Do Penis Enlargement Oils Work?

Would using penis enlargement oils work in increasing your penis size?

The answer is NO!

Natural penis enlargement just doesn’t work that way.

It Doesn't Matter What Brand Of Penis Enlargement Oils That You Buy In NIgeria... They Would NOT Enlarge Your Penis!

It Doesn’t Matter What Brand Of Penis Enlargement Oils That You Use… They Would NOT Enlarge Your Penis!

One thing I have noticed is… there are just too many Nigerian men that are obsessed with the idea that there is one oil, cream or lotion that they can rub on their penis to make it bigger.

There was a period in my life where I also thought that using things like creams or oils could actually make my penis larger…

That was a long time ago… way back in 2007 when erotic and soft-core pornographic magazines were popular in new-stands in Akure and Lagos.

These magazines usually carried advertisements of penis enlargement oils and creams. Each advert always had a way of making their brand of oil or cream look like a credible product that can cause penis enlargement.

SUMMARY: You cannot get a bigger penis by using penis enlargement oils… natural penis enlargement does NOT work that way!

There is no topical product (oils, lotions or cream) that can enlarge the tissues inside the penis. If you buy any of these oils, creams or lotions – you have just wasted your money!

If you want a bigger penis, then I advise that you engage in penis exercises. This method is safe and also guaranteed to give you a longer and thicker penis after a few months.

Regular penis exercising can help you can add 1 – 3 inches to the circumference (girth) and length of your erect penis.

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These advertisements would give details how their brand of oil contains special herbs and plant extracts that can enter into the skin of the penis and reach the penile tissues and stimulate them to increase in size…

The only thing is… they are all lies…

The scientific jargon that they use when advertising their oils is based on lies.

Let me be as direct as possible on this issue…

You CANNOT Enlarge Your Penis By Using Penis Enlargement Oils!

Permanent penis enlargement is NOT going to happen no matter how many months or years you use these oils – they are completely useless and buying them is simply a waste of your hard earned aira.

There are some topical products (oils, creams and lotions) that “might” increase the sensitivity of your penis so that you erections are harder, however they would NOT increase your erections size whether temporarily or permanently.

No matter how obsessed you are in the idea that one brand of oil can increase your penis size… the truth is that ALL the penis enlargement oils, creams and lotions that are sold anywhere and everywhere would NOT increase your penis size.

Natural penis enlargement does NOT work that way!

If you buy any of those popular Japanese, Indian or Chinese penis enlargement oils with the mindset that you would get actual penis growth… after a few weeks or months… you would see nothing!

There are only three methods of natural penis enlargement that are safe and effective in giving you a bigger penis. These methods are:

  • Penis Exercises
  • Water-Based Penis Pumps (Hydro Penis Pumps)
  • Penis Traction Devices (Penile Extenders)

It is time to get rid of the idea that using penis enlargement oils, lotions, gels or creams can enlarge your penis.

Here are more detailed explanations of the effective and safe methods of natural penis enlargement that you can use if you are really serious about getting a larger penis:

1.) Penis Exercises

The same way you can make your chest, thighs and muscles bigger by doing weight training exercises is the same way you can force the penis to grow by engaging in penis exercises.

Penis Exercises Can Help Increase Both The Length And Thickness Of Your Penis.

Penis Exercises Can Help Increase Both The Length And Thickness Of Your Penis.!

These exercises target the penile tissues and force them to grow.

Engaging in penis exercises is a bit different from cardio or weight training exercises in that you don’t need any equipment… it only requires your hands.

Exercising your penis requires you to use your hands to stretch and expand your penile tissues by applying various techniques and movements.

The basic idea of natural penis enlargement is that by applying a kind of stress which the penile tissues are not used to receiving forces them to break-down a bit and then they repair themselves and re-grow into slightly larger sizes.

Penis exercises are easy to do… yet there is still the effort that you need to put into doing these exercises regularly.

This method of penile enlargement is safe and effective. If you want to be assured of impressive penile growth, then you must make sure that you are performing the exercises properly.

This is why it is important that you are using a proper penis exercise program if you want to engage in penis exercises to get a bigger penis.

You need a clear understanding of how to do the exercises correctly, how to get the best possible penile growth and a general understand of natural penis enlargement so that you are making the best use of your effort and time.

If you are serious about doing the exercises correctly from the moment you start, you need a good penis exercise program (e.g. the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) that contains in depth descriptions of how to perform each exercise, pictures and also videos.

Penis exercising doesn’t take too much of your time… it only requires 20 – 30 minutes per routine. And you only do this 3 – 5 times per week. You cannot exercise your penis every day; the penile tissues require a minimum of 2 days to rest.

If you are interested in getting 1 – 3 inches increase in your penis size, then you have to do the exercises regularly for 2 – 7 months.

Engaging in regular penile exercises would increase the length and thickness of your soft (flaccid) and erect penis.

There are also added benefits of exercising your penis like: harder, stronger erections and improved sexual stamina (you would be able to delay your orgasm and ejaculations so that you can last as long as your woman wants you to).

