How You Can Protect Yourself From STDs!

stdIf you are sexually active, then you need to read this article on protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), I also linked to some websites if you want more information…

I am sure you already know a few ways on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and infections, however I want to add a few light to what you know. It is better for you to be safe and free of diseases than to regret that you did not take 5 – 10 minutes of your time to read this article.

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One thing that amazes me is how little exposure that the Nigerian Health authorities and the media gives to other STDs & STIs – the only one that they talk about is HIV (AIDS). I attended an anti-AIDS seminar in NYSC camp (when I was serving), and the doctors lecturing the class, completely ignored other sexually transmitted diseases, they were only talking about HIV & AIDS.

The truth is there are other diseases and infections that can get you if you don’t know how to protect yourself. The truth is that the diseases that get the most popularity are not even the ones that you can easily catch… it is the relatively unpopular STDs & STIs that should even get you worried and I am sure you might not even know that they exist!

What Are Your Risks Of Contracting HIV If You Are A Heterosexual Man?

std-testingYour risk of getting HIV is high if you do any of the following occasionally:

  • Do you have anal sex with men (where a man ejaculates his semen into your rectum/buttocks hole)?
  • Do you take inject able drugs with used needles (needles that has been used by someone else)?
  • Do you have sex without a condom when you have bruises, sores or open cuts on your penis?

If you answered “NO” to these three questions, then your chances of getting HIV is not as high as the media and health authorities want you to believe.

Unbelievable… It is a lie… I am sure that is what you must be saying!

The fact is that your risk of contracting HIV is 1 out of every 2000 for every time you have vaginal sex with a woman who has HIV. So if you have sex with a woman with HIV 2000 times, you would likely get infected in one of the encounters.

Before you run and start fucking every woman raw (without a condom), you need to realize that there is a reason why 1 out 2000 men that have unprotected sex end up catching this virus.

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If you check this article here Prior Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Infection as a Risk Factor for HIV Infection that was published in 1988 by The Journal of the American Medical Association, the summary of that report is that they found that the men in the study that contracted HIV had previously contracted “genital herpes”… so it is obvious that genital herpes increases your risk of contracting HIV.

In case you don’t know about genital herpes – it is a disease that causes sores on the genital area. I am sure you must be wondering why this disease increases a man’s risk of catching HIV… This is because HIV is easier to contract when the virus passes through an open wound… the kinds that you get from:

  • Injecting yourself with infected needles
  • The small injuries that happen in your anal tissues if you allow a man to insert his erect penis in your anus (receiving anal sex)
  • Sores on your penis that can be caused by genital herpes (herpes simplex 2)

Does this mean that if you don’t inject yourself with used needles, don’t do receptive anal sex and don’t have genital herpes (or have sexual intercourse when you have injuries, cuts or bruises on your penis) you can’t contract HIV?

You can still get infected… but your chances are a lot smaller than what the health authorities and the media wants you to believe.

From all what I have read and researched online, it seems that as long as you don’t do any of those three things that I just listed your chances of catching HIV is quite lower than what we believe!

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How Well Do You Know Other Types Of STDs?

How-to-prevent-STDsThese are the ones that you should be more concerned about.

Have you heard of HPV before?

Have you heard of Gonorrhea before?

Have you heard of Chlamydia before?

Have you heard of Molluscum before?

Guess what? All these are STDs that so many guys don’t even know about! When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, the only one that Nigerian guys worry about is HIV but there are others that exist and can be contracted!

The good thing is that so many of these STDs can be treated or in some cases they even go away after a period of time. However, the bad thing is that even if you use condoms all the time when you have sexual intercourse, you can still catch one or more of these STDs!

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Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and Chlamydia are more common than you think! And don’t think that other STDs are harmless – because syphilis and gonorrhea can make you infertile and even syphilis can even make you go mad and later kill you!

