Is Delayed Ejaculation A Problem For You?

Delayed ejaculation (also called retarded ejaculation or inhibited ejaculation) is a scenario where you have difficulties reaching orgasm or ejaculating during sexual intercourse even when you are enjoying it.

Delayed Ejaculation Is A Problem Just Like Premature Ejaculation Is!

Delayed Ejaculation Is A Problem Just Like Premature Ejaculation Is!

This condition is the opposite of premature ejaculation which is very common among Nigerian and African men that don’t have sexual intercourse regularly.

It affects less than 8% of men worldwide.

The general consensus is that if you ejaculate after 4 minutes of less after penetrating your penis into your woman’s vagina you have premature ejaculation. But with delayed ejaculation there is no set amount of time for it.

For some men, it becomes a problem to them if they have not ejaculated after 30 minutes of thrusting their penis inside their woman’s vagina.

Going by the time it takes the average man to ejaculate after penetration (which is 5 minutes), thrusting for 30 minutes without even having the urge to ejaculate or NOT being able to ejaculate even if you want to is definitely a problem.

If you are one of the few Nigerians or Africans that has the problem of delayed ejaculation, read on to understand more about this problem and how to treat.

What Is the Cause Of Delayed Ejaculation?

As simple as ejaculating may seem, it is a complex process that involves the muscles in your pelvic area, nerves and your brain. While thrusting, your brain sends a signal through your nerves to the pelvis muscles instructing them to contract and thus squirt semen.

It becomes a problem when your nerves cannot relay the signal properly to your pelvis muscles. This can be as a result of disease (diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc.) or surprisingly as a result of aging. So, when the brain sends the signal that the penis should ejaculated, the message doesn’t reach the intended recipients.

Some drugs also cause delayed ejaculation as a side effect because they affect the central nervous system. Examples of such drugs are the ones used for: depression, muscle relaxation and to quit smoking. These drugs could extend your body’s ejaculatory response.

There is also the case where delayed ejaculation is caused by hormone levels. Men that have low testosterone and/or low thyroid hormones are likely to have problem with ejaculating during sex.

And just like premature ejaculation, psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, performance anxiety etc can also contribute in delaying your ejaculation.

The Downsides Of Delayed Ejaculation

If you are guy that is battling with premature ejaculation, you might think that delayed ejaculation is a good thing … it is NOT!

There is nothing enjoyable about being erect for more than 30 minutes and not being able to ejaculate. It is ends up being exhausting and unsatisfying for you to have to stop sex without the feeling of orgasm/ejaculating.

How To Treat Delayed Ejaculation

If you can ejaculate when masturbating then you would have to figure out how you can achieve the same level of stimulation that you get during masturbating when you are actually having sexual intercourse.

But, if you cannot even ejaculate during masturbating you would have to see a doctor (preferably a urologist) that would diagnose what is causing your delayed ejaculation and give you the appropriate treatment.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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