Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Ahh… the age old question that every man asks at least once in a lifetime…

Does penis size matter?

I have read (and heard) many opinions on this issue of how important penis size is when it comes to sex.

There are some women that say the usual “the best lover I ever had sex with had a big penis”. And there is the patronizing opinion of “it’s not the size of the man’s penis that is important, but how he uses it during sex”.

Yes Penis Size Matters - Most Women Don't Like Tiny Penises.

Yes Penis Size Matters – Most Women Don’t Like Tiny Penises.

The whole argument about how important penis size is has made me realize one thing: penis size matters a lot if you are at the extreme end of the bell curve.

What do I mean?

If you have a very small erect penis (less than 4.5 inches in length and 4 inches in girth/circumference) or you have a very big penis (more than 9 inches in length and 8 inches in girth/circumference) then it would be a lot difficult to give women pleasure during sex with your penis size!

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The truth is from most surveys, penile size is actually more important to us men than women. The average man sees his penis as a symbol of his masculinity and then as you know, we guys naturally like to compete and compare ourselves with each other.

And as you know this competitive spirit that is most men always extends to the issue of penis size. Most men want to be the biggest that their women have ever had.

One thing I know from my over 6 years of selling my penis exercise manual is that most Nigerian men wish they had a bigger penis. There are some men that just want to be slightly bigger, while there are others that want to be a lot bigger.

For example, I had a “statically” average size penis, but I just didn’t like the idea of being average when it comes to an organ that is supposed to represent masculinity, virility and fertility.

Once I discovered that penis exercises can actually help me add inches to my penile length and girth, increasing my penis size became a top priority in my life for a few months because I knew I only had to get it right once and for the rest of my life I would be know by ladies as “the guy with a big penis”.

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At that time penis size mattered to me because I knew it was possible to add as much as 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth (circumference) naturally.

If I had discovered that surgery was the only way to get a bigger penis, well I would have only learned about different sex positions that women love and techniques on how to give women powerful orgasms and moved on with my life because I am completely against penis enhancement surgery.

So, Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

I would say yes…

However, there is a most favorable dimension that women love, anything less and they would not get enough pleasure, anything more and they would feel pain.

Women Like Bigger Penises!

Women Like Bigger Penises!

Then there is the appearance of the penis, almost every woman would agree that a reasonably large penis looks and feels a lot more attractive than a tiny penis!

No woman wants a tiny penis lover… and also no woman wants a massive penis lover like Roberto Cabrera (who has the largest penis in the world at present).

Just like I mentioned in my articles about giving women powerful orgasms (part 1 and part 2), your penis size is not the only thing you need in satisfying your woman in bed – just because you have the best tool for the job doesn’t mean that you automatically have the required skill for the job.

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Let me phrase it differently – even if you have the perfect penis size, you still need to put some effort in satisfying your woman by using sex positions and techniques that would help her achieve multiple orgasms if you want your woman to see you as a sex stud.

Is A Bigger Penis Better Than A Smaller One?

In 2009 (shortly after I just finished my NYSC), I was messing around with a girl that was actually obsessed with penis size – according to her it was the bigger the better.

However, most ladies are not that bold to say things like that – in my case she and I were just “fuckmates” and she knew it so she could talk anyhow since she was not trying to make me her boyfriend (or husband).

All things being equal, is a bigger penis better than a small or average one?

I would say yes… as long the erect length does not exceed 8.5 inches and the girth (circumference) does not exceed 6.5 inches.

Here is a diagram showing the optimum dimension of penis size according to women’s preferences:

Chart Showing Women's Preference In Penis Size.

Chart Showing Women’s Preference In Penis Size.

Don’t still believe me that penis size matters all things being equal?

Consider this example – in 1975, a Doctor Brian Richards conducted a penile enlargement study where he got 30 men to engage in penis exercises for 12 weeks.

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Before the study, Dr Richards interviewed the girlfriends and wives about their opinions on penis size. According to him, “most of the women were not really concerned about penis size”.

But when Dr. Richard and his assistants interviewed the women after 12 weeks, (that is after the men in the study had enlarged their penis by an average of 1 inch in erect circumference (girth) and 1.5 inches in erect length) – almost all the women had a different view about penis size.

Dr. Richard recorded that there was a remarkable increase in the number of women that regarded penis size as something exciting and important and the men were happy with their penis growth and the surprising effect that it had on their sex lives.

From this survey, it is obvious that penis size is important when it comes to sexual satisfaction for both men and women.

I have read countless stories of men who enlarged their penis (using penis exercises) reveal the amazing experiences that they are enjoying – how their wives scream during sex, how their women are now obsessed with their bigger penis and how much better sex is for them now.

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So, yes a bigger penis is a better penis!

As shown in the penis size preference chart above, there is an ideal size and if you are lacking in either length or girth it is up to you to do something about it and become the best lover you can ever be by first having the best tool for the job.

If you would like to make your penis longer, thicker or both then the safest and most affordable option to you is the use of penis exercises.

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