the big penis that they desire.

If You Are Looking For How To Make Your Penis Big There Are Three Options In Nigeria That Work For You To Choose From!

If You Are Looking For How To Make Your Penis Big There Are Three Options That Work For You To Choose From!

The reason is that they are just too many ineffective and dangerous products that are sold online that the average Nigerian man is facing a big challenge of knowing which one to choose that would give him results.

You see the thing is that there are only 3 methods of penile enlargement that actually work (surgery works but it is too expensive and dangerous). However, you must ensure that you only use high quality products if you want to get impressive penile growth without any injuries or health problems.

SUMMARY: If you are looking for how to make your penis big my recommendation is that you use penis exercises or at least start with this method. Engaging in penis is a method of penile enlargement that is affordable… this is unlike penile devices that are too expensive for the average Nigerian man.

And apart from increasing your penis size, doing penile exercises would increase the strength of your erections and increase your sexual stamina so that you can last longer when having sexual intercourse.

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WARNING: Don’t use products/methods such as: herbs, herbal pills/supplements/tablets/concoctions, drugs, lotions, creams, oils, hanging weights or vacuum pumps.

All these that I listed are USELESS – THEY DO NOT WORK! If you stubbornly go and buy any of these, after a few months of use, you would see for yourself that they don’t work… and realise that you have just wasted your money.

If you don’t want any health issues, then choose from these three penile enlargement methods that have a track record of being both safe and effective:

1.) Penis Exercises

This method is the one that I usually recommend because I used it to enlarge my penis some years back (in 2008).

Penis Exercises Only Require The Use Of Your Hands.

Penis Exercises Only Require The Use Of Your Hands.

If you don’t have over ₦100,000 to spend and you are seriously interested in how to make your penis big this method is the best option for you since it is inexpensive.

Penis exercises doesn’t require any equipment for you to do them… you only need your hands to apply manual effort to expand and stretch the penile tissues using different techniques.

Penis exercising applies a similar kind of force on your penis like penile devices; the difference is that you would be using your hands to apply the effort while with penile devices they require either little or no effort at all.

Exercising your penis is easy – it only demands some effort and commitment on your part. As long as you are doing the exercising correctly, you are going to start getting results after some weeks and you don’t have to worry about any negative effects from these exercises… because there are none.

If you want to maximise your penis growth and avoid unnecessary mistakes, it is essential that you follow a proper penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program).

You want to have a correct understanding of how the exercises should be done properly and all the steps to take to ensure that you are making the best use of the time and effort that you spend penis exercising – this is why you need a proper penis exercise program to follow.

This method of penile enlargement requires that you be consistent with it. So, you have to do the exercises 3 – 5 times per week and you must be regular with this routine for 2 – 7 months.

The length of time that you spend on penis exercises is dependent on how much penile growth that you want to achieve.

Engaging in penis exercises regularly would make your penis both longer and thicker. You would also get some added benefits from these exercises like: stronger erections and improved sexual stamina (you would be able to have sexual intercourse for a longer period of time).

You would begin seeing noticeable and measurable increase in the size of your penis after 4 – 6 weeks of consistent penis exercising. Your erections would become much stronger after 1 – 2 weeks.

Penis exercising is something that every man that wants to get a bigger penis can do. And good penis exercise programs are NOT expensive so there is no excuse not to use them if you are looking for how to make your penis big.

This particular method of penile enlargement was what I used during my NYSC (youth service) days in 2008 to increase the size of my penis… so, I am talking from personal experience when I say penis exercising can help you get a big penis.

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2.) Water-Assisted Penis Pump

This is a penile device that makes use of water pressure to force the tissues inside the penis to expand and stretch.

Do NOT confuse a water-assisted penis pump with a vacuum penis pump – they are completely different!

A Water-Assisted Penis Pump Needs Water To Work!

A Water-Assisted Penis Pump Needs Water To Work!

There are two major differences between the two types. Water-assisted penis pumps were designed for penile enlargement and they use water pressure, while vacuum penis pumps were designed for treatment of erectile dysfunction (giving men instant erections) and they use “air” pressure in that they remove air around the penis so that a vacuum is formed.

You need water to be able to use a water-assisted penis pump. This is easy; all you need to do is use it anytime you want to have your bath since the bathroom is a place where you can pour water on the floor without any worries.

