How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast!

Are you looking for how to make your penis bigger fast?

This is something that a lot of Nigerian men are looking for… sometimes I get a phone call and all the guy is concerned about is how to increase his penis size by like 3 or 4 inches in as little as 2 weeks!

Are You Looking For How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast In Nigeria? Your Only Option Is Surgery.

Are You Looking For How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast? Your Only Option Is Surgery.

A lot of times I would try to explain that natural penis enlargement does NOT work that fast but when they keep trying to be adamant I just tell them that they only way to enlarge their penis that quickly is by undergoing penis enlargement surgery.

SUMMARY: If you are looking for how to make your penis bigger fast, the only method that works fast is penile enlargement surgery.

The guaranteed methods of natural penis enlargement all take 2 – 5 months for you to add 2 – 3 inches to the length and thickness of your penis.

Engaging in penis exercises is one method of natural penile enlargement that would give you a bigger penis if you put the effort and you are patient for a few months.

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It doesn’t matter what those penis pills advertisement say, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you increase your penis by 4 inches in 2 or 3 weeks… you cannot even increase your penis by 1 inch in 3 weeks… it is just not possible.

Even penile enlargement surgery that is an overnight solution would NOT increase your penis length and thickness by 4 inches!

Yes penile enlargement is possible and you can increase your erect penis by up to 4 inches in length and 3 inches in circumference (girth) by engaging in regular penis exercises (that you do with your hands)… but even with that you would still have to wait for a minimum of 7 months to get that kind of massive penis growth.

If you are obsessed about how to make your penis bigger fast you would end up buying a bunch of useless products!

A dishonest seller would tell you anything just to get your money… but whatever product you get for fast penis enlargement would NOT work.

The three methods of natural penis enlargement that work (penis exercises, penis traction device and water-assisted penile pumps) all take at least 4 weeks before you start seeing noticeable increase in the size of your penis.

Some Nigerian men even after reading this article are still not convinced that fast natural penis enlargement is IMPOSSIBLE so they still end up making the mistake of buying either useless products that either don’t work or give them health problems.

Here Is How Natural Penile Enlargement Works

Maybe by understanding a little bit about penile anatomy and how natural penile enlargement works you would realize why it has to take some time (2 – 7 months) for you to experience impressive penis growth.

When you use any natural penis enlargement method (like penis exercises) regularly, what you are doing is applying stress on your penis using your hands. The penile tissues get worn out a bit (they get micro-tears in them) then they repair themselves and re-grow to slightly bigger sizes.

This process is similar to what happens to the skeletal muscles in your arms and chest when you are lifting weights regularly.

In case you were wondering, although the penis is not a muscle like the one in your arms, chest and legs, it contains a type of muscle called “smooth muscle”. This type of muscles is found in the organs like stomach, intestine and penis.

In fact your penis is made up of 40% – 60% smooth muscle tissue that can be enlarged permanently but it occurs gradually and NOT fast!

As long as you are applying the right type of stress on the penis and you are giving it enough time to rest, the penis can be forced to grow in the same way that bodybuilders increase the size of the muscles.

The big difference between skeletal muscle (the one in your arm) and smooth muscle (the one in your penis) is that smooth muscle does NOT reduce in size once it is enlarged so even if you stop applying the stress (penis exercising) you penile growth is permanent.

The penis is made up of three chambers that hold blood both during an erection and in its flaccid (soft) state.

The two upper ones are a lot bigger than the lower one. The ones on top are called Corpora Cavernosa, while the smaller one is known as the Corpus Spongiosum – this is the one that surrounds the urethra (piss hole).

It Takes To Naturally Increase The Penile Tissues In The Penis.

It Takes To Naturally Increase The Penile Tissues In The Penis.

Your penis size is limited to how much blood the bigger chambers Corpora Cavernosa can contain both in the erect and flaccid state.

In order to increase your penis size naturally, you would have to apply the right amount of stress on the penile tissues that make up the penis. One effective and affordable way to do this is by engaging in penis exercises or using penile devices (water based penis pumps or penile extenders).

Whenever you engage in penis exercises (or make use of penile devices), you are literally causing micro-tears inside the penile tissues because the stress causes them to expand and stretch beyond what they are used to.

During the periods when you are not exercising your penis, the penile tissue repairs itself and subsequently re-grows to slightly longer and thicker sizes.

The cycle of exercising your penis and it repairing itself would result in a noticeably longer and thicker penis after a few weeks because you would have increased the overall size of the penile tissues in the penis.

On This Same Issue Of You Looking For How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast There Is No Way To Make This Process Faster!

In bodybuilding, scientists have invented steroids that bodybuilders can use to heal their skeletal muscles faster after they lift weights in the gym… however, with natural penis enlargement there is NO supplement, pill, drug or injection that can speed up natural penile growth.

Unlike Bodybuilding There Is No Pill, Supplement, Drug Or Injection That Speed Up The Process Of Natural Penile Enlargement.

Unlike Bodybuilding There Is No Pill, Supplement, Drug Or Injection That Speed Up The Process Of Natural Penile Enlargement.

Natural penile enlargement requires patience and consistent effort.

The good thing is that it takes only 4 weeks for you to notice that your penis is slightly bigger. If you measured you penis before starting and you measure after 4 weeks of engaging in penis exercises, you would see an increase in length and thickness.

If you are so desperate for how to make your penis bigger fast then I would say look for a good surgeon to perform penis enlargement surgery on you and just hope that everything goes well during and after the operation.

Get rid of the flawed idea that you can enlarge your penis in a short period of time… you are only going to get swindled by dishonest sellers.

Natural penis enlargement takes some time – you need to accept this simple fact.

I personally recommend penis exercises because it is affordable and you get other benefits. Asides from increased penile size, you also get stronger and longer lasting erections.

And all you need to perform penis exercises is your hands.

Another reason why I recommend penis exercises is because it is the method that I used to increase my penis size in 2008 when I was doing my NYSC (National Youth Service Scheme) in Abuja-FCT.

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