How You Can Give Your Woman Amazing G-Spot Orgasms!

In this article you would discover how to stimulate your woman’s G-spot and give her orgasms that would make her coming for more every time…

Black Couple Having Healthy sexMost Nigerian men only know the clitoris as an easy trigger to women’s orgasms. So many Nigerian women don’t even know what the G-spot is, not to talk of knowing how to stimulate it.

So you would score major points with your woman if you learn how to locate and stimulate her G-spot and give her mind-blowing, leg shaking, eye rolling orgasms.

One thing I know for a fact is that – after the first initial sex that you have with a woman, what would make her keep coming back for more is if you know how to give her multiple orgasms (vaginal, clitoral and g-spot).

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And if you do a poor job, you have to keep begging, negotiating, cajoling and doing all sorts of demeaning thing just to get sex from your woman. So it is in your own best interest to master how to stimulate a woman’s G-spot properly.

So What Exactly Is This G-Spot And Where In A Woman’s Vagina Is It Situated?


The G-Spot

The G-spot (also known as Gräfenberg spot) is an erogenous area of the vagina and when it is stimulated properly it gives a woman very strong sexual arousal, powerful leg-shaking orgasms and in some women they even experience female ejaculation (also known as squirting).

The G-spot is located 1 – 2 inches from the vaginal opening. It is around the top of the vaginal wall, which is the same side as a woman’s belly button. The area of this region is about the size of a 1 Naira coin, for some women it could be larger and for some others it could be smaller.

This area feels rougher than the surrounding areas around it and it is composed of erectile tissues. So it swells up when blood rushes to it during sexual arousal. Most sexual therapists assume that the G-spot is either the gland that produces the lubrication in a woman’s vagina or it is an extension of nerves from the clitoris.

Why You Should Give Your Woman G-Spot Orgasms

black-couple-in-bed1Even though it might be frustrating to actually locate it, I tell you it is worth the effort. A lot of Nigerian women don’t even know that they have a G-spot and they might be capable of female ejaculation.

Now when a man that is as skilled as you comes and gives them such powerful kind of orgasms, touching, stroking and stimulating her vagina in ways that she didn’t even know was possible – you can imagine the kind of admiration she would have for you – which means she is going to keep giving you lots of sex because you know what you are doing in bed!

So you better get down to business and learn it properly so that you can easily get it right the first time.

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Here Is How You Locate & Stimulate A Woman’s G-Spot!

Although there are different ways to stimulate a woman’s G-spot, the best way to first locate your woman’s G-spot and find out how well she responds to stimulation there is by using your fingers.

Using Your Fingers

g-spotBefore attempt to locate and stimulate your woman’s G-spot, she must be sexually aroused very well. I mean, it is either she has just had a clitoral orgasm, or you have been enjoying foreplay with her for a while or you had been thrusting your penis inside her vagina for some minutes. This is because for you to locate this area, it must be filled with blood and swollen enough for you to locate it.

So once, you realize that your woman is sexually aroused, let her lie on her back and insert your index and long finger into her vagina with your palms facing up. Make sure that your hands are well lubricated, if you are not using a condom with her, then baby oil is okay. However if you are using a condom with her – don’t use baby oil (it will corrode the condom), you should use either a water based lubricant like Astro gel (or even saliva).

When your two fingers are in her vagina, start making the “come here” motion with your fingers (just like you are telling a little boy to come to you with your two fingers). Start out slowly and gradually apply pressure. The G-spot respond more to pressure than touch. Just imagine that you put a small gravel stone on the ground and you placed a piece of foam over it and you are using your finger to feel the stone through the foam on top.

That is how you should stroke the G-spot (because it is located within the vaginal canal and not on the surface of the canal), apply just enough pressure – when you are doing it properly you would see a reaction of surprise and pleasure from your woman – it should feel rougher than the surrounding vaginal walls. Make sure you have very short finger nails; you don’t want to end up scratching that sensitive area!

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After you have located the G-spot based on your woman’s reaction you should try different motions like:


Use your index and long finger to make a back and forth movement along the G-spot area in her vagina. Your fingers should NOT go more than 2 inches from the opening of her vagina. Your movement should mimic a “come here” motion… gradually apply more pressure to increase her pleasure.


Just begin to move your fingers around the G-spot in a circular motion. Start slowly first, then gradually begin increasing the pressure. Make sure that your fingers are well lubricated so that you can easily slide your middle and index fingers into her vagina.


After a while of stimulating the G-spot, just apply pressure on the area and hold for 3 – 5 seconds. Release and then apply pressure again for 3 – 5 seconds. Keep repeating and you would see how your woman would keep moaning in ecstasy.


Since your hands are already inside her vagina you can use the opportunity to also finger her a bit. Just slide your fingers in and out of her vagina – your palm should be facing upwards. You want to keep brushing her G-spot with your fingers, so make sure that your fingers are at an a G-spot with the pad (tip) of your fingers.

In this scenario, make sure that your hands are well lubricated with Astro gel or Baby oil. And start with moderate pressure – only increase the pressure when you see that she is enjoying it well.

Using Your Penis

Anytime you don’t want to use your fingers, you can always use your penis. You can also stimulate a woman’s G-spot during sexual intercourse – you just need to make a mental note of where the area is in your woman’s vagina so that you can align your thrust to hit and brush that area.

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If your penis curves upwards, it would be easier for you to hit that area during intercourse. It is also easier for a thicker penis to stimulate the G-spot during intercourse (penis exercises can give you a thicker penis – click here to know more on the different methods of penis enlargement).

Here are two positions that can help you stimulate that region during sexual intercourse:


Lazy Doggy Style Sex Position

Lazy Doggy Style Sex Position

This is similar to the classic doggy style, but in this case you ask your woman to rest on her elbows.

What this does is that it raises and slants her pelvis so that the end of your penis can stimulate the G-spot area as you thrust in and out of her vagina.

When thrusting, use your hips to make a circular movement so that you can hit the G-spot and the areas surrounding it properly.


Elevated Missionary Style

Elevated Missionary Style

With the normal missionary position, it would be very difficult to stimulate your woman’s G-spot. This is why you would have to place some pillows under her hips to raise it up a bit and then draw her knees close to her chest – in this position you would be able to stroke her G-spot as you thrust in and out of her vagina.

I urge you to put into practice these tips and you would see how your woman’s eyes would light up because of the amount of pleasure that you are giving her in bed.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!


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