How Much Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Penis size is more important to women even more than hips, buttocks or breast size matters to us men.

Penis Size Really Matters To Women!

Penis Size Really Matters To Women!

Does this sound like a big shocker to you?

If you are still of the false belief that “size does not matter but how you use it that matters” then this might be a hard pill for you to swallow.

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The fact is that – women have a lot more reasons to prefer a big penis than us guys have reasons to desire wide hips, large buttocks or big breasts.

Now, I would use the table below to illustrate the reasons next to each other and later I would explain each of these reasons in more details.

Women Prefer Big Penises A Lot More Than Men Prefer Wide Hips, Big Buttocks Or Large Breasts

So, in summary…

Women Prefer Big Penises Because Of: Men Prefer Big Breasts And Wide Hips Because Of:
1. Increased Psychological/Mental Pleasures 1. Increased Psychological/Mental Pleasures
A. more excitement for sex A. more excitement for sex
  • big penis is a strong “manly” trait
  • big breasts and wide hips are strong “womanly” traits
  • this proves he is a “real” man
  • this proves she is “real” woman
  • a real man means *security* and good sex
  • a real woman means good sex and ???
B. Looks good to the eye B. Looks good to the eye
bigger penises are more appealing bigger breasts and wider hips are more appealing
C. Gratifies a woman instinctive desire to mate and reproduce C. Gratifies a man instinctive need to mate and reproduce
A bigger penis implies: A bigger breasts and wider hips imply:
* an indicator of fertility (an assurance for children) * an indicator of fertility (an assurance for children)
* higher ability to impregnate * wider hips are known as child bearing hips (another assurance for children)
* higher probability that male offspring will reproduce (impregnate others) * most men think bigger breasts means more milk, so more chances that their offspring will survive.
2. Increased Physical Pleasures 2. Increased Physical Pleasures
A. more oral and manual sensation: A. more oral and manual sensation
it is a lot more fun for women to fondle with bigger penises it is a lot more fun for men to fondle with bigger breasts and wider hips
B. a lot more vaginal sensations during sexual intercourse B. ???

A lot of Nigerian men try to console themselves and down-play the importance of penile size by saying that it is the same thing as breast size, “some ladies prefer a big penis the same way some men prefer big breasts”.

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It is obvious from the table above, that this statement is false. Firstly, that word “some” needs to be changed to “most” and additionally Nigerian women desire large penises a lot more than Nigerian men desire wide hips and large breasts.

Penis Size Matters A Lot To Women Simply Because Big Penises Give More Pleasure… And I Mean Different Kinds Of Pleasure

The same way you love breasts and pussies is the same way women really love penises.

Women Are Excited Just By The Sight Of A Big Penis!

Women Are Excited Just By The Sight Of A Big Penis!

In the open, a typical Nigerian lady tries to act as if they don’t like sexual intercourse at all BUT the moment she meets a guy that is very good in bed, sex becomes her favorite topic when she is with her close friends.

In fact, some younger ladies actually brag about their boyfriends’ penile sizes and sexual performances to their close friends – since they get so much pleasure from a big penis, it makes them very happy talking about it.

In the table above I put side by side the reasons why guys prefer big breasts and wide hips with the reasons why ladies prefer a big penis. It shows clearly that a penis can give a woman different types of pleasure.

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So, all things being equal, a bigger penis is just plain better in all types of pleasure.

The most important one being that a woman experiences a lot more vaginal pleasure* during sexual intercourse – although, this is not completely dependent on a man penis size.

Don’t get me wrong, a bigger penis is only better up to a certain size and this varies to some extent from woman to woman.

Some women get maximum satisfaction from a very thick penis, while there are other women that prefer long ones and there are other women that get off from a combination of a thick and long penis.

I am NOT saying that a small or average penis cannot give a lady any sexual satisfaction… depending on her vagina size and a guy’s penile size, she may get either more or less sexual satisfaction.

Yes, some ladies orgasms are dependent on vaginal penetration for orgasms and there are others that prefer oral stimulation, BUT even those ladies that are not vaginal still prefer a “slightly” bigger than the average sized penis and NOT a small penis!

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It is a bit difficult to completely explain women’s preference for larger penises because there are lots of factors that are involved, I would analyze some in this article and analyze the others in my subsequent articles.

Big Penises Give Extra Psychological Pleasures To Women

1. More Excitement For Sex

A male is attracted to females because he looks forward to sexual intercourse. His basic instinct lets him know that women = sexual pleasure. It is normal for you to like something when you know it gives you enjoyment and as we both know, sexual pleasure is one of the most intense types of enjoyment you can get.

The thing is excitement for sexual pleasure is actually a pleasure in its own self. We usually refer to it as “being turned-on”.

For Nigerian guys, big buttocks, big breasts or wide hips are what turn us on. While for most Nigerian woman, a large penis is a big turn-on… this is very straight-forward!

2. A Bigger Penis Looks Good To The Eyes

Another type of pleasure that gets influenced by penile size is what I call “visual pleasure” this is completely different from sexual excitement. In other words, your penis size matters to the eyes of women!

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Women love the sight of a large penis. Just like how we men love the look of big firm breasts, so do women – it visually excites them!

Be honest with yourself, big firm breasts look yummy! That is the same way that Nigerian women feel like when they are looking at an erect big penis… it is just natural and instinctive.

A big penis looks impressive – both in terms of volume and quantity, it looks better!

Abundance is always exciting. I am sure you like oranges… now, when next you go to the market, just look at the difference between the big oranges and the small oranges… I am sure you would prefer the bigger ones because they look a lot juicier and tempting.

Visually, the big oranges give you more excitement than the small oranges. Now, look at all the other fruits in the market and you would realize that it still feels the same – the bigger fruits look more tempting and delicious than the smaller ones.

Size matters when it comes to a lot of things for both men and women.

And the strange thing is that it does not only count for fruits alone – it includes others things to.

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Now, go to an electronics store and look at the people coming into the store. You would discover that everybody always stares at the big screen Televisions first. Why is that?

Because… Big is attractive!

Big breasts are appealing and exciting – this is why men stare at women’s breasts a lot. It is the same thing for women;

Big penises are attractive to women and exciting for them to look at!

Just reflect on that statement a little bit, you are a man and you are not excited by penises, yet just like the average Nigerian man, you are interested in getting a bigger penis.

Women are instinctively attracted to penises. So, you can just imagine how much ladies enjoy the sight of a man with a big penis.

In my next article I would talk about how big penises give women more orgasms during sexual intercourse.

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