Do You Have Prolonged Ejaculation?

A lot of Nigerian and African men that have the problem of quick ejaculation would be willing to do almost anything for them to be able to have sexual intercourse for long periods of time without ejaculating.

Delayed Ejaculation Is Just As Big Of A Problem As Quick Ejaculation!

However, there is the other end of the pole – men who have sexual intercourse for hours yet have difficulties in ejaculating. This condition is known as prolonged ejaculation (also called delayed ejaculation or retarded ejaculation).

For men with prolonged ejaculation, the condition is a burden and NOT an asset.

Prolonged ejaculation is not as common as premature ejaculation, so it can be very confusing to guys that are victims of this condition. And the common knowledge is that men usually make effort to last longer during sex and not try to reduce their staying time.

Yes, It Actually Exists!

There are so many Nigerian and African men that have never heard of such a condition like delayed ejaculation that they don’t even believe it exists.

It is the rarity of this condition that makes it seem like a non-existing condition. However, there are some studies that show that about 3% of men struggle with prolonged ejaculation regularly.

Doctors believe that the percentage of men suffering from this condition is higher because a lot of cases are underreported. Scientists have linked delayed ejaculation to older men BUT young men also suffer from it. For some men, prolonged ejaculation is a lifelong sexual problem.

How Much Time To Ejaculate Before It Becomes A Problem

The meaning of retarded ejaculation differs among men. For some men, it means an inability to ejaculate during sexual intercourse. While for others, they ejaculate only after a long period of time (the amount of time it takes to ejaculate also varies among sufferers).

For some men, they can ejaculate when they masturbate but when they have actual sexual intercourse it becomes difficult to ejaculate. How regular it occurs also varies among men, for some men delay ejaculation happens regularly, while for other men, they experience it only occasionally.

The strange thing about prolonged ejaculation is that it does not affect erection strength neither is it caused by an inability to maintain an erection. Men that suffer from this issue usually have hard, strong and firm erections all the time of their erections.

What Causes This Problem?

Now, what exactly is the cause of prolonged ejaculation? There causes are not certain but there are a few culprits that doctors’ point to that may be the cause of this issue. These causes are:

1.) Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions like: multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and diabetes could cause a man to have delayed ejaculation

2.) Drugs

Some prescription drugs like antidepressants have side effects which affect the nervous system and disrupt the ejaculatory impulse so that ejaculating becomes difficult.

3.) Surgery

Some surgical procedures like: radical prostatectomy or pelvic area surgery are linked with negative effects that disrupt the normal function of the penis, an example includes the issue of prolonged ejaculation.

4.) Psychological Issues

Just as some of the causes of quick ejaculation could be linked to mental issues, delay ejaculation could also be as a result of psychological issues. A man that has strong feelings of shame or guilt when it comes to sex might end up having to deal with delayed ejaculation.

In the same way, there are men that due to anxiety about sexual intercourse instead of having the normal reaction which is quick ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, the get delayed ejaculation as the outcome.

5.) Masturbation

For some men, their masturbation habits (the way they masturbated and how often they masturbate) makes their penis used to a certain kind of stimulation that can’t be replicated during penetrative, anal or oral sex.

The facts point to the idea that delayed male ejaculation is as a result of a reduction in penis sensitivity. Some men combat the problem by using creams to increase the sensitivity on their penis so that they can ejaculate quicker.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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