How Your Penis Changes As You Grow Older!

Change is constant and it affects everything even your penis. If you are a man that engages in regular penis exercises, you would be keeping your penis in top shape as you grow older.

Just Like Other Body Parts, Your Penis Also Changes As You Grow Older.

Just Like Other Body Parts, Your Penis Also Changes As You Grow Older.

But, if you neglect your penis, gradually your penis health would deteriorate as your grow older.

Just like women experience menopause when they get to their late 40s, men also experience something that is unofficially called andropause. At this stage, men start noticing changes in the appearance and function of their penis… this is part of the aging process.

How Does The Penis Change As A Man Grows Older

As you grow older, your penis would also start showing some aging signs also. The reality is that these changes can be halted if you exercise your penis regularly.

Here are four common things that happen to a man’s penis as he grows older:

1.) It Reduces In Size

Yes, your penis actually gets smaller as your grow older. This is because as your testosterone level reduces one of the effects of this is that your penis also reduces in length and girth.

This reduction occurs slowly and doctors say it is associated to an accumulation of collagen. Since collagen is not as elastic as healthy, young cells, this leads to a reduced expansion of the penile chamber during erections.

2.) It Starts To Curve

It doesn’t matter if you have a naturally straight penis or it curves to the left, right, upwards or downwards, as you grow older your penis curve would become a lot more obvious.

Why is this so?

This is because as time passes, your penis is going to have multiple tears that are caused by either rough sex or masturbation and other minor irritations or penile injuries that gradually buildup scar tissue.

This change like others occurs gradually that you would not easily notice it. However, it takes decades before you can see it clearly that your erect penis is curved.

3.) It Becomes Difficult To Get Erect

The possibility of erectile dysfunction increases as you grow older. Most men usually assume that this is the sign of andropause and end up swallowing herbal concoctions or prescription drugs like Viagra to achieve erections.

Even if you don’t encounter the problem of erectile dysfunction as you grow older, you would experience erections that are not as strong and hard as they were when you were in your 20s.

For most men the issue of erectile dysfunction is because of cardiovascular problems (heart disease) that affect the circulation of blood in the body and since achieving erections depends on blood flow to the penis, it gets affected also.

So, if you continually do your best to maintain good overall health, your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction as you grow older would be drastically reduced.

4.) Its Sensitivity Reduces

For a lot of men, as they grow older they realize that their penis is not as sensitive as it used to be when they were teenagers and in their early 20s. The light touches that usually give him sexual pleasure are no longer as enjoyable as what it used to be.

For some men this might be a good thing because if they had the lingering problem of quick ejaculation where they were ejaculating too fast for their women in bed, the reduced sensitivity would make them last longer during sexual intercourse.

Whether the reduced sensitivity is a problem for a man depends on how long he and his woman want their sexual encounters to last.

Even though as you grow older, you are likely to notice changes in the appearance of your penis and its performance due to aging you don’t have to be helpless about it…

Just engaging in penis exercises for 10 minutes every day is enough to keep your penis in top shape and prevent any of these things from disturbing your sex life.

Although most men engage in penis exercises aggressively for penis enlargement, after you have increased your penis size till the point where you cannot get anymore penile growth, you can always reduce the amount of time you spend on penile exercising just to keep your penis fit.

Bottom Line: Penis exercising keeps your penis fit and healthy for as long as you are alive!

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Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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