Do You Really Need A Larger Penis?

A lot of time I get email messages and phone calls from Nigerian men in regards to penis enlargement.

There Are Few Tricks That You Can Use To Make Your Penis Bigger.

Do You Want A Bigger Penis?

One common question that I get regularly is:

Do you think I need a larger penis?

They usually start with telling me a story about different situations where they felt very ashamed about the size of the penis. It could be about their girlfriends complaining about their penis size or the stories that have heard from their girlfriends about other guys that they have had sex with that have penises that are a lot bigger than theirs.

The bottom line is that someone or something made them feel insecure about their penis size. So, they are trying to find honest opinion and reassurance. The truth is so many guys are thinking the same way when it comes to penis size.

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Here are a few things to consider when it comes to making the decision:

I have published some articles about female sexual anatomy. Let me start there.

Since the erect penis goes inside the vagina, one question that you may ask is how deep and wide is the vagina? and where are the pleasure spots (G-spot) in the vagina?

When you understand the actual size of the vagina and the location of the G-spot, you would realize that it is only men with a micropenis (erect penis shorter than 4 inches) that should have problem in satisfying the average woman.

However, the truth is that a bigger penis would allow you to be able to give more pleasure and excitement to your women because it would be easier to do some sexual positions. Although a larger penis doesn’t automatically make you a better lover, it improves your ability – which is good enough for most Nigerian men.

If you want to become a better lover and give your woman a great time during sex then read this article:

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Tips To Make Your Woman Climax Hard And Fast!

How You Can Give Your Woman Amazing G-Spot Orgasms!

The same with any other aspect of self-improvement, you should not do penis enlargement for anybody except yourself. Personal improvement needs to be about you and nobody else!

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Staying motivated when embarking on any form of personal improvement is hard enough. And irrespective of the method of penis enlargement that you choose, consistency is the most important thing that would guarantee you success.

So if you are not doing penis enlargement for your own person reason of being the best that you possible can be, then you are making it a lot more difficult to stay motivated and get a larger penis.

So, do you really need a larger penis?

My reply is – do YOU want a larger penis?

It is about what you want and NOT what your woman wants!

If you want a larger penis… then yes you need it!

Every man has the rights to put efforts to be comfortable with his physical appearance. When you decided to embark on penis enlargement because that is what you want – it would help in improving your sex life.

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There is also the increase in self-esteem and self-confidence that would have positive impacts on your relationships whether romantic, personal or professional.

If you want to get a bigger penis, I recommend you use penis exercises. This method of penis enlargement is affordable, easy to do and effective.

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