Do Ladies Prefer A Bigger Penis Base Or a Big Penis Head?

Which Do Woman Prefer - A Big Penis Head Or A Big Penis Base?

Which Do Woman Prefer – A Big Penis Head Or A Big Penis Base?

One thing that a lot of guys want to know before they make the decision to enlarge their penis is – which should do go for, a bigger penis head or a bigger penile base.

Right now, a lot of guys know either instinctively or because of the way porn is everywhere on the internet that penis size really matters a lot to ladies.

And since women can now anonymously say the truth when it comes to sex issues – sex experts have now realized that a small penis is one of the main causes of sexual dissatisfaction for women in relationships.

So do ladies prefer a big penis bases or a bigger penis head?

Which is more important in giving pleasure to women, is it the head or the base?

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Let us look at this from the angle of how much pleasure that women get during penetration and stay away from the aspect of looks.

As you already know, at the top of the vulva (near the opening of the vagina) there is a sensitive organ known as the clitoris.

If you’re the kind of lover that is also interested in giving sexual satisfaction to his woman then you must have figured out that fondling your woman’s clitoris is an easy and hassle free way to give your woman orgasms either during foreplay or during penetration.

During penetration, a big head is only going to be stimulating deep inside the vaginal canal.

And even though, deep penetration is something that almost every woman enjoys, most women can only achieve orgasm when then clitoris is fondled at the same time during penetration. It is the reason why a big penis base gives a woman a lot more pleasure during sexual intercourse than a bigger head.

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If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis either the head or the shaft (base), there is no need to worry because there is a safe and affordable way for you to enlarge your penis.

I am talking about natural penis enlargement without the need for surgery or dangerous devices.

Have you heard of natural penis exercises?

As simple as these exercises may look, engaging in them regularly for 2 – 7 months can help in giving you a much bigger penis (both head and base). You can add as much as 3 inches to the length of your erect penis and 2 inches to its girth.

If you are unhappy with your penis size, you can actually do something – you don’t have to feel helpless.

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