Does Grandex Extra Large Size Work For Penis Enlargement?

Grandex Extra Large Size is a penis pill that is supposed to help men in increasing their penis size. Nigerian and African men buy it online from e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga or from pharmacies and chemist stores.

Grandex Extra Large Size Supplements Does NOT Work For Penis Enlargement!

Grandex Extra Large Size Supplements Does NOT Work For Penis Enlargement!

If you think that swallowing a pill is going to make your penis bigger, it is time you know the truth!

As well packaged as this product (Grandex Extra Large Size) may look, it is just one big scam when it comes to actual penis enlargement, this is because of the fact is that using a pill or tablet only cannot increase the size of your penis!

The producers and sellers of penis enlargement pills in general are profiting on the emotions of a lot of Nigerian and African men who are desperate to make their penis bigger.

And the sellers of Grandex Extra Large Size pills and (other penis enlargement pills) on Jumia and Konga have a trick they normally do… when they realize that they are having bad reviews (1 or 2 stars), they delete the listing of the product and create a new listing so that the bad reviews are gone and unsuspecting men would not be able to read the experiences of former users of the product in the review.

Don’t be fooled that Grandex Extra Large Size has a NAFDAC (Nigerian Agency for Food and Drug Administration Commission) number… it only means that this pill is not poisonous and is safe for consumption BUT it does not mean it works!

This penis pill is registered as a food supplement by the importer of the product so it does not have to deliver on its promise since it is not intended to treat or cure any illnesses… in other words NAFDAC doesn’t have to test whether it works for penis enlargement.

With penis enlargement pills in general, the highest benefits that you get are: stronger erections and an increase in sex drive. But, if you are expecting to see a permanent increase in the size of your penis while taking pills, you would be disappointed.

Do You Still Believe That You Can Enlarge Your Penis Using Grandex Extra Large Size?

There is no evidence that this brand of penis enlargement pills (or any other brand) can actually help you in enlarging your penis. I would explain further what you can expect when using pills.

Buying Grandex Extra Large Size Pills Because You Want A Bigger Penis Is A Waste Of Money!

Buying Grandex Extra Large Size Pills Because You Want A Bigger Penis Is A Waste Of Money!

Even if you are using the best brands of penis enhancement pills that you can get, this is likely what you would get:

  • Increased blood flow to the penis
  • Stronger erections
  • Increase in your sexual drive
  • In some cases, you might notice an increase in sexual stamina

However, this is what Grandex Extra Large Size pills CANNOT do:

  • Enlarge your penis permanently

How Do You Get A Bigger Penis If Penis Pills Do NOT Work?

Based on actual results either self-reported or from medical studies, the only way for you to enlarge your penis is by applying manual stress/pressure on the penile tissues.

The most effective and safest ways to do this is by:

  • Penis exercising
  • Penile extender
  • Water-assisted penis pump

Using any of these methods of penile enlargement (or a combination) would help to increase your penis permanently.

The way I see things, the sellers and importers of Grandex Extra Large Size in Nigeria should be taken to court by NAFDAC and SON (Standard Organization of Nigeria) for false and deceptive advertisement of their product…. if Grandex Extra Large Size does not cause permanent enlargement as it is stated on the pack, why should they have to get away with lying and making false promises to unsuspecting consumers?

If you have accepted the idea that a pill can give you a bigger penis, here is a statement made by Doctor Ira Sharlip from the American urological association concerning her review study on different penis enlargement pills:

“There is no such thing as a penis pill that works. These are all things that are sold for profit. There is no science or substance behind them” (You can read it here ->

A seasoned doctor of urology puts it clearly that “penis pills do not work when it comes to penis enlargement.” However, the manufacturers and sellers of these pills still want you to believe that it works even when it clearly doesn’t work!


The Simple Penis Enlargement Scam

The reality is that all the penis enlargement pills that are sold today are either a complete scam or a way to sell over-priced penis exercise programs since there are millions of men that are desperate to get a larger penis.

One of the main reasons why these pills sellers keeping making money is the fact that more than 50% of the male population are open to the idea of getting a bigger penis and these pills are presented as an effortless way to get it.

Then there are so many Nigerian (and African) men that want to be able to boast about how massive their penis is… it is this kind of distorted thinking that cause these men to get scammed over and over by pills that do NOT work!

When a brand of penis pill gets a bad name as being useless for penile enlargement, the manufacturers just change the name and start marketing the same useless junk under a new name to unsuspecting men.

Even though there is no factual proof that shows that taking pills can enlarge a man’s penis permanently, the aggressive marketing and the optimism that it works still keeps these pills being sold.

Here are a few reasons why I think penis pills are still popular:

  1. Huge marketing and advertisement online that are very misleading
  2. Different bonuses and promotions that are offered by the sellers
  3. The simplicity of just swallowing a pill and magically your penis becomes bigger
  4. Guys who are so desperate for a bigger penis that they are not thinking straight
  5. The common desire that most men have to get a bigger penis

If you want a larger penis, then why not use a method that is known to work. Like I previously mentioned, penis exercises, penile extenders and water-based penis pumps are methods of penile enlargement that actually work.

They might not be as straight forward as swallowing a set of tablets or pills everyday BUT they work. One of the reasons why they are not as popular as pills is that they demand some amount of effort on your part to make it work.

If you are serious about getting a larger dick, then remove your mind from the idea of using Grandex Extra Large Size or any other penis pill for that matter. It is either you engage in penis exercises or you make use of penis devices like penile extender and water-assisted penis pump.

With penis exercises, you can increase your penis both in length and thickness but with penile extenders you would only experience noticeable increase in length, while as for water-assisted penis pump, you would be getting more of a thicker penis.

BOTTOM LINE: Grandex Extra Large Size pills do NOT work for penis enlargement!

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Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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