While other ones like HPV and Chlamydia have no symptoms and sometimes are harmless, however they would still harm the women that you have sex with. Then diseases like molluscum are more or less harmless but make your genitals look nasty and ugly!

The STDs that you should watch out for are:

  • Drug-resistant gonorrhea – the only treatment that is effective against this disease is cephalosporin antibiotic treatment and with time it might become resistant to that drug.
  • Genital herpes (HSV-2) – this disease has no cure, the only thing that you can do is to reduce the sores (shedding) that comes occasionally.

The major difference between these two diseases is that one of them is transmitted by skin contact, while the other one is transmitted by fluids. This is where most Nigerian men don’t know the difference and this is where you have to be fully informed so that you don’t get infected with any STD at all!

Protecting Yourself From Infection

The best way to protect yourself from infection 100% is to stop having sex! But we both know that is impossible for you and me, so we have to look for practical ways to reduce our risks of getting any STDs or STIs.

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Dealing With Fluid Based STDs – Use Condoms Always!

This is the one that every guy knows about since secondary school. The advice is simple, if you don’t want to catch any nasty disease then use condoms – plain and simple… or is it?

Yes condoms are very helpful… in most cases when you want to protect yourself from fluid-transmitted diseases such as:

  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Hepatitis
  • HIV

Still, you must make sure that you are using the condom properly so that you don’t fuck yourself up!

This is what I want you to have at the back of your mind – there are other diseases that you can reduce your risk of catching them by using condom but it does not completely remove the risk. These are the diseases that I am talking about:

  • HPV
  • Herpes
  • Syphilis
  • Molluscum
  • Trichomoniasis

For diseases like herpes and condoms, you can actually reduce your risk of getting infected by as much as 70% – the reason being that these two diseases are contracted by skin-to-skin contact.

So even when you wear a condom, the base of your penis is still exposed (especially if you are grinding your penis base/pubic region against a woman’s vagina opening like in one of the penis thrusting techniques here). The same thing goes for syphilis, molluscum and trichomoniasis – they are transmitted by skin-to-skin contacts, although they are not that popular.

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So your first line of defense against these diseases is to know how to use a condom properly and this includes ensuring that you wear a condom when you are going to engage in any act of sex; anal sex, vaginal sex and also oral sex!

You can contract syphilis, chlamydia, HPV, gonorrhea, Herpes and any other infection if you are engaging in unprotected oral sex. So this means that you either stay away from giving oral sex to a woman except you are willing to use dental dams (a piece of thin nylon like the one used for condoms) or plastic wraps (nylons) as a barrier between your mouth and her vagina.

Here Are The Rules For Using Condoms Properly

condom-demo-pics1.) Use The Right Fitting Condoms. Make sure that the condoms that you use fit you properly. It should not be too loose or too tight!

If you find out that it is difficult for you to roll your condoms up on your penis, then you need to get a bigger size.

In most cases, the length of the condoms are the same, it is usually the thickness that varies.

2.) Use One Condom For Each Round Of Sex. For every round of sex, make sure that you make use of a new condom each time. The moment you have ejaculated inside a condom, it becomes easy for the condom to slip out of your penis during intercourse. So, always ensure that you change condom for every round of sex that you have so that you don’t open yourself to any risk.

3.) Use Only Water-based Lubricants On Your Condoms. Almost all the condoms sold in Nigeria are made from latex. So if you use Vaseline, baby oil, petroleum jelly or any other oil based lubricants on your penis or condom, it would eat through the condom and you would end up with an exposed penis. Only use water-based lubricants like Divine No.9, Astroglide or any other water-based lubricants that you can find at a nearby pharmacy.

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4.) Always Have More Than Enough Condoms At All Times. If you are a sexually active guy and you have sex with multiple women, then you want to make sure that you have more than enough condoms in your place.

You don’t want to start running outside to a pharmacy looking for condoms when that sexy lady you have been chasing finally agrees to come over to your place. In most cases you would not even want to go out because you can’t miss the opportunity for another “royal rumble” on your bed. Condoms are not expensive but the cost of dealing STDs is something you don’t have to pay!

