Here Is The Science Behind Penis Exercises

Although I have explained how penis exercises works in causing enlargement of the penis in the How It Works page of my website, here is a straight-forward article on the science behind penis exercises.

The Jelq Exercise Is A Popular Penis Exercise For Beginners.

The Jelq Exercise Is A Popular Penis Exercise For Beginners.

Thin layers of connective tissue surround the “corpora cells” in the penis just like other muscle cells; these connective tissues are known as: perimysium, endoysium and epimysium.

These layers are extremely tough and they wrap tightly around groups of cells in the erectile tissue. For the cells in the penis to become bigger, this tough and fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds the cells has to be stretched to a bigger diameter. These layers are like belts that control cell expansion.

Penis Anatomy And Growth

Your penis just like other parts of your body grows, develops, adapts and generally responds to physical stress/stimulation and exercise. For example when your ligaments, muscle fibres, cellular tissues and tendons stretch, they heal themselves and become stronger so that they can handle the stress next time.

The Penis Is Composed of 3 Cylindrical Chambers That Hold Blood.

The Penis Is Composed of 3 Cylindrical Chambers That Hold Blood.

It is this ability of the body to grow, become stronger and bigger that makes natural penis enlargement and body building possible.

Some tissues and muscles in the body adapt to stress by becoming only stronger, while some others become both stronger and bigger.

Penis exercises (a form of natural penis enlargement) depends on this natural ability of muscle tissues to stretch, expand and grow in order to cope with the stress caused by exercises.

You might say that since the penis is not a muscle, how does exercising it affect its size?

Yes the penis is not a muscle but it is composed of smooth muscle. In fact the smooth muscle in the penis makes up 40% – 50% of the volume of the penis.

There are also ligaments which attach the penis to the pubic bone; these ligaments alone can be stretched to make the penis 1 – 2 inches longer.

And also, the corpora cavernosa (which is the main erectile tissue and acts like a sponge) can be expanded by applying stress on it so that it increases in size so that penis can accommodate more blood during an erection and in its flaccid (soft) state.

How The Penis Acts Just Like A Sponge

The erectile tissue in the penis is called the corpora cavernosa which operates just like a sponge in that it has pore cells that absorb blood when you are sexual stimulated. By stretching and expanding the pore cells with the use of manual stress (caused by penis exercises), you would be making them larger thus increasing their capacity to store more blood.

How Penis Exercising Compares With Bodybuilding

For guys that lift weights in order to build their muscles, blood fills their muscles when they are in training giving the sensation of “the pump”. This stretches the layers of whatever muscle groups that they are targeting and forces them to grow to slightly bigger sizes after healing.

Similarly, if you want to make your penis bigger you must also stretch and expand the connective layers that wrap around your erectile penile tissues.

By engaging in natural penis exercises you cause micro-tears in the penile tissues which subsequently heal and become stronger and bigger. Doing these regularly over a period of time would result in a penis that is noticeable bigger and you would see an increase in the strength of your erections.

Exercising your penis doesn’t create new penile tissues; it simply causes pre-existing cells to increase in size a little bit anytime you engage in penis exercises. While you are resting, the tissues heal themselves and re-grow to slightly stronger and bigger sizes and after a period of time you would see measurable and noticeable results.

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