Do Bigger Penises Give Women More Physical Pleasure & Orgasms?

In my previous article here I talked about how much penis size affects a woman’s mental/psychological pleasure.

However when it comes to giving women more physical pleasure and orgasms, so many Nigerian men don’t really know if a bigger penis is actually better.

woman having orgasm

Does Bigger Penis = More Pleasure & Orgasms?

When a woman comes in contact with a man’s penis, she is going to experience some physical sensations.

We can group these physical sensations into two types based on what type of interaction she is having with the penis.

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The first sensation is the friction between the penis and her genitals (clitoris and vagina), and the second sensation is the one that has to do with touch (both oral and manual).

The sensation of touch is quite is easy to clarify, let us begin with that one.

1. More Pleasure For A Woman’s Hands And Mouth!

potrait of woman holding a big penisYour penis size matters for women’s hands. Most guys don’t even consider this, but the truth is that Nigerian women really enjoy touching their man’s penis.

So, if you are interested in knowing if a bigger penis gives women more sexual satisfaction, you have to take that little detail into consideration.

Just like you like fondling with big firm breasts, so also do women enjoy fondling with a big penis a lot more than playing with a small one.

If you are being honest, you would admit that you love to feel and touch big and succulent breasts. I mean it is a lot exciting to touch bigger things.

As a man, I am sure you like to fondle with a woman’s body, to touch the softness of her skin, the curves on her body – her buttocks, hips, thighs and the firmness and volume of her breasts.

And as we both know, the firmer and bigger a woman’s breasts are, the more enjoyable it is to suck and fondle them.

Now, this is exactly the same thing with women!

A woman loves to touch and feel a man’s body as well. She enjoys touching and feeling his broad shoulders. She enjoys squeezing his muscular arms and chest… now, I am sure you know what every woman aims for the moment she starts touching below a man’s waist?

Seriously, do you think that a woman would experience the same pleasure of touch when stroking a small penis as when stroking a big one?

Obviously not!

A woman has a lot more pleasure with a thick and long penis than with a thin and short penis.

woman red lips, open mouthSize also matters when it comes to oral sex. Even though some women might say that it is easier for them to perform oral sex with a smaller penis, the truth is that most women get excited when they are sucking a larger penis.

When women know they have a big one in their mouths, it gives them more “meat” to play with and the enjoyment of oral sex is a lot more passionate.

Yes, it is true there are some women that actually have a preference for smaller penises when performing oral sex; according to these women, smaller is better.

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But, in most cases these women don’t like sucking and licking penis, so they would prefer dealing with a smaller size. These women might grumble about the gag reflex that happens when a penis brushes the back of the throat.

Nevertheless, this gagging can be reduced and succeeding to overcome it is what makes it even more fun for ladies that really love oral sex.

2. More Pleasure In Her Vagina During Thrusting/Intercourse!

black and white picture of woman's vaginaUntil now, I have been comparing women’s liking for large penises with men’s love for firm big breasts.

Big penises and big breasts are a lot more enjoyable than their smaller counter parts.

However, there is one crucial difference:

Bigger penises create more friction on the clitoris and in the vagina, which means more sexual pleasure.

Big firm breasts do not do anything to give a man more penile pleasure.

This is the main reason why penis size matters to women. Forget the people that say the penile size issue is just like breast size… no it is not!

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It is when we include this issue of actual sexual pleasure during thrusting/intercourse that it becomes obvious that penile size really matters a lot to women’s pleasure and orgasms.

Now, let me explain how women get more sexual satisfaction from bigger penises.

How A Longer Penis Gives More Stimulation In Women’s Vaginas

It is quite easy for you to understand why larger (thicker or/and longer) penises cause more sexual pleasure in the vagina than smaller penises.

It is common knowledge that the first 3 inches of the vagina is jam packed with sensitive nerves.

However, the vaginal walls deep inside of the vagina (after the first 3 inches) respond very well to deep tissue pressure. And thicker and longer penises cause more pressure on these vaginal walls.

Here is a summary of why ladies prefer longer penises:

  • More friction between the penis and vaginal walls
  • Stimulation of the deep areas of the vagina
  • Can allow any sexual position/style
  • Uterus gets stimulated
  • No worries about penis slipping out when their man is thrusting heavily

A lot of women usually say that they would prefer a thicker penis instead of a longer penis, because sometimes they could feel some discomfort during thrusting by a long penis.

However, in most cases of discomfort during thrusting, it is not that the penis is too long, it is usually because the man was thrusting when the woman’s vagina was not yet warmed up to receive such a long penis.

A woman’s has to go through some stages of thrusting before her vagina is ready for full thrusting.

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When a woman’s vagina is in its relaxed state (no sexual arousal) her cervix lies at about 3 – 4 inches away from the opening of the vagina. At this relaxed state, the walls of the vagina collapse against each other and they would be very little space between them.

However, when a woman is sexually aroused, her vagina walls begin to produce a lubricant that makes the vagina wet and also the first 3 inches of the vagina expand a little bit and creates a little space.

At this point, so many men believe that it is okay for them to penetrate fully. Well, if you have a long penis, you are likely to brush her cervix frontally – this would end up causing her discomfort or pain.


A Relaxed vagina: The female reproductive organs when in a relaxed state. As you can see the vagina walls are collapsed against each other.

A lot of times, men don’t wait for their lover’s vagina to “tent” – what this means is that the cervix withdraws into the body and the deeper part of the vaginal walls become spaced out. It is at this point, that your woman is fully ready to receive heavy pounding from your dick, most especially if you have a long penis.

