How Low Testosterone Affects A Man’s Body!

I am sure you already know that testosterone is important when it comes to body building and fat loss BUT did you also know that it is important for sustaining your sexual desire?

Low Testosterone Levels Affects Your Body In Different Ways.

Low Testosterone Levels Affects Your Body In Different Ways.

Your body uses testosterone for other things. This is because there are different receptors for this hormone throughout the body, the brain, bones and blood vessels are need some amount of this hormone to function optimally.

So, if you are having low testosterone, you are likely to experience more health consequences than just your sex performance and gym efforts, so says Bradley Anawalt, M.D who is a spokesperson of the American Endocrine Society.

There are some symptoms that can tell you if you have low testosterone but if you want to be sure you would have to go for two blood tests and take it to a doctor who would let you know just how low your testosterone levels are.

If you find out that you have low testosterone, the good this is that there are ways to reverse and improve the side effects that comes with it.

1.) Your Sexual Drive Reduces Considerably

The most common effect of low testosterone is low sex drive. Every man that gets diagnosed with low T is experiencing a reduced sexual appetite.

If your t-levels are too low, you would want less sex, masturbate less and experience lesser erotic dreams and fantasies.

2.) Your Muscles Reduce In Size

When your body has enough testosterone, your muscles are in anabolic state. This means your body is produces enough proteins to maintain and also build new muscle tissues.

However, when your testosterone gets too low, you body would become catabolic and start using some of its muscle tissue for energy instead only using calories from food and body fat.

In the beginning you would notice that you cannot carry as much load/baggage that you could carry before. Then you would start seeing that your muscles have reduced in size.

There was a study conducted in Japan that found out that the men who had low levels of free testosterone (this is a measure of the quantity of hormone that is free to bond with receptors) had twice to thrice the chances of muscle loss with aging as the men that had normal free testosterone levels.

3.) Your Penis Could Get Smaller

As strange as it sounds, it is true that as your testosterone level drops, the tissues in your testicles, penis and scrotum can shrink.

Because of this, you may discover that your penis would get shorter and thinner. You may also find out that your balls have shrunk. In fact your balls can shrink to half of its size and loose its firmness and become squishy.

Once your testicles shrink, even testosterone replacement therapy would not return it back to its former size. But with your penis, this treatment can help in restoring it back to its former size.

4.) Your Belly Becomes Bigger

As you genitals shrink, another annoying change is that your belly increases in size.

According to a study conducted in Australia, the men who were diagnosed of prostate cancer got 14 percent more body fat and 22 percent increase in visceral fat after a year of androgen deprivation therapy which is a treatment for prostate cancer that reduces testosterone levels.

Visceral fat is belly fat that is situated deep in your abdomen and it wraps around the important organs (like kidney, pancreases etc.) and increases your chances of having heart diseases and diabetes.

Low testosterone is suspected by scientists to increase the workings of an enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase. This enzyme pushes the body to store more fat in the fatty cells in the abdomen making your belly bigger.

5.) You Start Having Issues With Memory And Thinking

When low testosterone kicks in, a lot of men start having difficulties with their memory and thinking.

There was a study conducted in 2015 by scientists from Australia and they found out that the men who had been experiencing low testosterone levels for more than 5 years had lower scores on tests to check their memory and mental function.

Since the area of the brain that is essential for attention and memory (amygdala) has testosterone receptors, when there is inadequate hormone supply to these receptors the brain cells would not function optimally.

6.) Your Mood Gets Affected Negatively

Yes low testosterone has a negative effect on your mood.

A research study published in the Endocrine Journal found out that 23 percent of the young men that were diagnosed as having low testosterone also had depression… this is way less than 5 percent of young men with normal levels that also had depression.

This can be blamed on the fact that since there are testosterone receptors in the brain and some of them are responsible for our moods, not getting enough testosterone can lead to some form of depression.

The bad thing about mood disorders such as anxiety or depression is that it can set a man into a nasty cycle where the depression reduces the testicles ability to secrete testosterone making the problem worse.

7.) Your Bones Strength Reduces

Sadly, this is one of the consequences of low testosterone. Your bone is a living tissue that breaks down and also rebuilds itself.

However, when your testosterone level goes below a certain level, bones start to break down faster than the body can rebuild it. This is what causes the bones to become weaker since bone density has reduced.

This scenario can cause osteoporosis and fractures.

8.) Your Heart Could Be At Risk

This one is a controversial one as scientists do not agree completely on it.

For the scientists that believe that low testosterone levels is linked to heart problems, one of the studies that they cite was conducted in the United Kingdom and it discovered that the men who had low T levels had an increased risk of dying from heart disease than the men that had normal levels.

The study researchers suggested that since testosterone helps in opening blood vessels linked directly to the heart, a reduction in this hormone might be what causes heart disease.

While for the scientists that believe otherwise, they cite a study that suggested that some older men (or men with existing heart disease) who undergo testosterone therapy may be increasing their risk of stroke or heart attack because they think testosterone thickens the blood and increases the chances of a blood clot.

But, in my opinion, it just seems that the testosterone therapy increases it to high levels – that is what causes the problem and NOT the testosterone itself… since too much of good thing can be bad!

If you notice any of these symptoms, then I would advise that you see your doctor and also read this article:

How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally!

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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