Do You Want A Bigger Penis Fast?

Are you looking for how you can add 1 or 2 inches to your penis length and girth in 1 week?

Forget it… it cannot happen!

Fast Natural Penis Enlargement Is Impossible!

Fast Natural Penis Enlargement Is Impossible!

Well, except you go for surgery which comes with a lot of side effects.

Fast, Quick and Easy Natural Penis Enlargement Does NOT Exist!

By natural penis enlargement, I mean every method of penis enlargement EXCEPT penis enlargement surgery.

I am sure you might have wished for a penis enlargement technique that can give you results overnight. Or maybe you saw the advert of a particular pill or cream that claims it can grow your penis by 3 or 4 inches in a matter of weeks?

That is not going to happen!

Yes… natural penis enlargement is possible BUT it does NOT happen that fast! If you are looking for a secret technique or product that would help you in growing your penis fast, you would not find it anywhere. You would end up wasting money on useless products that don’t work.

Natural penis enlargement, either by the use of penis exercises, water-assisted penis pumps or penile extenders is a much slower process than you think.

There are millions of men that have increased their penis length and girth naturally… so the bottom line is that it works.

Set Your Expectations Right – Natural Penis Enlargement Takes Time

Bodybuilding takes patience and time before you achieve impressive results – it is the same thing with natural penis enlargement.

Before Starting Natural Penis Enlargement, You Need To Set The Right Expectations!

Before Starting Natural Penis Enlargement, You Need To Set The Right Expectations!

Before Starting Natural Penis Enlargement, You Need To Set The Right Expectations!

If you are going to start a penis exercise program (or use penis devices), you need to have a good idea of the things that are involved. I am referring to things like consistency and personal motivation. If you don’t prepare your mind that it would take you months to be fully satisfied with your penile gains, you are likely to give up.

For example, since exercising your penis takes some effort on your part, you are more likely to stop doing it if your penis is not growing as fast as you want.

While with an effortless device like penile extenders, penile gains usually comes even much slower BUT because it is effortless (you just need to wear it for 4 – 7 hours a day) it is easier to be consistent with using it. The drawback of penile extenders is that quality devices (like ProExtender) are expensive ($320)!

So, if you want to go the affordable route of penis exercises, then you need to know that it is going to be a test of endurance if you really want to get a larger and stronger penis.

Just like lifting weights in order to build your muscle, the fundamental idea is to stay consistent with your penis exercise program and avoid the typical off and on behaviour that most men do.

So, if you want to achieve impressive penile gains then you need to keep exercising your penis till you achieve the results you want.

The Truth About Natural Penis Enlargement

There are basically two ways to permanently increase the size of your penis: either with exercises or with a device.

When it comes to penile devices, right now there are only two that are effective: penile extenders and water-based penis pumps.

Penis exercises require the use of your hands to apply the force and stress that penile devices apply effortless.

However, it doesn’t matter if you use exercises or devices, persistence, willpower and patience are required in both scenarios.

The same way with lifting weights to build muscle at the gym, in the beginning you would be motivated and pumped up to achieve your set goals. Gradually the motivation dries up and you are no longer consistent… this is the exact thing that happens with penis exercising.

So, the key to achieving penile growth with penis exercises (and also penile devices) is that you must keep your motivation and determination high enough till you get results.

If you have troubles with motivating yourself, then you should go for penile device because it demands less time and effort from you.

For example with a penile extender, you just wear it on your penis over a loose fitting trouser for 4 – 7 hours during the day. Wearing an extender is as simple as wearing a belt, you set it and forget it – but just remember to wear it every day.

As for using a water-assisted penis pump, you would to use it while having your bath because it needs lots of water for it to work. You would have to use this device for 15 – 30 minutes per day… during this time you would just be putting occasional effort to keep the suction/pressure up.

However, you need to know that quality penis devices (like Penomet and ProExtender) are too expensive for the average Nigerian or African man to easily buy.

This is where penis exercises can help!

Penis exercises are just as effective as using penile device. You just have to put some effort for 20 – 40 minutes (4 – 5 times a week).

You can stay motivated when following a penis exercise program by keeping a progress journal where you write down things like: starting length/girth, present length/girth, how many minutes you exercised your penis etc.

It Takes Time AND It Can Be Done

The average penis length is around 6 inches and the average penis girth is around 4.5 inches… so if you are think of adding 4 inches in length and 3 inches in girth in a few weeks using natural penis enlargement you need to know that it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Penis Exercises And Other Natural Penis Enlargement Methods Takes Time Before You Can Be Completely Satisfied With Your Penis Size.

Penis Exercises And Other Natural Penis Enlargement Methods Takes Time Before You Can Be Completely Satisfied With Your Penis Size.

Yes… if you stay on it long enough and you adjust your exercise routine or the force applied by your penile device (extenders or pumps), you can achieve a penile gains close to that but it would take months to achieve penile gains as big as 4 inches extra in length and 3 inches in thickness.

You need to set proper expectations when starting with natural penis enlargement.

And even if you decide to go the route of penile devices in getting a bigger penis, I would still recommend that you do at least 10 minutes of penis exercises regularly because it gives you a healthier penis and stronger erections.

Even though natural penis enlargement might take more time than you originally expected but if you stay on it long enough you would be a lot happier with your penis size and you would be happy you did not quit.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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