Is It Possible To Enlarge The Penis Naturally?

The answer to that the question is yes!

For a long time, doctors insisted that penis surgery was the only way for men to get a bigger penis. The lengthening technique used in penis surgery involves the surgeon cutting the ligaments that attaches the penis to the pubis.

Yes, Natural Penis Enlargement Is Possible And You Do NOT Need To Undergo Penis Surgery.

Yes, Natural Penis Enlargement Is Possible And You Do NOT Need To Undergo Penis Surgery.

The problem is that doctors (surgeons) might likely NOT tell you the amount of after-surgical success relies mostly on you having to hang weights on your penis after the operation… so no hanging weights – no increase in penile length.

One of the common reasons why some medical experts claim that natural penis enlargement is impossible is because they have not seen any research study to prove that it is possible. This is just a scenario where they just haven’t heard of the studies and NOT that there are no studies.

For example, the use of penile extenders which is a form of natural penis enlargement has at least 5 studies proving that yes you can increase the length of your penis naturally. Here is a study whose results concluded that using a penile extender regularly causes penis enlargement:

Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis

As for other natural penis enlargement methods like penis exercises and water-assisted penis pump, the reason why they are lesser studies conducted on them is because they require more effort from the user unlike penile extender which is like a clothing accessory that you just wear and forget that it is there.

There Is No Need For Expensive And Risky Surgery!

Just because you can afford penis enlargement surgery doesn’t mean you have to go for it. Why spend millions of aira (a lot of money) on surgery when there are natural and safer ways to get a bigger penis?

Surgery Is A Dangerous Method Of Penis Enlargement.

Surgery Is A Dangerous Method Of Penis Enlargement.

There is no reason for you to undergo surgery and become exposed to the risks of impotence or having down-pointing erections when you can engage in penis exercises or use penis enlargement devices (penile extenders and hydro penis pump) that stretch the ligaments and expand the penile tissues?

A good example of the idea of using stretching to cause ligaments and tissue to grow is the women of the Padaung tribe of Myanmar.

These women are popularly called “Giraffe Women” because of their long necks. Normally, their necks should NOT be that long. The women start wrapping metal coils around their necks at a young age.

Gradually, these women keep adding more metal coils. What this does is that it pushes down the collar bone and stretches their entire length of their necks. Amazingly, this simple act of wrapping metal coils around their necks causes it to grow to become more than 10 inches in length!

The Padaung Tribe Of Myanmar Use Metal Coils To Elongate Their Necks.

The Padaung Tribe Of Myanmar Use Metal Coils To Elongate Their Necks.

If the neck (that contains tissues, muscles, organs) which is a complicated structure can be stimulated to elongate, the same thing also applies to the penis which is even less complicated and is even designed to expand to more than twice its size during an erection.

There are hundreds of thousands of men that have enlarged their penises using non-surgical methods that are safe and more effective. A lot of medical experts are simply not aware of the facts that natural penis enlargement is possible and it is a better and safer option over expensive and risky surgery.

The natural penis enlargement methods that I recommend are:

Penile Extenders (it works only for increasing penis length)

Hydro Penis Pumps (it gives more increase in penis girth than penile length)

Penis Exercises (this method is effective both for increasing penile length and girth)

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Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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