How To Last Longer In Bed By Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Man!

black-couple-fuckingAny Nigerian man that is sexually healthy can train himself to last longer in bed by becoming what we call “multi-orgasmic”. All you need to do to achieve this is to understand a little bit of male sexuality and some techniques.

The term multiple orgasm means that orgasms is occurring on after the other and there is no loss of sexual arousal between the orgasms.

Women are blessed with the ability to have multiple orgasms. However so many Nigerian men don’t realize that with proper training they can also enjoy the same thing.

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With women, multiple orgasms is a situation where they can continue having sexual intercourse immediately or a few seconds after they just had a climax, so that they can have another climax again. If a woman can have more than one orgasm in a sexual session, then it means that she is multi-orgasmic (and so many Nigerian women are multi-orgasmic).

There are so many misinformed Nigerian men that think that being able to keep their erection almost instantly after they have ejaculated and then ejaculating after a certain period of time is what is called multi-orgasmic.

This is simply not correct!

A multi-orgasmic man in the first place would not even lose his erection when he is having orgasms. This is because multiple male orgasms only deal with orgasms and NOT ejaculation (there is a difference between the two).

When you are getting to “the point of no return” during sexual intercourse, the idea is for you not to ejaculate, but to reduce the sexual stimulation for a short period of time to give you control over your sexual arousal.

For you to be able to pull this off and achieve successful control, you need to be squeezing your pelvic floor or PC muscles. You must be able to control your PC muscles if you want improve your sexual health and stamina – you do this by engaging in Kegel exercises regularly.

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So How Do You Achieve Multiple Orgasms

Once you ejaculate, then you would go through what is called the refractory period. At this time period, a lot of men cannot get another erection, even if their woman keeps stroking or sucking their dick. There is usually a loss of sexual arousal during the refractory period.

So the first thing you need to know if you want to last longer in bed and have multiple orgasm is to understand that ejaculation and orgasm are two different events, and you must learn how to identify and separate them.

The average Nigerian guy thinks that his orgasm and ejaculation is the same thing because they occur in quick succession, orgasm starts a few seconds before ejaculation, and then it reduces during ejaculation.

So, if you want to have multiple orgasms and enjoy all the benefits that come with it, then you must train your body to separate orgasm and ejaculation. For you to achieve the ability to separate these two events (orgasms and ejaculations), then you must have full control of your pelvic floor muscle or Pubococcygeal muscle or “PC” muscle as it commonly called. This is the particular set of muscles that you use when you want to stop the flow of urine when you are in the toilet.

If you can’t easily stop the flow of urine when you are easing yourself in the toilet, then you need to begin strengthening your PC muscles by doing Kegel exercises regularly – click here to know more about these exercises.

When you squeeze your PC muscles, you should have the feeling that your anus is tightening and your testicles are being pushed upwards. A strong set of PC muscles are an important requirement if you want to start having multiple orgasms.

How You Prepare Yourself

Having multiple orgasm as a man is completely amazing, however you need to put some amount of effort. Like I said previously, the first thing to do is to find out where your PC muscles are. It is an absolutely must that you must train this muscles to become stronger so that you can be able to control it properly and at will.

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In the beginning, you would achieve some control of your PC muscles because you exercise them regularly, however after a while you would also achieve control based on some amount of experience. The moment you find out where your PC muscles are, you can exercise these muscles at anytime and anyplace without anyone knowing what you are doing.

Training Your Body

You would have to start by stimulating yourself on your own (you can’t wait till you are having sexual intercourse with a woman before you try or else you would fail woefully!)

Relax properly and then start stroking your penis with a normal speed.

You would have to stop before you get to the point of no return (this is the point where you would begin to ejaculate), squeeze and hold your PC muscles for 10 seconds (make sure that you are counting 1 up to 10).

Relax your body and take at least 2 minutes to rest.

Start stroking your penis again, this time around, make sure that you come a little closer to your point of no return, then you squeeze your PC muscle again for 10 seconds.

