How To Cure Your Premature Ejaculation Forever!

End Premature Ejaculation Forever!

End Premature Ejaculation Forever!

On the internet, this issue of premature ejaculation is over flogged. There are so many creams, pills, lotions, manuals, books, devices and what have you that are all meant to help you deal with this problem.

There are even whole blogs that are dedicated to this problem! First of all let me define this problem properly.

If you cannot last more than 8 minutes during thrusting (penetration in your woman’s vagina), then you have a serious case of quick ejaculation! But the truth is that solving this problem and lasting as long as you want in bed is easier than you think.

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In reality you only need to know just three techniques and practice them diligently and this problem would disappear completely. I am talking about Kegel exercises, the Stop and Start method and then practicing to be a multi-orgasmic man.

Being a premature ejaculator is one of the worst fuck up that can ever happen to a man sexually… the other ones being having a small penis, soft erections and impotence. I will go straight to the point and make things as simple as possible, here are the things you need to do:

1.) Engage In Regular Kegel Exercises

Regular Kegel exercises (also known as PC exercises) are the first thing that you need to start doing if you have a bad case of premature ejaculation. To be able to do this particular exercise, you have to locate your pelvic floor muscles first, here are a few ways for you do that:

* Anytime you are in the bathroom urinating, stop the flow of urine midway as if you want to quickly rush out and do something very important. If you cannot do this at the first attempt, you need to try again till you can stop the flow of your urine mid stream. Once you can stop your urine flow mid way at will, it means that you have just located your pelvic floor muscles because you just contracted these muscles.

* Stand in front of a mirror naked and try to raise your penis up and down without moving your body – if you can raise your penis up and down slightly, then it means that you have just flexed you pelvic floor muscles

When you are contracting your pelvic floor muscles, you should not be squeezing your legs, buttocks or belly muscles – the only areas that you should feel the contractions are your anus, testicles and penis.

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Now that you have located the right muscles to contract and relax, now you should start doing Kegel exercises on a daily basis. Doing these exercises is the foundation of being able to deal with your quick ejaculation problem. Now here is how to do a Kegel exercise:

1. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as hard as you can for about 10 seconds – don’t be bothered if you can’t squeeze them for up to 10 seconds. As you do this regularly, you would be able to squeeze for 20 seconds or more.

2. After squeezing for 10 seconds, stop squeezing and relax these muscles for 10 seconds.

3. Try to do up to 10 repetitions for every session. Try doing at least 5 sessions each day.

You must do these Kegel exercises regularly if you are really serious about lasting longer in bed. My previous article on Kegel exercises shows you the extra benefits that doing them regularly give you. After about 2 weeks of doing these exercises, you can now start doing another exercise called the Stop and Start method simultaneously.

2.) Start Doing The Stop And Start Method Daily

In this exercise, you are basically building up your sexual endurance. Although you can perform this exercise with your woman, it is best that you do it alone so that there are no awkward moments between you and her.

For a lot of Nigerian young men, premature ejaculation is usually because they don’t have sexual intercourse regularly, so with this method you are doing the next best thing. Here is how to do the Stop and Start method:

1. Start stroking your penis till you get an erection

2. Keep stroking your penis at a normal pace (you should not be too fast) to maintain your erection

3. Continue till you get to the point where you are about to ejaculate, STOP and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles (Kegel exercise) till the ejaculation urge goes away!

4. Relax till you begin to feel that you are losing your erection and then start stroking your penis again and then you stop again when you are at the point where you feel your ejaculation is coming.

5. Repeat this stop and start exercise 3 – 5 times. Try not to ejaculate at all after you are through with this exercise.

Doing this exercise regularly would help you build your sexual stamina. After a few weeks of doing this exercise, you would discover that the time that it takes for you to feel your ejaculation coming the first time would have increased tremendously. You need to practice this exercise daily if you really want to remove the problem of premature ejaculation from your sex life.

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3.) Practice To Become A Multi-Orgasmic Man

Once you can become a multi-orgasmic man, then you have become the ultimate lover. This is because being multi-orgasmic means that you can fuck for as long as your energy can take you.

What most Nigerian guys suffering from quick ejaculation are aiming for is being able to have sex for as long as 45 minutes to 1 hour and then they ejaculate. That is not so enjoyable, because there are some occasions where you just want to release tension and waiting for 45 minutes before you ejaculate would be unsatisfying. This is why you need to practice being able to have multiple orgasms.

What this means is that no matter how long you are having sexual intercourse, you would be enjoying orgasms (NOT ejaculations) and you would not lose your erection even for 1 second.

You would have to train yourself to be able to separate orgasms from ejaculations, so that you would keep enjoying what I call “dry orgasms” or “shooting blank”. You would enjoy the feeling that comes with ejaculating, but no semen (sperm) would come out of your penis hole and you would still be erect.

When you master this technique you would just keep fucking and enjoying yourself for hours, and there is no tension to ejaculate because you would be getting lots and lots of dry orgasms along the way… till you finally decide to pour your semen into your woman’s vagina!

This simply entails a little understanding of the male sexual anatomy a bit. I already have an article on how you can become a multi-orgasmic man, so I encourage you to click on this link and put into practice everything there.

Forget the 200 pages book or creams or herbs or pills or whatever… you don’t need those things to deal with your quick ejaculation problem!

As simple as these 3 tips may seem, they are all you need to go from being a 1 minute premature ejaculator to an outstanding lover that can last as long as your woman wants you to last – seriously if you can practice all these three techniques diligently (I mean daily) you would be able to bang throughout the night and you and your woman would enjoy sexual intercourse a lot more and I mean a whole lot more!

Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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