Getting Results From Penis Exercises – The Basic Principles!

When it comes to building muscle tissue, scientists, fitness trainers and body builders have understood decades ago that you cannot simply go to the gym to lift weights whenever you feel like and expect to look as muscular as Jay Cutler in 2010 (or Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984).

Just Like Bodybuilding, Penis Exercises Also Require You To Use The Proper Principles If You Want To See Penis Growth Gains

Just Like Bodybuilding, Penis Exercises Also Require You To Use The Proper Principles If You Want To See Penis Growth Gains

Lifting weights is just one part of the equation of building muscle. The other parts are: getting the proper nutrition and making sure that you are using the proper techniques in a smart way – you do this by making use of the basic principles.

And just like bodybuilding, penis exercises also come with its own set of basic principles. These principles are simple to understand and are important to follow if you want to build a healthier, stronger and bigger penis.

There are 3 principles that are very important to effective and healthy penis exercising – they consist of what I term as the Circle of Penis Gains.

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Principle #1 – Make Sure That Your Penis Gets Enough Rest

The common misconception among so many Nigerian men when it comes to penis exercising is that doing more gets you more growth – no it doesn’t!

Over-exercising your penis only leads to penile fatigue and temporary erectile dysfunction.

Engaging in penis exercises to get a bigger penis is just like lifting weights to build more muscle mass, for any reasonable growth to happen, your penis needs some time to rest and recover from the exercising.

Principle #2 – Increase The Intensity That You Apply Gradually

As you exercise your penis, you would have to increase the amount of intensity that you use gradually. You need to make sure that it is very gradual and not quick.

Increasing the intensity of penis exercises is a common mistake for so many men. However this mistake doesn’t cause too much problem.

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If you increase the intensity of your penis exercises to quickly you might end up with some minor penile injuries and it would take a few days to heal.

Principle #3 – Be Attentive To Your Body Signs

I would consider this one as the most vital of the three principles. You need to pay attention to your penis and the reactions that you see while penis exercising. It is your body clues that allow you to know if you are doing the penis exercising properly.

Here is a list of the popular body clues (healthy and unhealthy) that you should pay attention to:

Healthy body signs

  • Rock hard erections
  • You get more erections in the night when sleeping
  • Waking up with an erection in the morning
  • Increase in the size of your flaccid (soft) penis
  • Improved flaccid elasticity (your soft penis becomes easier to stretch; it is not stiff)
  • Slight fatigue of your penis (this is just like the muscle fatigue that you get after lifting weights)
  • Slight increase in your penis size after each penis exercise workout session
  • Increase in penile growth

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Unhealthy body signs

  • Erections becoming weaker
  • Lesser number of erections when sleeping at the night
  • No erections when you wake up in the morning
  • Small flaccid/soft penis
  • Lessened flaccid elasticity (your soft penis becomes harder to stretch; it is stiff)
  • Numbness or lack of sensation in the penis
  • Bruises on the penis
  • Pain
  • Temporary decrease in penis size
Circle Of Penis Gains

Circle Of Penis Gains

Why The Circle Of Penis Gains Is Important

For more than 5 years that I have been involved in helping Nigerian men get a bigger penis by using penis exercises I have come to realize that it is the men that followed these principles that experienced the biggest penis growth.

By giving your penis adequate rest, paying attention to your body clues and gradually increasing the intensity you would be able to get impressive penis growth gains.

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It is very important that you exercise with the mentality that your penis health comes first before enlargement.

If you don’t follow these principles you would not experience any tangible penis growth.

There are so many men that have had to give up on penis exercises out of frustration when they were not seeing results – in all cases it is because they did not follow these 3 principles.

The 3 principles that consist of the Circle of Penis Gains are very vital that you must have a sound understanding of what they are before you start a penis exercise program.

When you start exercising your penis you would get a clearer understanding of how these 3 principles help in maximizing your penis growth and preventing penile injuries.

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  1. samuel says:

    does jelqing exercise helps increased the size of the penis

    • Tayo says:

      If you are just starting out, Jelqing is a beginner exercise that can help in increasing your penis size but after a few weeks you would need to switch to more advanced penis exercises.

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