How To Thrust Your Penis To Drive Your Woman Wild In Bed!

Black-Couple-Using-Thrusting-TechniquesLots of Nigerian men just do the normal stick your penis inside the vagina and thrust in and out endless… while there are even some that just pound and pound.

On some occasions women like to be pounded especially when they have just had two or three clitoral or g-spot orgasms.

However you need to know that if you have a regular sex partner, doing the same thing over and over would get boring and she would no longer be excited about having sex with you.

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This is why I encourage that you use different thrusting techniques every time you are with your woman so that not only would she achieve lots of vaginal orgasms, she would become more anxious about having sex with you since she knows how exciting it would be.

Now these few techniques that I would reveal to you would make your woman always beg you for more sex…

9 in 1 Taoist Technique

I learnt this one way back in 2009 and the reaction that you would get if you have a long term sexual partner is – where did you learn how to do that kind of thing from! Seriously, from experience – it is either she says something like that or she would keep wondering if you are sleeping with another woman.

This technique is a thrusting style where you do 9 shallow thrusts (1 to 3 inches) with your penis into your woman’s vagina and then you do 1 deep thrust (3 to 5 inches) so that she enjoys the full pleasure of your penis shaft. Then you continue this sequence over and over, decreasing the shallow thrust by one and increasing the deep thrust by one till you get to 9 deep thrusts and 1 shallow thrust – you repeat till she orgasms.

If you do this technique well, you would take your woman to cloud nine of pleasure. Now here is a description of what you would be doing during intercourse:

Example of one set of the 9 in 1 Taoist Technique:

Shallow Thrusts Deep Thrusts
9 1
8 2
7 3
6 4
5 5
4 6
3 7
2 8
1 9

There are also different variations of thrust that you can do with your penis inside your woman’s vagina. Here are some of them that you should also do in order to add some spice to your sex life.

Thrusts variations:

1.) Thrust your penis to the right and left to hit more pleasure spots in the vaginal canal

2.) Move your body up and down so that you can thrust your penis up and down – the best sex style to do this is the missionary sex style.

3.) Tease your woman more by slowly pulling your penis out of her vagina and then slowly push it in.

4.) Change between thrusting your penis deep and shallow in a teasing and slow manner.

5.) Do deep and shallow thrusts one after each other (1 deep, 1 shallow, 1 deep, 1 shallow etc)

6.) Push your penis inside her vagina slowly

7.) Thrust your penis quickly

8.) Tease your woman’s vagina opening with your penis by rubbing your penis at the entrance, then push it in very quickly and stay still for 5 seconds.

9.) Using your hips to thrust your penis in a curvy manner – where you are rising and then thrusting low.

The Pleasing And Teasing Technique

This is the technique that I call “Doing Shakara with your Penis”. To get the best from this technique, your penis needs to be bigger than average (small and average sizes don’t give the best results) – click here to know more about safe penis enlargement methods.

With a good penile thickness and length, you would be teasing your woman with your penis till she is literally begging you to put it inside her vagina, then you slowly and gradually thrust inside her one inch at a time till you get her to orgasm.

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Here Is How To Do The Teasing And Pleasing Technique:

1.) Make sure your woman is sexually aroused after you have done enough foreplay (kissing, sucking her breasts, rubbing her inner thigh), then you gently rub your penis head on your woman’s clitoris.

Once in a while, rub the head of your penis on her vagina opening. After a while you would find that your woman would be steaming with sexual desire, that’s not what you want, so keep teasing her clitoris and vagina opening.

2.) She is going to start asking you to put your penis inside already… DON’T PUT IT INSIDE YET! Instead keep teasing and talking to her. Start telling her how you like her pussy more than anything.

Later, ask her if she wants your dick inside her pussy. Demand that she tell you how she wants you inside her! In a few minutes she would be almost exploding with sexual desire wanting you to just fuck her and give her the satisfaction she desperately desires.

