Do Penis Enlargement Creams Actually Work?

Penis Enargement CreamThere are so many men in Nigeria that still believe that there are creams that can actually give them a bigger penis.

And as usual, on the internet and in cheap pornographic magazines you would see adverts of these so called miracle creams that are touted as being able to increase a man’s penis size.

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These creams are presented as having some sort of amazing ingredients that can pass through the skin and give you a bigger penis – all I can say is bros… don’t be fooled. Let me say it point blank:

Penis enlargement creams do not work!!

Penis creams are useless when it comes to enlargement… There are erection enhancing creams like ProSolution Gel that are good in giving you stronger erection because the ingredients increases the sensitivity of your penis – that is just about it when it comes to creams. Any cream that you see that is supposed to give you a bigger manhood is a fake product and you would only lose your hard earned Naira.

If you are thinking of getting a bigger size “downstairs” then you should think of using either penis extenders, water assisted penis pumps or penis exercises. There is no point thinking that there is a lotion, oil, cream or gel that can help in making your manhood bigger.

When it comes to extenders, the best product in my own opinion is SizeGenetics. However you should know that extenders favor penile length more than penile thickness. If you prefer thickness to length, then I say that you go for water assisted penis pumps – a great product that I trust is Penomet.

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However if you can’t afford SizeGenetics or Penomet, then you can make use of our natural penis exercise program here. When using penile exercises you can target both length and thickness simultaneously. This is because there are separate exercises for length, thickness and erection strength.

So there you have it penis enlargement creams don’t work… however penile stretchers, water assisted penile pumps and penile exercises work and can give you the results that you want!

Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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