How To Enlarge Your Penis With Your Hands!

If you are interested in how to enlarge your penis with your hands then it means that are thinking of using penis exercises. This method of penile enlargement requires the use of only your hands and when done properly it can help in giving you a stronger, thicker and longer penis.

Are You Interested In How To Enlarge Your Penis With Your Hands? Penis Exercises Can Help You In Nigeria!

Are You Interested In How To Enlarge Your Penis With Your Hands? Penis Exercises Can Help!

SUMMARY: If you are really serious about how to enlarge your penis with your hands then you need to be following a detailed penis exercise program that describes in details how each penile exercise should be performed properly.

The Penis Enlargement Gym Program comes as book (containing pictures) and a set of videos which show you in details how to do penile exercises in the correct way to get impressive penile growth.

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First let us understand how engaging in penis exercises regularly can actually cause the penile tissues to grow.

I am sure you must have read (or heard) somewhere that since the penis is not a muscle it cannot be made to grow in the same manner as your arms, chest and legs… this is a mistaken belief that so many Nigerian men have.

All muscles are NOT the same. In fact there are 3 main types of muscles, which are:

  • Skeletal muscles (these ones are found in your arms, chest, thighs etc.)
  • Cardiac muscles (these ones are found in your heart)
  • Smooth muscles (these ones are found in organs like the stomach, intestines penis etc.)

You can exercise all three types of muscles. The smooth muscles and skeletal muscles can be stimulated to grow when you apply the right amount of stress on them.

Your penis is made up of 40% – 50% smooth muscle tissues. This is why it is possible to enlarge your penis by engaging in special and dedicated exercises.

Engaging in penis exercises is safe and guaranteed method of increasing the thickness and length of both your flaccid and erect penis. The requirement is that you must be doing them properly.

For you to understand the manner in which penile exercises cause penile growth, you need to know a few things about the anatomy of the human penis.

The Penis Is Composed Of 3 Chambers.

The Penis Is Composed Of 3 Chambers.

The penis is made up of three main chambers. There are two large chambers that are located on top of the third chamber (which is smaller); they are called the Corpora Cavernosa. The smaller chamber which is located below is called the Corpus Spongiosum.

Anytime you get sexually aroused, blood rushes into all three of the chambers and get trapped there so that it would be easy for you to insert your penis easily into your woman’s vagina.

The Corpus Spongiosum (small chamber) is the one that surrounds your piss hole (urethra) that you use to ejaculate and also urinate. While the Corpora Cavernosa (the large chambers) is the main reservoir of blood during an erection, it holds at least 80% of the blood when you are having an erection.

For you to increase the size of your penis, you would have to concentrate on increasing the size of the Corpora Cavernosa (large chambers) since it is responsible for at least 80% of the size of your penis.

This is where regular penis exercising can help a big deal.

When you engage in penis exercises regularly, you would gradually force the penile tissues in the three chambers of your penis to grow. This means that the capacity to hold more blood either in its flaccid state or when having an erection would increase.

You need to have it in mind that penile exercising takes time!

You would start seeing noticeable results after 4 weeks, but you would be doing it for 2 – 5 months before you are satisfied with the results.

By doing penis exercises, you would be breaking down the cellular walls of the Corpora Spongiosum and Corpora Cavernosa. This is because you would be stretching and expanding the penile tissues in them.

Natural penis enlargement is a gradually process. Each time you exercise, the penile cells stretches and expands a little bit… this creates micro-tears inside them.

When you are NOT exercising your penis but resting, the tissues heal and also re-grow to slightly thicker and longer sizes. Repeating this cycle over and over again for a few months is what would result in a noticeable bigger penis – which is what you are aiming for since you are looking for how to enlarge your penis with your hands.

Regular penile exercising can help you in adding as much as 4 inches in penile length and 3 inches in penile circumference (girth) after some months.

Some Things You Would See When Engaged In Regular Penis Exercising

Penis growth comes gradually. So, don’t expect to see noticeable results after only 3 days of penile exercising.

If you are doing these penis exercises regularly for 2 – 3 weeks, you would start to notice stronger erections. You would be waking up with an erection every morning. This is an indicator that the exercises are working.

This is because regular penile exercises helps to improve the blood circulation in your genital area and you would see it clearly in your penis.

Your soft (flaccid) penis would also become a little larger. This is because more blood is now entering into the penile chambers since the capacity has increased a bit.

After 8 Weeks Of Regular Penis Exercising The Average Increase In Erect Length Is 1 Inch While Erect Girth (Circumference) Is 0.5 Inch.

After 8 Weeks Of Regular Penis Exercising The Average Increase In Erect Length Is 1 Inch While Erect Girth (Circumference) Is 0.5 Inch.

After 4 – 8 weeks, you would be able to see measurable penile growth. In fact you can expect as much as 1 inch increase in erect penis length and as much as 0.5 inch in erect penis circumference (girth). How much you gain depends on your consistency and which of them you were focusing on.

By this time (4 – 8 weeks), your pelvic floor muscles would be much stronger. This means that you would be experiencing stronger erections, improved control over your ejaculation and a remarkable increase in your sexual staying time during sex.

If you stay committed to penis exercises for 4 – 7 months, you can reasonably expect to have increased your erect penile length by 2 – 3 inches and your erect penile circumference (girth) by 1 – 2 inches.

It is possible to achieve more than 3 inches in erect length and 2 inches in erect girth, however the average Nigerian man who engages in penis exercising is either satisfied with this gains or he stops exercising after 6 or 7 months.

If you are aiming for more than that penile growth, you still need to bear it in mind that the realistic penile growth limit is adding 4 inches in erect length and 3 inches in erect circumference (girth) – after these gains, it is almost impossible to add anymore.

Penis exercises works… and it is a bit similar to body building in that results come gradually and NOT overnight!

Similar to the way you can increase the muscles in your chest, shoulders, arms and thighs by lifting weights because they are composed of skeletal muscles, so can you make your penis bigger because it contains smooth muscles.

Yes you can enlarge your penis with your hands… it only takes some time, patience, effort and determination from you.

If you are interested in how to enlarge your penis with your hands my advice is that you follow a program that gives you detailed explanations, pictures and videos on how to perform each exercise properly so that you can get as much penile growth as you want.

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