If you want to see any serious penile growth with this device, then you must be prepared to use it for 15 – 30 minutes per day… you don’t use it every day, it is more like 3 – 5 days in a week… you need at least 2 days for the penile tissues to rest and heal.

You would also have to use the device regularly for 3 – 8 months.

To use a water-assisted penis pump, all you need to do is pour water into the cylinder tube and put your penis inside.

To create water suction/pressure you would be pressing the cylinder tube towards your penis base continuously. After a few minutes your penile tissues would begin to feel the effect of the force caused by the water pressure.

After some weeks of use, you would need to increase the amount of pressure that device applies on your penis. You do this by changing the pressure gaiter that is attached at the bottom of the device to a stronger one… some new brands of water-assisted penis pump have a pressure setting that you can increase.

You would have to keep increasing the pressure applied by the device because your penile tissues slowly adapts to the force that it gets from the device. So, to continue penile growth you also need to keep increasing the force applied by the device.

You Can Use A Water-Assisted Penis Pump Anytime You Are Having Your Bath.

You Can Use A Water-Assisted Penis Pump Anytime You Are Having Your Bath.

Water-assisted penis pumps are only good for increasing penis thickness. This method of penile enlargement is ineffective for increasing penile length.

Because this device requires water for it function, the best way to use it is during your normal bathing time in the morning and at night. You only need to spend 15 minutes more in the bathroom… that is all.

If you are going to use this device, then do NOT buy clones or replicas… these ones are fakes. Make sure you only buy directly from the manufacturer. If you are buying from E-commerce stores or resellers then it is likely you are buying a fake.

Fake products can cause injuries… so stay away from them.

The reason why there are so many fakes (that don’t work) is because the originals are expensive… a high-quality water-assisted penis pump cost around ₦105,000 ($320) – this is too expensive for the average Nigerian man.

If the money is not an issue for you go for the HydroMax Bathmate device, it is a quality product. Only buy this product directly from the manufacturer’s website.

3.) Penis Extender

This method of penile enlargement is totally effortless!

A penis extender is a device that continuously stretches your penis when you wear it. The stretch is not painful… so no need to worry about that.

A Penis Extender Applies A Constant Stretch On Your Penis.

A Penis Extender Applies A Constant Stretch On Your Penis.

As long as you wear a penile device, it continues stretching the penile tissues more than what it is used to normally. This tears the penile tissues a little bit on a microscopic level. When you have removed the device, the tissues immediately start healing themselves and re-grow to slightly longer sizes.

The only requirement of this method of penile enlargement is that you wear the device on your penis for 3 – 8 hours at a stretch.

Since using a penile extender is effortless, it is very easy to test out if they work or not. This is why there are so many studies that have been done to see if they work. All the results prove that they work when it comes to increasing the length of your penis.

Here are some studies:

Using this device would add a few inches to your penis length effortlessly – you don’t do anything. The requirement is that you wear it every day for 3 – 8 months and each time you wear it you keep it on for 3 – 8 hours.

Using a penis extender would only increase your penis length. It doesn’t do anything when it comes to the thickness of your penis. This device was designed only as a penile lengthening device.

A Penis Extender Only Works For Increasing The Length Of Your Penis.

A Penis Extender Only Works For Increasing The Length Of Your Penis.

If you want to use a penile extender and see results, then you MUST buy a high quality brand.

Do NOT get a replica or clone – it would be a fake. Because of the high price of original penile extenders, there are so many replicas and clones that are available – they look like the original but they DO NOT WORK!

The penile extenders that are sold on e-commerce websites are usually clones – they are cheaper than the originals… they don’t apply the same kind of traction force as the original products… they are only made to look like the real thing but they don’t work like the real thing.

Only buy a high-quality penile device from the manufacturer’s website – stay away from the resellers and middle men ONLY BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE MAKERS OF THE DEVICE!

There are so many fakes in the market because the original products that works are expensive… they cost around $350 (₦114,000).

If the money is not an issue for you, then I recommend that you get the SizeGenetics device.

So that is it… you now know how to make your penis big. Just pick any of these methods that suit you or use a combination of them:

Penis Exercise Program (Click Here Now To Get Penis Enlargement Gym Program)

Water-Assisted Penis Pump (Click Here Now To Get HydroMax Bathmate)

Penile Extender (Click Here Now To Get SizeGenetics)

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