After 4 weeks of engaging in regular penis exercising, you would experience measurable increase in the length and thickness of your penis. You are also going to start experiencing stronger, harder erections and improved sexual stamina by the 2nd week of consistently exercising your penis.

This method of penis enlargement is within the reach of every Nigerian man that wants a larger penis – this is because penis exercise programs are inexpensive.

A good penis exercise program you can get is the Penis Enlargement Gym Program – it comes as a book (eBook and printed book) with videos (online videos and DVD) to show you in details how you can maximise your penile growth when engaging in penis exercises.

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2.) Water Based Penis Pump

Just like the name suggests, water-based penis pump uses water for it to work… it would not work at all without water.

A Water Based Penis Pump Uses Water Pressure To Force Your Penile Tissues To Grow... Resulting In A Thicker Penis.

A Water Based Penis Pump Uses Water Pressure To Force Your Penile Tissues To Grow… Resulting In A Thicker Penis.

Water based penis pumps are different from vacuum penis pumps. The difference is that the former is designed for penile enlargement, while the latter is for treatment of erectile dysfunction/erection problems.

This device uses water pressure/suction to force the tissues inside of the penis to stretch and expand beyond what they are normally used to.

For you to see impressive penile growth with this device, you would have to use it for 15 – 30 minutes a day, but you don’t have to use it every day, you use it 3 – 5 times per week. You also have to regularly use it for 3 – 9 months before you can be satisfied with the results.

Using a water-based penis pump requires a lot less effort from you than penis exercises.

It is easy to use this device. All you need to do is pour water into the hollow tube till it is filled up, then you insert your penis. You pump by pushing the hollow tube downwards several times until suction is formed between your penis base and the base of the hollow tube.

After some weeks of consistent use of this device, you would be required to change to a stronger pressure gaiter (this is fixed at the bottom of the hollow tube). The reason for this is that your penile tissues slowly adapts to the force that it is receiving so to keep it growing you need to increase the force applied on it.

The drawback of using a water-based penile pump is that it only increases your penis thickness. It doesn’t do anything when it comes to the length of your penis – so, set your expectations right before buying and using this device.

Since the device requires water, it is easy to fit using it into your daily routine. You just use it during your bathing time in the morning or in the night… you would only be spending an extra 15 minutes when bathing.

You Can Use A Water-Based Penis Pump Whenever You Bathe In The Morning Or Night!

You Can Use A Water-Based Penis Pump Whenever You Bathe In The Morning Or Night!

If you are going to use a water based penis pump, you need to get a high-quality product. There are too many fakes and replicas in the market that are very cheap when compared to the original brands – these ones either won’t work or would cause you serious injuries.

Only buy a high-quality brand of water-based penis pump if you want to see impressive results.

A product that I recommend is the HydroMax Bathmate device, it costs around ₦107,000 ($320) – and only buy this device directly from the website of the manufacturer.

3.) Penis Traction Device

Out of the three methods of natural penis enlargement, using a penis traction device is the one that requires the least effort from you. The only requirement is that you wear it on your penis every day.

A Penis Extender Applies A Constant Traction Force To Lengthen Your Penis.

A Penis Extender Applies A Constant Traction Force To Lengthen Your Penis.

Using a penis traction device puts a continuous stretch on your penis. Since the stretch is not painful or uncomfortable, you might think it is not working but after 4 weeks of consistent use, you would realise that your penis has become longer.

Since the device is not bulky or heavy, it is something that you can wear under your normal boxer shorts and trousers – nobody would know that it is there.

The constant stretching that the device applies on your penis causes micro-tears inside the penile tissues. During periods when the device is not on your penis, your penile tissues heal and also re-grow to slightly longer sizes.

For you to see results when using a penis traction device you must wear it every day for 4 – 8 hours and you also have to keep using it for 3 – 10 months before you get the kind of penis growth that you would be satisfied with.

This device only increases penile length. It was designed solely as a penile lengthening device. It does NOT affect the thickness of your penis.

Use this device if you are interested in getting a longer penis effortlessly.

Just ensure that you buy a high-quality product direct from the website of the manufacturer. Do NOT buy from shops or online retailers – they always sell Chinese replicas which only look like the original products but doesn’t work like them.

A Penis Extender Only Works In Increasing Your Penis Length, It Doesn't Affect Your Penis Thickness.

A Penis Extender Only Works In Increasing Your Penis Length, It Doesn’t Affect Your Penis Thickness.

Original high-quality devices are usually priced at around $350 (₦115,000).

If you are interested in using a penile traction device, a high-quality brand that is well-known is the SizeGenetics device.

As you can see there are options that can help you in increasing your penis size… you don’t need to use penis enlargement oils which are useless. If you want results only stick with these natural methods:

Penis Exercise Program (Click Here Now To Get Penis Enlargement Gym Program)

Water Based Penis Pump (Click Here Now To Get HydroMax Bathmate)

Penile Extender (Click Here Now To Get SizeGenetics)

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