Dealing With Skin-transmitted STIs

Proper condom use removes a lot of the risks associated with STIs; still you can still contract some diseases even if you are using condoms properly. Now we would focus on how you can prevent skin-transmitted STIs.

An article published here on revealed that Carrageenan based spermicides prevented the transmission of HPV in men. There are now different lubricants that are made from this substance called Carrageenan, one of them is Divine No. 9 (you can buy it at any pharmacy or online at

So if you use condoms and any carrageenan based lubricant you would have a very high protection from STIs. You can also use carrageenan based spermicide, if you want to completely remove the possibility of getting her pregnant.

Most of the research carried out on carrageenan is tied to HPV and HSV-2, other diseases like syphilis, molluscum or parasites ailments like public lice, scabies or trichomoniasis have no research linking them to carrageenan yet.

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How To Use Carrageenan-based Lubricants (Or Spermicide) To Protect Yourself

avoid-stds-41.) Rub The Lubricant When You Have Worn The Condom. If you want extra protection, then you should apply the lubricant on your penis after you have worn your condom on your penis.

If you apply the lubricant before you wear your condom, it would slip out after some seconds inside your woman’s vagina. You can rub a sanitizer on your penis before you put on the condom to kill bacteria (make sure it dries up before you wear the condom).

And make sure that you rub the lubricant on your penis base, which is not covered by the condom.

2.) Increase Your Protection By Applying The Lubricant On Your Woman Also. Once you have applied the lubricant on your member, you can also take it a step further by also apply some amount of the lubricant on your woman’s vaginal opening. Just don’t add too much so that it does not become too slippery during intercourse.

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3.) Always Use Carrageenan-based Lubricant Every Time. Just like using condoms every time, I also advice that you always use this kind of lubricant each and every time you have sex. Always keep enough of this stuff in your house, and if you are going to be having sex outside your home, you can pour the lubricant into a tiny bottle (like the ones used for eye drops) and put in your pocket where you also put your condoms.

More Tips On How To Protect Yourself From STDs

The only way to protect yourself 100% from STDs & STIs is not to have sex at all… but we both know that is not possible. However if you always use a condom with carrageenan-based lubricant or spermicide (like Divine No. 9) you would reduce your chances of ever catching any nasty thing from the women that you sleep with… still it does not offer you 100% protection. Here are some common sense tips to offer you more protection:

1.) Look at her genitals properly! Yes… if she has sores, bumps, discharges or any rotten smell coming out of her vagina… then don’t stick your penis inside her vagina. Just end the whole act… it might be rude but it is a lot better than treating genital warts, syphilis sores, scabies, molluscum or herpes sores later on.

2.) Stay Away From Skanky Ladies! Seriously… stay away from skanky ladies! What I mean by skanky is loose, drug users etc. Women that can jump into bed with just anybody… if you sleep with these kinds of ladies that have no quality control when it comes to the men they sleep with, you are exposing yourself to all kinds of diseases and infections.

3.) Don’t Ever Expect Women To Remind You to Use Condoms! When it is time for sex, a lot of women are not so logical to insist that you wear condoms. In so many cases they may be so in the mood, that they would be willing to allow you go raw inside them.

So, to avoid unplanned pregnancies and any risk of catching any diseases, get it into your head that you are the one that should ensure that you bring the condom and the Carrageenan based lubricants (or spermicide). No matter how innocent that lady looks she could be carrying an infection or disease that she can pass on to you!

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Most STDs can either be cure or be treated… and if you sleep with multiple women, then you MUST take all the necessary effort to NOT catch any diseases or infections!

So, please stay safe – as pleasurable as sex may be, don’t allow it to destroy your health by becoming reckless. And it does not even take much effort to protect yourself but the minimal effort really makes a difference.

Cheers… and stay safe always!

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