A Woman's Vagina when aroused

Tented vagina: The female reproductive organs when in an aroused state. See how the uterus has shifted frontwards (anterior) and upwards, giving space for the vagina to expand noticeably. Now, this is a vagina that is ready to accept a big penis.

If a man knows how to adjust the angle of his penis so that it does not hit the cervix of his woman, he would be able to give his lover amazing recurring uterine orgasms.

Uterine orgasms occur when the penis head is continuously pressing on the area that is located deep in the vagina – an area that is known as E-zone or epicenter. It is situated on top of the cervix on the frontal wall of a woman’s vagina.

A vagina being penetrated by a big penis.

The vagina being penetrated by a big penis (length 8+ inches) in an upwards direction, this makes the uterus to lean backwards. During thrusting a big penis causes intense movements to the uterus.

For the average Nigerian woman, it is only a penis that is more than seven inches that is long enough to reach so deep into their vagina to give them a uterine orgasm.

There are some women that have shorter vaginas and might be able to achieve the same uterine orgasms with an average penis of 6 or 7 inches long.

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However, the major factor for giving your woman this kind of orgasm is that your erections MUST be “rock” hard – this means that your erect penis must be pointing upwards, clearly higher than simply being parallel to the ground when you are standing up.

The stronger your erection, the more pressure and friction that it can create on the vagina wall and this means your woman would experience and enjoy more sexual pleasure.

Vagina being penetrated by a small penis.

The vagina being penetrated by a small penis (length 4 – 5 inches). With a very hard erection, a small penis can still create a lot of friction and pressure to the upper side of the vagina; however it would be too “short” to stimulate the back of the vagina and the uterus.

Women usually say that even if they do not experience a uterine orgasm during sexual intercourse, they still love the sensations of having their deeper vagina and uterus moving regularly during thrusting.

For most Nigerian women, a penis that is longer than 6 inches can go deep enough into the vagina to create at least that kind of pleasurable sensations.

But, one thing is certain the shorter a penis is, the lesser stimulation that the deeper part of the vagina and uterus will get during thrusting.

Longer penises also create more friction and pleasure in the first 3 inches of the vagina. This area is filled with sensitive nerve endings and a long penis during thrusting causes a lot longer and more friction during each thrust in and out of the vagina.

A vagina being penetrated by a thicker penis.

A large penis during penetration creates a lot of friction and heavy stimulation at both the vagina entrance and deep inside the vaginal canal.

How A Thicker Penis Gives More Stimulation In Women’s Vaginas

Here is a summary of why ladies prefer thicker penises:

  • More deep stimulation and friction on the sides of the vagina.
  • Feeling of being “full” during sexual intercourse
  • More stimulation of the g-spot area.

A thick penis gives a woman more vaginal pleasure because the additional girth causes more pressure and friction on the walls of the vagina.

The first 3 inches of the vaginal walls are crammed with sensitive nerve endings. A thick penis increase a woman’s sexual pleasure because it expands her vagina more and this creates more friction and pressure on the g-spot area.

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Every woman likes the feeling of being completely “full” during sex, the feeling of having her vagina being filled up by a thick penis.

Women also like the feeling of “being pulled” during intercourse – this is what happens on the outward stroke from a thick penis.

The thicker a penis is, the more the walls of the vagina would fit tightly to it and the more a woman would experience more of this sensation of being “pulled from the inside out”.


Vagina being penetrated by a thick penis: See how the vagina expands and how the walls of the vagina are clinging to the penis.

A thick penis also causes extra sensations on the clitoris

It might look like a bigger penis does not really have any effect in stimulating the clitoris to cause orgasms. But, you have to realize that the clitoris is a lot bigger than the part that you can see on the vaginal opening.

The “body” of the clitoris, which joins to the glans is almost as long as the tip of your thumb to the first joint. It has two flaps or legs that are about 4 inches long and extend downwards and towards the back into the body.

There are also two bulbs that extend out from the clitoris body. And there are one bulb each on the left and right side of the vaginal canal, consisting of erectile tissue. So, it is clear that a thick penis would cause more stimulation on the bulbs and legs of the clitoris.Diagram of the clitoris position in the vagina

Diagram of the clitoris position in the vagina

The location of the clitoris around the opening of the vagina

A thicker penis can also influence a clitoral orgasm for an additional reason – during thrusting, the squeezing of the penis by the vagina walls creates more pull on the labia minora (inner lips of the vagina opening).

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And since these inner lips are connected to the clitoris hood, when they get pulled during thrusting, their movements make the hood move up and down on the clitoris.

When a woman is having sex with a man that has an average penis, she is likely NOT to get a clitoral orgasm from thrusting alone except she is continuously rubbing her clitoris with her hand.

Another way to give your woman clitoral orgasms if you have an average penis is to rub your pubic bone (the place where hair grows on your genitals) up and down your woman’s clitoris continuously.

In Summary

During sexual intercourse, women do NOT experience the same amount of pleasure from a small penis like they would get from an average penis.

Similarly, the sensations that a woman would get from a big penis is a lot more than what she would get from an average on.

So, all other things being equal, does a woman get the same amount of vaginal pleasure from any size of penis?

The answer is NO!

Penis size matters and bigger penises give more pleasure to women during sexual intercourse.

So, if you have a small or average penis size, there are a few ways to enlarge your penis size. However the most affordable way to get a bigger penis is to engage in natural penis exercises.

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