Does The ProExtender Device Work For Penis Enlargement?

I always recommend penis exercises because they are safe and affordable to any man that wants a longer and thicker penis.

Penile Extender Stretching Penis

Penile Extenders Cause Enlargement Because They Apply A Constant Stretch On The Penis For Long Periods Of Time.

However, over the years I have come to realize that it is not every Nigerian man that can put the effort to get more than 1 inch extra in penis length using penis exercises.

Getting the first 1 inch of penile growth is easy – it takes 4 – 7 weeks to get that. But, after that it begins to take more effort to get an extra 1 – 3 inches in length or thickness. Some men are too busy and too stressed to put more effort into their penis exercise routine so they give up.

This is where penis enlargement devices come into play. If you want to get a longer penis but you are not willing to put effort by doing penis exercises, you can start using penis extenders (also known as traction devices).

Out of all the brands of penis extenders in the market, the one that I personally recommend is ProExtender.

What Exactly Is ProExtender?

Proextender is a penile enlargement device that is called a penis extender (traction device). The manufacturer of this device claims that it can help you increase the length of your penis, in addition to the thickness of your penis in a natural manner.

A Penis Extender Applies A Constant Stretch On Your Penis To Make It Longer.

A Penis Extender Applies A Constant Stretch On Your Penis To Make It Longer.

The Proextender package is actually made up of 2 different techniques of penile enhancement. It consists of a penile extender, penis enhancement pills and a semen volume enhancer.

It is the comprehensive approach that makes it both efficient and effective for men that want to increase their penis length without putting too much effort.

One thing you need to be fully aware of is that using ProExtender tends to give more increase in penis length than thickness!

Penile extenders are meant for penis lengthening, they don’t do as much when it comes to increasing the girth (thickness) of your penis – if you want a much thicker penis, you would have to combine penile extenders with either penis exercises or water-based penis pumps (like Penomet).

What Is The ProExtender System Composed Of?

When you get the ProExtender system, it comes with these components

1.) ProExtender (penis extender/traction device)

2.) VigRX Plus (penis enhancement pills)

3.) Semenax (semen volume enhancer)

How ProExtender Works In Lengthening Your Penis

ProExtender traction device is one of the best devices currently available that can help you get a longer penis with very little effort.

This is because it works using the technique of traction. This technique is also used in orthopedics (a specialized field of medicine).

The ProExtender System Is A Penis Extender That Can Help You Get A Longer Penis Naturally!

The ProExtender System Is A Penis Extender That Can Help You Get A Longer Penis Naturally!

It works by applying a continuous stretching force to you penis. This results in the penis growing more tissues and cells. This assists in increasing the length of the penis.

You wear the device along the length of your penis for 4 – 6 hours every day.

There are rings that are attached to the ProExtender device which help clip it to the head and base of your penis. While the calibrated metal rods that are on the sides are what do the actual work of applying a constant traction force on your penis.

By gradually stretching your penis for long periods of time, it would result in quick multiplication of penile tissues and cells, which results in a noticeably longer and slightly thicker penis.


There are two supplements in the ProExtender system – VigRX plus and Semenax.

VigRX Plus is for improving your sexual stamina and increasing the strength of your erections because it improves blood circulation to your penis.

As for Semenax, it is a supplement that helps your body in producing more semen so you can have longer-lasting ejaculations (orgasms) during sex.

Advantages Of ProExtender

1.) It helps in increasing the length of your penis

2.) It straightens out a bent or curved penis

3.) It requires no effort on your part

4.) It has no adverse side effects.

5.) The company that markets ProExtender device give you a 187 days money back guarantee if you try the product and you don’t see noticeable results.

Disadvantages Of ProExtender

1.) The device is meant for penis lengthening. So, you are going to be happy with the increase in your penis length BUT increase in penis thickness is usually not impressive.

2.) If you are wearing the device during that day, you MUST wear lose fitting trousers.

3.) In the beginning, wearing the device might be a bit uncomfortable (after a few weeks your body adjusts and you would not even remember that you are wearing a penis extender).

The Results You Would Get When Using ProExtender

Using ProExtender, you would increase the length of your penis permanently. After you stop using the device, you don’t have to worry that your penis would go back to its original size.

ProExtender works in a natural manner; this is why it is safe.

Unlike penis exercises that require some effort on your part, ProExtender is hands free. This is the reason why the results from users of the product are all positive.

It is only an extremely lazy man that would say ProExtender does not work because it only takes a few minutes to wear on your penis – you MUST remember to wear the device for 4 – 6 hours every day.

If you want a longer penis and you are too busy to do penis exercises regularly, the ProExtender is the best option for you.

By using the ProExtender device, you would be able to increase the length of your penis in an easy, natural and affordable manner. There is no need for expensive and risky surgery – just follow the instructions on the device and in a few months you would have a longer penis.

NOTE: If you decide to buy ProExtender by yourself (directly from their respective websites) you are going to end up paying 25% of the value of the item + the cost of shipping as custom duty and value added tax (VAT).

ProExtender is a dutiable item so Nigerian Customs is going to charge you for importing it into Nigeria even though it is just one item.

However, if you order through me, you would only pay 5% as customs duty (you would NOT pay VAT). This is because I know what to do to, this is based on a bitter experience I had with Nigerian Customs and FEDEX.

The only profit I get from this helping you buy ProExtender is a 7% discount which I get because I registered as an affiliate of the merchant that sell the ProExtender device.

Click Here Now to order ProExtender traction device direct from the manufacturer’s website or Click Here To Contact Me if you would like to order ProExtender from me.


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