How To Make Your Woman Climax!

A Woman Having Orgasm

A Woman Having Orgasm

In my last post I talked about 3 mistakes that so many Nigerians make that causes their woman to lose interest in having sex. Now I would be sharing a few tips on how you can make your woman achieve sexual climax during sex (which is what so many men are extremely lousy at!).

There are so many women that cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone (in most cases this is as a result of their partner’s penis size or poor thrusting techniques).

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However a stress free way to help your woman achieve orgasm is when you perform oral sex for her… I mean you lick and sucking on her vagina entrance. There is no special trick that works for every lady; still you can improve your ability to make your woman reach orgasm by learning these few techniques.

Use A Different Technique

Most Nigerian guys love the animalistic and rough sex (including me), however the trouble with oral sex is that it is a different ball game completely. There are ladies that love it and some ladies that dislike it.

But in most cases the women that do not like it are the ones that have not experienced oral sex with a man that knows how to do it properly. Before you perform oral sex on your woman, then you must ensure that she is extremely relaxed. What you need to do is to get her in the mood. You do this by kissing her all over her body.

Let her feel that you desire her. When you make her feel sexy, then she definitely be more willing to allow you to put your face between her legs.

Touch Her Sensually

One thing you must NOT do is rush down to her vagina to start licking and sucking it! When you start to move your face gradually to her genitals, you should have made sure that she is extremely warmed up and sexually excited.

Once you start moving down, begin kissing her body simultaneously as you go down. You need to move slowly and tease her with your tongue. The moment you are between her legs, your woman would be begging you to touch her body.

Stimulate Her Clitoris Properly!

When you are at her genitals, you need to tease her clitoris. Basically you would be using your tongue to lick and stroke her clitoris gently, this would give her a huge amount of pleasure. Try using the tip, the underside and the top side of your tongue to vary the amount and kind of pleasure that you are giving her. As you lick and suck on her clitoris, you need to watch your woman’s reactions to know what she is enjoying and what she does not like.

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Women have varied preferences when it comes to oral sex. So you should always keep trying various strokes, licks and pressure points to find out the ones that she responds to the most.

As you continue pleasing your woman with your mouth, if you want her to achieve sexual climax, you have to make sure that you are not changing techniques too quickly. You need to find a pressure point and speed that she is responding to and keep it constant.

This would make sure that she achieves a very satisfying orgasm. If you do not want her to achieve orgasm through oral sex, what you do is when you see that she is almost reaching orgasm, insert your erect penis into her vagina and start thrusting while you are using your lubricated fingers to stroke her clitoris.

For so many Nigerian women, it is easier for them to achieve orgasm through intercourse when they have received proper stimulation in their clitoris.

So many women complain of not achieving orgasm during sex, giving your woman oral sex is a way to make sure that she is also enjoying sex just as much as you do.

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Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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