Does Handsome Up Penis Pump Work? Find Out Now!

When it comes to this issue of getting a bigger penis there are so many things I strongly advise against and using vacuum pumps is one of them. In case you don’t already know this, Handsome Up is a vacuum penis pump.

Handsome Up Penis Pump Is Very Affordable Which Makes It Very Popular.

Handsome Up Penis Pump Is Very Affordable Which Makes It Very Popular.

This brand of penis pump is popular in Nigeria because of how cheap it is. You can get it for as low as N3500 online. That is what attracts so many unsuspecting Nigerian men to this product – it is very cheap!

What The Handsome Up Penis Pump Package Contains

The Handsome Up package comes with 3 different sleeves to fit your penis size.

According to sellers of this product, using this device helps to improve the strength of your erections, treat erectile dysfunction and also enlarges your penis over time.

Here Is What You Get When You Buy The Handsome Up Package.

Here Is What You Get When You Buy The Handsome Up Package.

The red flag that I noticed about Handsome Up penis pump is that it does not have an official website. All the information you get about this product are always from the retailers and customer reviews.

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It is strange that the manufacturer of this device does not even bother to have an online presence.

Handsome Up penis pumps is cheap and in cases like these you get what you pay for – there is no customer support and no studies that have been conducted on this brand of penis pump… so by buying it you are on your own to figure out things.

How Does Handsome Up Penis Pump Work?

Handsome Up pump is just like any other vacuum/air pumps.

Basically what it does when you use it is to remove air around your penis and create a vacuum – this causes blood to instantly rush to fill the penis to balance the difference in pressure.

Using The Handsome Up Penis Pump Gives You An Instant Erection.

Using The Handsome Up Penis Pump Gives You An Instant Erection.

So, you should experience an instant erection when you use this penis pump. When you first use this pump, you are likely to get an erection that is slightly bigger than your normal erection.

You are also likely to get a build of lymphatic fluid in your penis after “pumping” so you would see a swollen and slightly bigger flaccid penis.

All you need to do are wear the penis sleeve that gives the best fit, put your penis inside the cylinder and begin pumping. This would add pressure to remove the air around your penis which creates a suction to increase blood flow quickly to your penis.

Who Is This Device Meant For?

Originally vacuum penis pumps were designed for men suffering from erection problems like weak erections and erectile dysfunction/impotence.

If this is what you are suffering from, you may want to try using the Handsome Up pump BUT if you are interested in penis enlargement – stay away from this device.

A lot of Nigerian men actually believe that using a vacuum penis pump like Handsome Up works for enlarging the penis.

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The fact is that Handsome Up penis pump at its best can only assist you in achieving stronger erections to have sexual intercourse – you would have still have to wear a rubber ring at the base of your body to maintain your erection during sex.

Slowly, you would begin to lose your erection when you remove the rubber ring (also known as cock ring).

As for penis growth, you would not experience any because the Handsome Up pump just like other vacuum pumps does not stretch or expand the penis tissues well enough.

Although Handsome Up pump can assist in giving you stronger erections which is what you need if you have weak erections or erectile dysfunction, you might still not like what you see because the erection you would get would look abnormal.

In some cases, men that use vacuum pumps notice that their penis becomes numb to touch, bent and even discoloured.

Even if you are not really concerned about using a pump to get an erection before having sex with your woman, you might still have some issues with the rubber ring that you have to use to maintain your erection.

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Some men have complained that they feel discomfort during ejaculation because of the rubber ring, so you would have to remove it the moment you feel the urge to ejaculate.

Handsome Up Penis Pump Can Be Dangerous If You Use It Wrongly!

You need to be extra careful and pay attention when you are using the Handsome Up penis pump to get an immediate erection (that is all it can give you, it cannot enlarge your penis permanently).

This is because Handsome Up does not even have a pressure gauge. So you need to be careful so that it does not cause pain, soreness, peel your skin off or damage the blood vessels inside your penis.

You need to make sure you don’t over-pump!

Another adverse effect of using Handsome Up device on a regular basis is that you can end up dependent on it to have an erection. You might likely end up having difficulties getting an erection on your own if you use it continuously – it is the same with other vacuum penis pumps.

Another issue you are likely to encounter if you use the Handsome Up penis pump for extended period of time is slight deformation of your penis.

The Handsome Up Pump Does NOT Work For Penis Enlargement!

Let me make it clear again, Handsome Up pump or other vacuum “air” pumps are useless when it comes to actual penis enlargement.

It would NOT enlarge your penis, whatever increase in size that you see would not last.

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And there are even more health issues that are linked to using vacuum pumps like the Handsome Up device for extended periods of time and some of them include:

  • There is the risks of getting lymph blisters on your penis head if you use this device regularly
  • You at risk of rupturing blood vessels inside your penis
  • Prolonged use of this device can give you temporary impotence – where it becomes difficult for you to achieve an erection normally, you would become dependent on the device.

If you decide to overlook these potential negative effects and still use Handsome Up pump, the only benefit you would get is instant erections, which is okay if you have erectile problems.

However if you are using this device for enlargement and you use it for a long period of time, get ready to deal with the following issues:

  • Pains
  • Bruising
  • Scars
  • Gangrene of the penis (this one is rare as it only occurs in extreme cases)

The only thing this device would do is swell your penis temporarily, but don’t expect any increment in your penis because it does not expand and stretch your penile tissues appropriately.

So, if you are thinking of using Handsome Up pump for penis enlargement, you need to take a good look at the risks that are associated with the use of this device.

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It does not make sense that you should be willing to risk injury or health problems only to get a temporary increase in your penis size.

You don’t need to!

There is a safe and more effective way!

Water-assisted penis pumps is an improved version of vacuum “air” pumps like Handsome up. The differences is that water-assisted penis pump were designed only for penis enlargement and unlike vacuum “air” pumps that use air pressure to expand the penile tissues, water-assisted penis pumps use water suction pressure.

Another option that is available to you is the use of penis exercises.

If you are interested in enlarging your penis and getting stronger erections, then I would recommend that you start doing penis exercises.

Penis exercises are affordable and easy to do. This is something that I feel every Nigerian man should know about to be able to keep his woman satisfied sexually.

The amazing thing about penis exercises is that they come with no side effects at all – doing penis exercises regularly is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about anything unlike Handsome Up pump!

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