How You Can Prevent Injury When Doing Penis Exercises!

First of all, penis exercises are safe…

However, just like other regular types of exercise, there is the little risk that you can get an injury when doing penile exercises.

Avoid Injury While Doing Penis Exercises.

Avoid Injury While Doing Penis Exercises.

This is why I decided to put up this blog post to share some tips on how you can prevent injury when you are performing penis exercises.

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Warm Up

This is the most popular reason why some Nigerian men risk getting injured when doing penile enlargement exercises.

So many guys are too in hurry that they don’t take 10 minutes to warm up their penis properly.

There is no excuse for not warming up before you start doing these exercises. Warm is an important part of your penile exercise routine.

Warming up basically means wrapping a face towel soaked in warm water around your penis so that the tissues are all set to be exercised.

Applying heat around your penis before doing penis exercises not only helps in preventing penile injury, it also helps in boosting your penis growth gains.

So, before you start your penis exercise workout, just soak a face towel in warm water and wrap around your penis for 10 minutes… when the towel becomes cold, soak it again in the warm water and wrap around your penis till the 10 minutes have elapsed.

Remember Penile Growth Comes Slowly

This is a problem that so many Nigerian men fall into when it comes to natural penis enlargement.

We lived in a fast paced society… If people want something, the best time to get it is now!

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So many guy see penile exercises with that same mentality and this leads to unrealistic expectations and over-exercising.

When you are too impatient with your penile exercising because you want instant results, you would end up doing more than your penile tissue can safely handle… this can lead to injury.

It does not matter if it is increasing the amount of repetition of each penis exercise you do, or you are putting more intensity than you can handle, you are better off starting small and then increasing the repetitions and intensity of your exercises gradually.

Do NOT Be Impulsive!

This is similar to the reminder I just gave you about penile growth taking time.

Yes, you have discovered that you can actually make your penis bigger naturally, but don’t be impulsive and end up doing more than you are supposed to do just because you want results “sharp-sharp”!

This is the same thing if you are using a water-based penis pump like Penomet.

When some Nigerian guys get this water-based penis pump, they get so excited to begin and see how large their penis can become after “pumping” for more than the required amount of time.

Whether you are using penis exercises or water-based pumps, please resist the temptation of doing too much!

Overexpansion of the penile tissues can cause injury.

Pay Attention To Your Body Signals

Whenever you are exercising your penis, always pay attention to your body.

If you are beginning to feel like you have done enough, then you should probably stop exercising and warm down (apply heat just like you did to warm up).

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When exercising your penis, you should not experience pain at all. This goes for all penile devices also.

The moment you start experiencing pain, this is the time you need to STOP whatever it is that you are doing.

In almost all cases, experiencing pain during or after penile exercising is caused by:

  • Applying to much intensity/force/pressure
  • Doing too much repetitions – exercising for too long
  • Doing the penile exercises wrongly.

Once you notice any signs of penis injury such as lesions, bruising, red spots, bleeding or broken blood vessels – stop immediately and apply heat with a face towel soaked in warm water.

Make sure that you allow your penis to heal completely before you continue your penile exercise routine again.

As long as you take it easy and gradually increase your exercise intensity and repetitions, you have nothing to worry about!

Make Sure You Understand The Basics Of Penis Exercises

You cannot just enter a car and start driving from Lagos to Abuja if you don’t know how to drive and you don’t know the route to take… you would either have a car crash or get lost on the way.

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In the same manner, it is better that you understand the basics of penile exercise and how to do them properly before you start exercising.

If you are really going to get a bigger penis with penile enlargement exercises, then it is a MUST that you learn how to do the exercise properly and safely.

There are lots of penis exercise manuals available on the internet today, however my Penis Enlargement Gym manual is one that I packaged specially for Nigerian Men.

My Manual contains descriptions of how to do penile exercises meant to increase your penis length and thickness and also give you stronger erections.

In addition, this manual comes with instructional videos that show you how to do the exercise properly and safely so that you can get a bigger penis without having to experience any injury.

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