How To Get A Big Dick!

Do you want to know how to get a big dick safely and effectively?

Just to be clear, even though there are different products that are offered as being able to cause penile enlargement, there are just 3 methods that actually work and free of any negative side effects.

Are You Looking For How To Get A Big Dick Safely And Effectively In Nigeria?

Are You Looking For How To Get A Big Dick Safely And Effectively?

SUMMARY: Since you are interested in knowing how to get a big dick, it is better that you engage in penis exercises (like our Penis Enlargement Gym Program). The reason is that penis exercises is the most affordable of the 3 methods of penile enlargement that actually work.

And asides from the penile growth that you would get by engaging in penis exercises, you also get extra benefits like: stronger erections and improved staying time during sex.

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WARNING: Stay away from methods such as herbs, supplements, pills, herbal concoctions, penile weights, oils, creams or vacuum “air” penis pumps. The reason why they are not included in this article is because they DO NOT WORK and some of them can cause serious injuries or health problems for you.

To answer your question about how to get a big dick, I say stick to these three methods of penis enlargement that are tested and tried:

1.) Penis Exercises

Penis exercises basically involve actually “exercising” your penis using your hands. You use different techniques to manually expand and stretch your penis.

Penis Exercises Require The Use Of Your Hands.

Penis Exercises Require The Use Of Your Hands.

These penile exercises are quite easy to do. However they require commitment and effort on your part. Exercising your penis is an effective and safe method of penile enlargement – you just have to make sure that you are doing it in the correct manner.

To ensure that you are not just wasting your time, you are better off following a detailed program (e.g. Penis Enlargement Gym Program) that would show you in details how to perform each exercise correctly and also contain other instruction on how you can maximize penile growth while engaged in penis exercises.

If you decided to use penis exercises in order to increase your penis size, then you must be prepared to do the exercise 3 – 5 times each week. You would also have to stay committed to penile exercising for 2 – 6 months – this time frame is based on how much penile increment that you want to get.

With penis exercising, you would get both increases in penile length and thickness. There is also the added benefit of experiencing stronger “rock” hard erections while doing these exercises regularly.

Results start becoming noticeable when you have been exercising for 4 weeks. You would see improvements both in your penis size and your erection strength.

One of the reasons why I recommend using a penis exercise program is because it is affordable unlike using penile devices where the high-quality ones that actually work are too expensive for the average Nigerian man.

If you would like to use penile devices (the ones below) but the price is too expensive for you, then it is better that you just start by using penis exercises until you achieve your desired penis size or you have the money to buy a quality device – whichever comes first.

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2.) Water Penis Pump

Like the name implies, a water penis pumps is a penile enlargement device that uses water pressure to force the penile tissues to stretch and expand.

You would have to use this device while having your bath because it needs water to work and water would be dripping everywhere while using it.

Using A Water Penis Pump Requires Water For It To Work.

Using A Water Penis Pump Requires Water For It To Work.

To be able to get results, you would have to commit to using this device for a minimum of 15 minutes. And you also have to stick to using it for 3 – 5 times every week. You are also going to have to commit to using it for 3 – 8 months before you are happy with the penile growth results.

Using a water penis pump is easy and requires little effort.

All you need to do is to fill the cylindrical tube with water and put your penis inside.

And then you either pump it using a pump attached to it or you push the cylindrical tube downwards repeatedly to create a suction (it all depends on the model/brand you are using).

As you keep using the water penis pump, after a while you would have to change the pressure gaiter to a stronger one. This is because gradually the penile tissues would get accustomed to the force applied and would stop growing, so you would need to increase the force applied on them.

Although water penis pumps are usually marketed and advertised as being able to increase both your penis length and thickness, the truth is that they work only for increasing the thickness of your penis.

Use It In The Bath-Tub Or Shower Or Any Place You Can Splash Water On The Floor.

Use It In The Bath-Tub Or Shower Or Any Place You Can Splash Water On The Floor.

One requirement is that you would have to be in the shower/bathroom for a minimum of 15 minutes because the device would be dripping water on the floor. However, using it requires little effort on your part.

Only use a high quality brand if you decide to use a water penis pump for penile growth. High-quality products usually cost around ₦106,000 ($320).

One product that I recommend is the HydroMax Bathmate device. I have heard so many good things about it and it is quite popular.

3.) Penis Traction Device

Using a penis traction device is completely effortless and private. All you need to do is wear the device on your penis and you go about your daily activities.

It can be worn under loose fitting trousers. You would have to wear it for 4 – 8 hours.

Penis Traction Device Is Requires No Effort On Your Part.

Penis Traction Device Is Requires No Effort On Your Part.

A penis traction device applies a constant stretch on your penis.

This constant stretch is what forces the penile tissues to grow because it causes little tears which later heal and become slightly longer. Wearing it every day repeats the cycle so many times that after a few months you would get a longer penis.

And because of how easy it is to test whether penis traction devices work or not, there are so many scientific studies that have proven that this method of penile lengthening actually works. Here are just three of them:

The only requirement is “always remember to wear the device every day”. Just keep it on for 4 – 8 hours every day and for 4 – 10 months.

Penis traction devices were designed only for increasing penile length. They are basically a penis lengthening device. You are not going to see an increase in your penile girth when using this method of penile enhancement.

You Can Wear A Penis Traction Device Under Loose Fitting Trousers.

You Can Wear A Penis Traction Device Under Loose Fitting Trousers.

If you are going to use penis traction devices, only use a high-quality product. Do NOT use fakes or replicas – those ones are popular because they are very cheap BUT they do NOT work… and some of them can cause injury.

High quality penis traction devices usually costs around ₦115,000 ($350). And make sure that you only buy direct from the manufacturer’s website.

If penis traction devices appeals to you, I recommend you go for the SizeGenetics device.

So, now you know how to get a big dick safely and effectively. You have just 3 methods to make your pick from. These methods are:

Penis Exercise Program (Click Here Now To Get Penis Enlargement Gym Program)

Hydro Penis Pump (Click Here Now To Get HydroMax Bathmate)

Penis Traction Device (Click Here Now To Get SizeGenetics)

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