How To Locate Your Woman’s G-Spot!

Have you heard of the G-spot before?

Some men still think the G-spot doesn’t exist.

If you are yet to locate your woman’s G-spot, there is no need to feel bad. There are so many women that don’t know where it is located; in fact there are so many women that don’t even know that the G-spot exists in their vaginas.

By the end of this article, you would become more knowledgeable about the G-spot and be able to stimulate it properly so you can give your women powerful orgasms.

So, What Is The G-Spot?

The G-spot is short form for Gräfenberg spot. It was named after a german doctor (gynecologist) whose name is Ernt Gräfenberg. The G-spot is an area inside the vagina that is highly sexually sensitive.

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If you stimulate this area of your woman’s vagina properly, she would experience very intense orgasms. As a matter of fact, some women squirt (female ejaculation) when they are having G-spot orgasms – this is because this type of orgasm is intense.

Even though some medical experts still debate whether the G-spot exists or not, there is physiological evidence gotten by ultrasound from women who experienced orgasms during penetrative sex. This is why it is believed that the G-spot is an extension of the clitoris.

Where Is The G-Spot Located?

For most women, the G-spot is situated at about 2 – 3 inches inside of the vaginal canal. It is located at the top, (the side on her stomach -anterior side) inside the vagina.

Here Is Where A Woman's G-Spot Is Located In Her Vagina.

Here Is Where A Woman’s G-Spot Is Located In Her Vagina.

The G-spot is shaped like a bean and about the size of a small coin. It is rough and bumpy when you touch it with the tip of your finger.

Here Is How You Can Locate Your woman’s G-Spot:

1.) Tell your woman to lie on her back.

2.) While facing your woman, insert two fingers facing upwards into her vagina as deep as your fingers can go easily.

3.) Slightly bend your fingers so that you are making a “come here” motion – like you are telling someone to come towards you. Gradually slide your fingers back and forth along the upper vagina wall trying to feel for a change in texture.

4.) The G-spot is 2 – 3 inches inside the vaginal canal, so you don’t need to insert your fingers too deep.

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How To Stimulate The G-Spot And Give Your Woman Orgasms During Sex

Once you have located the area where the G-spot is in your woman’s vagina, the next thing is to stimulate it properly during sex so that you can give your woman intense orgasms.

Giving A Woman Strong And Long-Lasting Orgasms Makes Her

You Too Can Give Your Woman G-Spot Orgasms.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

1.) Before stimulating your woman’s G-spot, you need to make sure that she is properly aroused. So, start off with foreplay, as your woman becomes more sexually aroused her G-spot area would increase in size.

2.) Make sure that your fingernails are short, clean and filed till it is smooth. Your hands should also be clean. If you have long finger nails it can injure your woman and if your hands are dirty it can introduce harmful germs into her vagina.

3.) Do things gradually when you insert your fingers into her vagina and you are trying to locate her G-spot. If you haven’t located the spot, do more foreplay with your woman so that the G-spot would increase in size properly.

4.) Be very attentive to the way your woman response. The G-spot is a very sensitive part of the vagina. A lot of women will show a physical reaction (like moaning, increase breathing etc) when their vagina is stimulated properly. Tell your woman to let you know when she feels an increase in sensation as you stimulate the upper part of her vagina.

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5.) The G-spot can only be stimulated by applying pressure – it is different from the clitoris that needs stroking and light brushing. This is because the G-spot is actually inside of the vaginal wall, so to stimulate it you would have to press your fingers on it – like you are massaging the area.

6.) While stimulating the G-spot by applying pressure upwards with your fingers, place you palm on the pubic area where your inserted finger is and add some pressure to that area – it would look like you are trying to join your fingers to your palm while your woman’s vagina is separating you.

Once you have located and stimulated your woman’s G-spot using your fingers, then next thing to do is to use your penis to stimulate it when you are thrusting your penis inside her vagina. To be able to do this properly, you must have rock solid erections.

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