Do You Have Small Penis Anxiety?

As strange as it may sound, small penis anxiety is a real thing. The irony is that this psychological condition mostly affects men that have an average sized penis, but they are always worrying that they do not meet up to what is considered “normal”.

Small Penis Anxiety Is A Body Dysmorphic Disorder!

There are some men that have taken this anxiety over their penis to the extreme that it turns into a body dysmorphic disorder. At this stage, these men are so worried about the size of their penis that it affects their social lives and also causes psychological distress.

A study that was done at Kings College London has now thrown more light on this strange disorder and even recommends that scientists need to come up with a therapy for men that are dealing with small penis anxiety. The researchers stated that the psychological effects of this condition can be disturbing for men that have it.

In the Kings College London’s study, it had 26 men – who self reported their concerns about the size of their penises. When the researchers now measured the length and thickness of the participants’ penises – they all had statistically average-sized penises.

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And also, their sex lives were all statistically similar – number or sex partner, how many times they had sex, their sex drive – they were all reported to have the similar sex lives to average men that are not “overtly” worried about their penis size.

One thing I need to mention here is not the desire to have a bigger penis that is the issue, it is the fact that these men have average sized penis and are worried (depressed) that they have small penis – which is not true.

An example is a man that is 5 feet 10 inches in height that thinks he is a dwarf when in fact he is slightly above average height.

The men in the study were all “normal” statistically but they viewed themselves as being less of a man because they had the distorted view that their penises were extremely small. In other words they were not in touch with reality.

As a result of these findings, the researches of the study recommended that therapists and psychologists need to develop treatments that can assist in reducing this pointless anxiety. And the thing is that anxiety can lead to a sexual health problem called erectile dysfunction which makes the problem worse.

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A man that is worried that is penis is too small can end up have difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection during sex.

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