Keep stimulating yourself, and you should be very attentive to your state of sexual arousal.

The whole aim of this exercise is for you to completely understand your sexual response so that during the main sex act with your woman, you would be in full control so that you can get more orgasms without releasing semen (ejaculating).

Stopping Exactly When Ejaculation Is About To Begin

Now keep stroking your penis; however you are going to continue till you start experiencing orgasm. At the start of orgasm, you would start feeling lots of contractions around your penis area and pelvis – this means that ejaculation is about to start. The moment you start experiencing this contraction, stop stroking your penis and squeeze your PC muscles as tight as you can.

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You would get the feeling that you are about to ejaculate, you need to keep it from coming out! If you squeeze your PC muscles properly, you would find out that your ejaculation contractions would stop completely and there would be no refractory period (downtime).

When you are first starting out to train yourself, you would discover that a little semen may trickle out, however it would not be with that kind of force that you would get if you just allowed yourself to ejaculate.

If you succeeded in keeping yourself from ejaculating during your orgasm, start stroking your penis again. You would discover that your penis would become erect again; different from how it would be if you had an ejaculation. Continue stroking your penis again till you get another orgasm.

If you failed to keep yourself from ejaculating, then it means that your PC muscles are still very weak, you squeezed at the wrong time or you continued stroking your penis when you were supposed to have stopped. If you start squeezing your penis too late, you would not be able to keep yourself from ejaculating. As you practice every day, you would know the exact time to start squeezing.

The whole idea of becoming “multi-orgasmic” is for you to get as many “dry orgasms” before you decide to finally ejaculate and end your sex session with your woman.

Dealing With Minor Problems

The biggest issue that so many men tell me they have when they are training to become a multi-orgasmic man is that they can’t squeeze their PC muscles strong enough when they start experiencing orgasm to stop them from ejaculating.

When you begin to feel contractions, make sure that you don’t stop squeezing your PC muscles. This is because if you release the squeeze too early, a few ejaculatory contractions are enough to cause you to ejaculate and bring upon the refractory period that we are trying to avoid.

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If you squeeze properly (and at the right moment), the contractions would disappear and you would be to get an erection instantly without any loss of sensitivity or sexual arousal that is usually present in the refractory period after an ejaculation.

Some guys also make the mistake of stroking their penis to fast and too hard. This is not good for your training at all! You are trying to completely understand your different stages of sexual arousal. When you are stroking your penis at a slower pace, you would be able to understand when you move from arousal to plateau and then to orgasm properly.

When you are fully aware of how your body responds, then you would have the ability to squeeze your PC muscles at the proper time, know when to stop stroking your penis and also know when to relax your PC muscles and start stimulating your penis again (or start thrusting again in your woman’s vagina) so that you can enjoy another “dry orgasm” (orgasm without ejaculation).

Pelvic Pressure (Blue Balls) Issues

Occasionally you might experience some amounts of pressure in the pelvic area after you have been sexually aroused for the second time (it is also called blue balls) – this is because you did not ejaculate.

If you find that this pressure is uncomfortable to you, just breathe deeply, raise your hips with some pillows and massage your testicles and the underside of your genitals lightly.

Doing this would help to reduce this pressure around your genitals. Stay in this slanting position (pillows under your hips) for about 5 minutes and it would go away. Pelvic pressure doesn’t happen regularly so you have nothing to worry about.

A Few More Benefits Of Being A Multi-Orgasmic Man

The number one benefit of training yourself to have multiple orgasms is that premature ejaculation completely disappears!

This is because you would have the ability to delay your ejaculation while still being erect and you are also enjoying orgasms (so you would not be in a hurry to release). It means you can bang your woman for as long as she wants and in different sex positions that she likes.

Your improved sexual performance means lesser anxiety and worries for you – you would be able to concentrate more on giving your woman more pleasure so that she would even become the one always chasing you for sex.

And lastly I just want to note that penis size is very important if you want to provide lots of sexual pleasure to your woman. There are different methods that you can use, check this article here on the different methods of penis enlargement available to you today.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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