Do Drugs For Penis Enlargement Work?

While there are various supplements that you can take if you want stronger erections, increased libido and improved sexual stamina… those types are not the one that we would be discussing about in this article.

This article is about drugs for penis enlargement… the ones that are marketed as being able to increase the size of your penis if you consume them for a few months or weeks.

Taking Drugs For Penis Enlargement In Nigeria Is A Waste Of Your Time And Money!

Taking Drugs For Penis Enlargement Is A Waste Of Your Time And Money!

SUMMARY: There are NO drugs for penis enlargement that work! You would NEVER enlarge your penis by swallowing these things (pills, supplements, tablets, drugs etc.)… They are total useless if you are looking for real and measurable increase in your penis size.

A better option that actually works is engaging in penis exercises.

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Are you interested in getting a longer and thicker penis?

If you search online with the words “penis enlargement” there are so many products that you would see are being sold… things like: oils, creams, patches, devices, drugs, pills and a lot of other weird products whose sellers all claim that using them can help in giving you a larger penis.

And a lot of penile enlargement drugs are generally marketed using words like: “safe”, “all-natural”, “proven”, “guaranteed”… sometimes the sellers would post claims of happy testimonials from “happy” users and their lovers/wives praising the products.

These so called penile enlargement drugs do NOT work the way they are advertised.

For now… there is NO drug that you can take to make your penis bigger. In future maybe such drugs would be invented.

Anytime I tell some Nigerian men on phone (or email) that there is no drug that can enlarge their penis, they just seem so shocked. My guess is that the ease of just taking a drug to grow their penises is something they really like… so it is hard for them to accept that natural penis enlargement does NOT work that way.

I would try to explain a little bit about why buying any of these drugs for penis enlargement is just a waste of your money.

Scientists Have NOT Discovered Any Ingredient/Compound That Can Result In “Real” Penile Growth!

You are not the only many that is interested in enlarging his penis… in fact millions of men in Nigeria alone are looking for a way to get a bigger penis.

For Now, Scientist Have NOT Discovered Any Ingredient Or Compound That Can Enlarge Your Penis!

For Now, Scientist Have NOT Discovered Any Ingredient Or Compound That Can Enlarge Your Penis!

So many men have made use of things like: amino acids, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, herbs, testosterone & growth hormone injections, drugs and even ridiculous things like Juju (spells) just to increase their penis size.

These products do NOT work… buying them is a waste of time and money.

The anatomy of the penis doesn’t allow things like that to affect it in anyway. The instance you clocked 19 years of age, your penis stopped growing naturally. As at now, there are no drugs or hormones that you can use to grow your penis.

So many sellers claim on their websites how their own brand of penis pills would trigger cell multiplication and penis tissue growth… they are all lies. These things are not based on real science. They just throw a few scientific terms to confuse any man that is desperate to get a larger penis.

What Of The Drugs For Penis Enlargement That Are Packaged With Penis Exercise Programs?

There are a few brands of penis pills that give a penis exercise program as a bonus and the sellers recommend that you must follow the penis exercise program while taking their penis pills if you want to see results.

According to their explanation, taking their drugs as you do the penis exercises regularly would give your penile tissues the stimulation that to grow both from inside and outside your body.

These sellers would claim that this is a way to get the best possible penile growth in a shorter period of time and it would make your gains stay permanent.

Different brands of penis drugs contain their own ingredients and maybe some of them contain ingredients that “might” help to repair worn-out penile tissues after your penis exercise workouts BUT the reality is that you do NOT need them at all.

When exercising your penis, you would be using manual effort with your hands to expand and stretch the penis so that the penile tissues are receiving a stress that they are not used to which cause tiny tears inside them.

After you are done with your penis exercise session, the penile tissues start to heal and re-grow to slightly larger sizes.

Whether you take these drugs for penis enlargement or not, your penile tissues would repair themselves and re-grow to stronger and bigger sizes.

So, whatever edge that these drugs “might” give you are NOT necessary since your body can handle it perfectly well… the price you pay is not worth it… since you don’t even need it in the first place.

Are These Drugs Safe For Consumption?

There are so many brands of penis drugs that are sold online… so the safety of each brand basically depends on their ingredients list.

Penis drugs are basically hype… they don’t give results. And there is also the risk that you can use a brand that contains harmful ingredients since there is no “standard” of what it is supposed to contain.

An ingredient that we are 100% sure that you should avoid consuming is Yohimbe (it is gotten from the bark of the Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree in Central Africa).

Stay Away From Drugs That Contain Yohimbe - It Would Give You A Lot Of Nasty Side Effects!

Stay Away From Drugs That Contain Yohimbe – It Would Give You A Lot Of Nasty Side Effects!

A lot of male supplements that are marketed as being good for increasing erection strength, libido and “penile growth” contain this Yohimbe ingredient.

The problem with these supplements is that Yohimbe is an ingredient that you should NOT be taking frequently… it would give you a lot of serious negative side effects such as:

  • A racing heartbeat and high blood pressure
  • Headache and irritability
  • Stomach excitation & upset
  • Bloating, nausea, rash & frequent urination
  • Sleep problems, agitation, anxiety & tremor,
  • Stomach problems, sinus pain, dizziness & drooling

And since all the drugs for penis enlargement demand that you swallow 1 – 3 tablets daily for a period of 3 – 12 months, it is clear why you MUST stay away from any product that has the herb called Yohimbe.

The bottom line is that using drugs does NOT work for penis enlargement!

If you are serious about getting a bigger penis then you need to use one or two methods that work.

For example, engaging in regular penis exercises for 2 – 7 months is safe and effective way to add 2 – 3 inches to the thickness and length of your penis.

Using a penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) is a method penile enlargement that is affordable to any man that is interested.

There are other methods of natural penile enlargement that can help you in increasing your penis size… but they cost a lot more than penis exercises. These methods are:

  • Penis Extender (use a high-quality product like SizeGenetics)

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