Do Women Prefer A Longer Penis Or A Thicker Penis?

woman looking at man's crotchIn 2005, this was a question that I kept asking myself when I was looking for a way to safely and naturally enlarge my penis.

I am sure you are interested in knowing answers to questions like “does a man’s penis size matter to women” and “which is more preferable to women – a longer or a thicker manhood”.

The truth is size matters a lot to women and this is one of the reasons why there are so many penile enlargement products that are being sold online today.

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And all though so many sex therapists have debated this issue on whether size matters or not till death, the reality is that women are the ones that get to decide the answer.

So What Does The Results Say?

penis-sizechartThere have been several surveys that have been conducted anonymously to find out from women if really penis size matters (the latest one that I can get is this one –

In this finding, most of the women choose the bigger sizes over the smaller ones. This goes to show that a small manhood tends to be a disappointment and frustration to so many women; while an average one is exactly that –average!

As for a big penis, so many women would agree that it is extremely satisfying and enjoyable during penetration. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about gigantic male organs (the truth is any penis above 8 inches long and 6 inches thick is already getting too big for most women to handle).

On the attraction aspect, there are a lot of ladies that feel that men with big penises are a lot more masculine and better lovers than men with average or small male organs. With the way Nigeria is right now, I don’t think this comes as a surprise that Nigerian women tend to favor larger penises just like how they tend to like big cars, big mansions and other show of status.

And with the way the internet is, where women can stay anonymous without any fear of repercussion, the truth has come out that women generally have a mindset that when it comes to penises, big is always more enjoyable and pleasurable than small or average size – and they say this online a lot!

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We men even have the instinctive mindset that a big penis makes us a lot manlier and better during sex than a small or average size. Almost every Nigerian man associates a large penis with high level of virility and masculinity.

More Girth Or More Length – Which One Do Women Enjoy More?

woman looking at naked manAlthough a lot of women like the feeling of deep penetration when having sexual intercourse with a man with a longer penis, it is the feeling of being completely “full” in their vagina by a man with a thick male organ that they tend to enjoy more.

Now… the cat is out of the bag… when asked to choose between length and thickness, most women tend to prefer a thicker penis to a longer one.

This preference for a thicker manhood to a long one is simply based on the anatomy of the vagina. A thick male organ inside a woman’s vagina means more friction between the penis and the vaginal wall.

A bigger penis girth means that she would be getting stimulated from all sides of the vaginal canal because of the tightness – this means a lot more pleasure for women. And then there is the fact that a thicker penis can easily stimulate a woman’s G-spot during penetration (the G-spot is located 2 inches deep in the upper walls of a woman’s vagina).

A Thicker Penis Usually Means More Enjoyment For Women!

Black couple having sexBasically, the pleasure that you feel during penetration is because the vaginal walls rub against your penis. The same also applies to women also. However, you need to realize that the area around the entrance of the vagina and anus are the most sensitive.

So when a thicker penis enters into the vagina, it stretches the vaginal lips and rubs against the clitoris – this means a lot… and I mean a lot more pleasurable sensation for a woman when she is having sexual intercourse with a man with a thick male organ!

Then there is usually the sensation of “fullness” that a lot of women really cherish during penetration because of how much pleasure that they experience. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that women love short male organs, what I am trying to let you know is that thickness gives you more edge than length.

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You know what I think you should do if you have a small or average penis size – you should aim for both more thickness and length. In this scenario, you would discover that your woman would start enjoying sex more than you because you have the right “tool” to give her lots and lots of explosive rounds of orgasms when you are having sex.

Yes… Women Have Different Preferences When It Comes To Sex

couple-sex (2)When it comes to sex techniques and positions, women have different preferences. However when it comes to penile size, most women tend towards craving a thick and long penis almost every time!

For every woman, a small penis just can’t compare with a big penis when it comes to pleasure.

Yes… it is true that women also like other things in men, but let us be realistic – your penis size and sexual performance is one of the few things that play a big role in keeping your woman happy in a relationship.

The truth is that men with big penises that are very good in bed make up less than 20% of the adult male population – so definitely women would always be excited, when they meet such guys!

By now, you are already aware that size really does matter when it comes to women and they tend to favor thicker penises to longer ones. If you have a small or average size penis, there are ways that you can use to safely enlarge your manhood. Personally I used penis exercises, however you can use either penile extender (if you prefer more length) or hydro pump (if you prefer thickness).

So basically you have these three methods that I give my stamp of approval on… click on any of those links for the methods that suits you.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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