3.) When you see that she can no longer take your teasing, start rubbing the opening of her vagina with your penis head for 1 or 2 minutes. After that slide only your penis head inside her pussy and start thrusting in and out just with your penis head. After a while she would start begging you to please put your entire dick inside her.

4.) Now put another inch inside her pussy and thrust your penis in and out – don’t go more than one inch inside her vaginal canal. Continue talking with her – ask her if she is ready to take the full length of your dick, keep telling her how much you like fucking her and how warm her pussy feels on your dick.

5.) After about 2 – 3 minutes, you should slide your dick inside one more inch and keep thrusting slowly – make sure that you don’t go more than this depth in her vagina.

6.) Continue doing step 5 above till you have almost all your penis is inside her – mind you don’t put your entire penis inside her – make sure you leave at least 1 inch outside. You need to wait till she starts to have an orgasm.

The moment you see that she is having an orgasm you can start pounding her pussy mercilessly with your penis or you can try another thrusting technique of your choice.

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The Sliding And Gliding Thrusting Technique

With this technique, you would be aiming to give your woman clitoral orgasms while you are thrusting your penis inside her vagina. What you would be doing is stimulating your woman’s clitoris by using friction and pressure from your upper pubic region (where hair starts to grow on top of your genitals) – for now let us call this area the friction region.

The only way to do this technique is in the missionary position (where you are on top of your woman). Before you do this technique make sure that your woman has enough lubrication around her vaginal opening (it could be her vagina fluid or you could pour some lubrication like Astro glide (if you are using condoms) or baby oil (if you are NOT using condoms)).

I would recommend that you first start with the pleasing and teasing technique and when you are almost inside your woman’s vagina then you immediately start this particular technique.

Now Here Is The Sliding And Gliding Technique

1.) When you are in the missionary position (you are on top of your woman), make sure that your woman’s vaginal opening and clitoris are well lubricated (it could be her own vaginal fluid, baby oil, Astro glide, saliva or whatever is your choice).

2.) Tell your woman to spread her vaginal lips with her hands, as soon as she does this, insert your penis up to its base and make sure that you position your friction region (upper pubic area) directly on her clitoris.

3.) Make sure you place your entire weight on her body and grab her buttocks and spread the cheeks apart.

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4.) Begin sliding your body up and down making sure to rub your friction region on her clitoris (you should NOT be thrusting your penis in and out of her – your penis should just remain inside her vaginal canal).

You would have to grab your woman’s shoulder or the edge of your bed with your two hands and you would be using your legs to help slide your friction region on her clitoris.

5.) While doing this technique, you must make sure that you put the highest pressure when your friction region is meeting with her clitoris. I am sure it might look a bit difficult but it is not – all you are doing is gliding up and down to stimulate her clitoris while your penis is inside her.

6.) Keep doing this movement till she gets an orgasm. Make sure that you are constantly moving so that you don’t stop stimulating her clitoris.

Some Extra Tips To Use When Thrusting

1.) Before penetrating your woman, always make sure that your tease her pussy for a while till you see that she is well lubricated and aroused.

2.) Always ensure that your woman is very sexually aroused and almost climaxing before you begin thrusting at full penetration.

3.) When thrusting, make sure you do it at different angles when in the same positions, so that you are pleasuring her on all sides of her vaginal canal. Thrust up and down, left and right on the same spot to give her maximum pleasure.

4.) Make sure you try different sex positions with your woman to keep your sex life exciting.

5.) When you are thrusting, make sure that you use different speeds, slow, medium and fast.

6.) Also thrust soft, hard and also teasingly.

7.) Occasionally pull your dick outside of her pussy completely, then re-enter her pussy again.

8.) Try thrusting in a winding circular motion – both when entering her pussy and when pulling out of her pussy.

9.) When your penis is inside your woman’s vagina fully, try sliding up and down, left and right, winding circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise – try and make sure that you are not moving your penis in and out!

You don’t have to do all these techniques in one sex session; you have several sex sessions with your woman to try it out.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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