I Am Looking For How To Grow My Penis Naturally?

One of the most common male sexual health questions that are asked on google regularly is “how to grow my penis” naturally.

Well, since you are reading this article then I am assuming that you are also interested in increase your penile size by a few inches.

Are You In Nigeria And Do You Want An Answer To The Question - How To Grow My Penis Naturally?

Do You Want An Answer To The Question – “How To Grow My Penis Naturally”?

SUMMARY: If you have are looking for the answer to your question: “how to grow my penis naturally”, my straight forward advice is that you engage in a penis exercise program (Penis Enlargement Gym Program is a high-quality penis exercise program).

Engaging in penis exercises is the most affordable of the 3 safe and effective methods. And you also get stronger erections and increased sexual stamina as added benefits.

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NOTE: The reason why I did not mention herbs, pills, herbal concoctions, supplements, hanging penile weights, air/vacuum pumps and oils in this article is because they are USELESS when it comes to actual penis enlargement. Do NOT waste your hard earned aira buying them.

Here are three safe and effective methods of penile enlargement that provide the answer to your question – “how to grow my penis naturally”:

1.) Penile Exercises

These exercises involve using your two hands to expand and stretch your penis so that the tissues can be forced to grow. The same concept applies with penile devices (which I would mention later); the difference is that penis exercising demands some effort on your part.

Penile Exercise Programs Are Affordable To Any Nigerian Man Interested In Getting A Bigger Penis.

Penile Exercise Programs Are Affordable To Any Nigerian Man Interested In Getting A Bigger Penis.

These exercises are easy to do, however you still have to put the effort, time and commitment to a routine before you begin experiencing penile growth.

You also have to perform the exercises in the correct manner. This is the reason why you should follow a program that explains in details how to do the exercises.

A program like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program (which comes as a book with videos) shows you in detail how to do the penile exercises properly so that you can achieve the penile growth you are looking for (Click Here Now to get the program).

If you decided to go the route of penis exercising, then you have to stay committed to it and do it 3 – 5 times every week. You also have to keep doing it for 3 – 6 months. The more penile growth you desire, the longer time you would be exercising your penis.

With penis exercises, you would get both an increase in the thickness and length of your penis. And asides from the enlargement benefits, you would also begin experiencing stronger and harder erections and also an increase in your sexual staying time… no more premature ejaculation.

If you engage in penis exercises regularly, you would start see a clear increase in the size of your penis after 4 – 6 weeks. You would also start enjoying stronger and harder erections after 2 weeks of penis exercising.

High quality penis exercise programs are affordable if you are really interested in how to grow your penis.

If you penile devices are too expensive for your or you are not interested in them, you can go for a penis exercise program which is also a good choice.

If you are interested in getting a bigger penis and you decide to go for penis exercises, then I recommend that you get the Penis Enlargement Gym Penis Exercises Program – it contains all the detailed instructions that can help you in growing your penis.

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2.) Hydro Penile Pump

Hydro penile pumps are also called water-assisted penis pumps or water-based penis pumps. They are an improvement of the vacuum “air” pumps that were NOT designed for penile enlargement.

Two Popular Hydro Penis Pumps In The Market - Penomet and Bathmate.

Two Popular Hydro Penis Pumps In The Market – Penomet and Bathmate.

A hydro penile pump makes uses of water suction and pressure to force the penile tissues to stretch and expand. Since this pump requires water for it to work, you would need to use it when you are having your bath in the morning or at night.

For you to get any increase in penile size, you would have to “pump” for 15 – 30 minutes per session. And you would be required to do 3 – 5 sessions each week. You also need to do this for a period of 3 – 8 months.

Using a hydro penile pump is easy and effortless. You just need to fill the cylinder with water, and then you insert your penis inside and pump. You pump by using an actual pump attached to the hollow cylinder or you push the cylinder down repeatedly – the mechanism you use depends on the particular brand of hydro penile pump that you are using.

By “pumping” you would create suction at the base of your penis and your penis would be under water pressure which expands and stretches the penile tissues.

As you use the device, you would have to change the pressure gaiter which is attached to the bottom of the cylinder. You would switch to a stronger one. This is because with time, the penile tissues adapt to the water pressure and force that is applied by the pump.

Even though hydro penile pumps are advertised as being able to increase your penile length and thickness, the truth is that using this method only works for thickness. So, you would only get an increase in thickness.

Hydro Penile Pumps Only Increase Penis Thickness.

Hydro Penile Pumps Only Increase Penis Thickness.

You would have to use the hydro penile pump in a shower or bath-tub. This is because as you use it, you are going to be dripping water on the floor. The good thing is that it requires little effort from you.

If you are going to use a hydro penile pump, ensure that you only get a high-quality brand to avoid injuries that can occur from using fakes or replicas.

The price for a high quality hydro penile pump usually goes for around ₦105,000 ($320). To ensure that you are getting an original product, make sure that you buy from the website of the manufacturer – it would be delivered by DHL or UPS to you in Nigeria.

If you can afford to get a hydro penile pump, then you can get the HydroMax BathMate – it is a good device that could help give you the penile growth you are looking for.

3.) Penile Extender

Out of the three methods, using a penile extender is the one that is completely effortless. You just need to wear the device every day. And keep it on for 3 – 9 hours per day.

Penile extenders are designed to constantly stretch the penis. This continuous stretching causes tiny tears along the length of the penile tissues. The tiny tears heal and the penile tissues re-grow to slightly longer sizes.

Penile Extenders Were Designed For Increasing Only Penis Length.

Penile Extenders Were Designed For Increasing Only Penis Length.

After some weeks of daily use, you would see measurable increase in the length of your penis.

This method of penile enlargement is even backed by actual scientific studies. Since it is effortless, it is very easy for researchers to test if works or not. Here are studies that prove that using a penile extender is a sure way to increasing the length of your penis:

You just need to remember to wear the device every day for a period of 4 – 9 hours and after 3 – 9 months and you would be happy with the extra inches that your penis would have gained.

Penile extenders were made just to increase the penis length. You are likely not going to see any increase in the thickness of your penis if you are using a penile extender.

Using A Penis Extender Is Completely Effortless.

Using A Penis Extender Is Completely Effortless.

Just like other methods, if you are going to make use of a penile extender, make sure that you get a high-quality product which is usually sold for about ₦114,000 ($350).

If you can afford that amount, then you can go for the SizeGenetics device which is a high-quality product. You have to buy it from the manufacturer’s website – this is a guarantee that you are getting the original.

In the beginning of the article, your question was “how to grow my penis naturally”?

Now you question might be, “which of these methods do I choose from?” The decision is up to you…

Here are your options to choose from:

Penis Exercise Program (Click Here Now To Get Penis Enlargement Gym Program)

Water-Assisted Penis Pump (Click Here Now To Get HydroMax Bathmate)

Penile Extender (Click Here Now To Get SizeGenetics)

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